Worst MMO Ever? – Digimon Masters Online

Josh Strife Hayes


Digimon, that franchise which never quite took off, has an MMO, and it’s awful.

Marvel as I endure 6 hours of DMO, enjoy the terrible combat, wonder why Agumon is spanish, cry at how pay to win the cash shop is.

Digimon players, I know you’re crying out for a good game, but this isn’t it.

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  1. jajajaj el josh hablando español parece turco

  2. You should play wakfu next. I really would like to see your take on it

  3. listens to beginning So sorta like New World.

  4. Just play Digimonstory Cyberslauth….it isnt a MMO but is currently one of the best Digimon Games

  5. I have dumped countless hours and hundreds of dollars into this game. I love it.
    Though, it is a terrible game, and awful MMO.
    It's all I got for a Digimon MMO. ;_;
    Til their next game

  6. "If I were a Digimon fan, I would be insulted by this."

    I am, and I AM

  7. I used to play this game a lot years ago. Then randomly decided to play it again, (didn't know about company change at the time.) and I ran into tons of problems. I couldn't use my old account anymore. Which at the time of quit playing is had both Omnimon and Alpha Ouryuken the only 2 fusions at the time. As well as a couple perfect digimon including my Ophanimon. I tried appealing, recover, anything to get it but they just said the account does not exist. So maybe the transfer of companies removed it. So i tried making a new account. I know the game was already slow and grindy, but I feel it is so much worse now. Market is very highly inflated. you can't buy anything anymore without Either spending money in cash shop, then waiting the grace period to allow the selling of those items. or just grind in a spot for hour to maybe get 2 items that can sell for 1/8th of the total you need to get what you want. I feel like all the "free" egg chances are significantly lowered. I used to get 4/5 pretty often in the old game. I can't even get 3/5 (min required to get the digimon) 80% of the time. I was hoping to enjoy this game again, but in its current state, unless you spend hundreds, your not going to get any enjoyment. and even then you still have to be lucky to good things.

  8. Thanks for saving me from playing this horrible release rip PS1 Digimon World … what a shame 🙁

  9. I played this too for like an hour before I gave up. it's fucking awful.

  10. I played this MMO with my brother years ago. We both like Digimon and it was free to play, so why not? Big mistake and waste of time. My brother got something out of the cash shop in DMO and promptly got his account hacked days after. We both quit after that. This MMO is not only a joke it's also incredibly unsafe.

  11. I would like to recommend you a few games:
    Spiral Knights – it was fun before Sega got involved
    Phantasy Star Online 2 – have fun with navigating the menu (New Genesis doesn't seem to have enough content for it's own video yet)
    Scarlet Blade – if you are brave enough

  12. i have over 1300 in game hour and i gotta say that the game is bad from begining to end, i still play it sometimes tho, i like having digimos i think

  13. Wtf dmo is so good 2015 best game i have Played

  14. The steam function is a major issue with the game, your digimon speaking in Spanish is likely due to the version you downloaded. The tutorial isn't that long and quite easily to get through. If you're going to review a game atleast do the due diligence of doing some more research like atleast downloading it from the original source and not blindly following steam

  15. This makes me want to watch the show actually. I liked the creature designs.

  16. Those server wide chat messages are straight out of Maplestory. The colour and font and everything

  17. Damn, this makes that Shin Megami Tensei MMO that's being fan-hosted now look good.

  18. Should do Entropia Universe. (The Casino of MMOS).

  19. Why did you teach your digimon Spanish?!

  20. Despite being 59 MMO's in Josh still hasn't done any sort of "top 5 MMO's of Worst MMO ever" video (or at least not to my knowledge)

  21. As a long long term Digimon fan this mmo was SUCH an INSULT. I hate this game, I have no idea why this piece of shit is still running as opposed to several digimon phone games. This game sucks.

  22. I have been playing the game since 2009, (and still do). Been subjecting myself to torture and aids for a decade now and maybe Im just a masochist freak.

  23. nobody expects the spanish digimon inquisition

  24. Believe me, Music in this game it's a best part lol, about Enemy Music, believe me it's pain when there plays – Boss appeared music, so annoying )))

  25. Josh.

    Loving you channel, watching on my second monitor ! Loving your streams as well, Ain’t no rest for the Rufus.


    This guy/kind, a special kid, lots of tenacity and persistence. He is special and is always uploading his videos to YouTube.

    I don’t know why but it always brings me a tear when I see his videos and I’m just overwhelmed by this compulsion to do something good every time. It just makes my day.

    I from Brazil, I swear I don’t know the kid, this is just my daily genuine attempt to brought him some clout, some well deserved one.

    I don’t know what you can do with this info, but I figure the more I spread the merrier.

    Sorry to bother

  26. Damn I miss Jackie chan adventures
    Had the medals too.

  27. More spanish Josh..
    And also, you should Dub more awfully written games.

  28. I've waited literal years for this video, I'm ashamed to say I was a former whale for this game back when raiding was a big thing in like 2015

  29. This is the first time I heard of Masaru Daimon (Marcus Damon in the English dub) being described as super smart. Also don't go disrespecting the best digimon character ever, the man is basically Kratos of digimon, he literally knocked down what is basically an arch angel with a single punch, it was a digimon that later was shown to be able to catch a planet in his hands.

  30. This is obviously a game for kids. An audience that will not notice or care about any of the negative points you mentioned.
    I would be very weary about the IQ growth of kids playing it, tho. It might grow the wrong way.

  31. all time top peak was below 4000 people… oof

  32. The fact you call omegamon Optimus prime is just ignorant fyi

  33. HAH! You can't trick me into subscribing, I'm already subscribed!

  34. 9:16 I swear to God I recognize that quest turnin sound I keep hearing. That exact sound is used in Nick Arcade. It's the sound they use when revealing a tile on the map. Must be a stock sound effect, but I don't think I've ever heard it in anything else before.

  35. Huh… Looks like they made the game worse when it got bought out. Pity. Used to love the heck out of this game. Could never get back into it after the handover. And somehow they made it even worse still over time.

  36. I feel like i would have put the emphasis and inflection on "is" in "I don't know. What it is?" instead of on the "it" like you did, woulda been just a little funnier.

  37. Digimon first series >Pokemon. Without a doubt the story, characters everything about it was awesome. The games have always been trash though.

  38. Anyone else hate the comparison to Pokemon evolution that always comes up? I agree the designs get crazy overtime but digimon evolution also just doesn't work like pokemon to begin with, and I kinda wish people coming off Pokemon would give one of the good Digimon games a try before making up their minds about it…

  39. This may be the winner of the series. The worse mmo

  40. idk if its even around anymore but if you havent played it and you can find it you should try the shin megami tensei mmo

  41. I want you to do Knight Online!!! I played the crap out of it as a young kid, I even learned Turkish phrases from it, but I played it again recently and MY GOD how bad it is.

  42. Digimon games goes bad as time goes on haha best digimon is world 1 2 3 in playstation everything else goes bad from there cash grabs

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