Worst MMO Ever? – Digimon Masters Online

Josh Strife Hayes


Digimon, that franchise which never quite took off, has an MMO, and it’s awful.

Marvel as I endure 6 hours of DMO, enjoy the terrible combat, wonder why Agumon is spanish, cry at how pay to win the cash shop is.

Digimon players, I know you’re crying out for a good game, but this isn’t it.

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  1. i'd like to suggest doing an episode on Bless Unleashed. I played it with a few friends and it was an alright game but it has it's issues

  2. EY Josh, have you played trove yet and what do you think

  3. the 600 daily players are mainly bot, i know cos i am one.

  4. Im gonna take a guess… by the looks of things youre playing on 1440p or 4k; the hud is reallllly small. I believe the hud is specifically meant to be played on a certain aspect ratio; and the resizing is what causes the text overflow weirdness. Keep in mind, this is still shit and theres no excuse to not format for it. Worse comes to worst, lock the resolution to what your game supports haha. I have no dog in this fight as i give precisely 0 fucks about digimon; but i think the IP could really produce some good games, this feels like a letdown for a genre i dont even care about lol.

  5. If you want a decent Digimon game, go for the DS games instead. Or the Playstation games. Original Playstation

  6. I played the tamers digimon mmo i admit i didnt get to far befor the servers shut down but i gotta say the tutorial at least told me what to do. So glad i never tryed this one. But it was also pay to win so there is that.

  7. as a digimon fan since 2000
    i feel that my intelligence has been, insulted and horribly offended by the existence of this trash….
    this is the one digimon game i will NEVER play….again

  8. I think this is the same game I played around 2009, I think there aren't many Digimon MMO's, right? I was around 12 years old and I vaguely remember it, but I really liked it back then, except for the 2% capture rate of digimon. I remember I even bought a Digi egg and got a special Digimon, Pegasusmon I recall. Goes to show that children are really blind to games that suck, as long as it features an IP they really like.

  9. Just spend 22 years playing this. It gets better on year 19.

  10. I hope he does a video on the piece of shit game called Destiny 2. It's such a mess for newcomers now that they have removed 60% of the game.

  11. "We chat to … this thing…" Josh, about the NPC looking like the Agumon he's been using for 5 hours now.

  12. I honestly would be down for a Digimon series where one of the children gets a different language Digimon, so basically no one can understand him except other Digimon and people who understands or speaks that language lol

  13. what happend with josh in the end, did the digimon devs their hands on him?

  14. Those 615 players? They're literally the Atlas of the Digiworld. God bless those whales. You KNOW they all have that Omegamon X Antibody.

    As a former player that quit 'cause of guild and community died, this is blatantly the most gross way to take nostalgia for a Digimon game and make it totally a Pay 2 Win situation. It wasn't mostly always like this, there were some fun events (Digimon Egg Chase for anniversary) but the game just died out for F2P people.

    Also, this is a huge grindfest, I spent over a year or two trying to get decent Digimon and still, they kept introducing more powerup events that hindered your already made progress.

    Devs really just don't care, their event and new posts on their main page are FILLED with people complaining about how each event becomes worse and also deleted items, stuck characters, etc.

    Indeed, it's a HORRIBLE/10.

  15. With how it looks, I'd about if it even had the rights for the IP.

  16. play better game like Cyber sleuth and Hacker's memory instead

  17. Yeah basically you're only palying to have your own Royal Knight / Demon Lord and then you throw the game in the trash.

  18. Maybe you can buy some special powerups to translate Spanish into English and have a normal word wrap?

  19. Not gonna lie, the ending in spanish is lo más bello que he visto de Josh

  20. Both RuneScape and grandchase have gotten worse over the years

  21. Loved the video, really hope you decide to check out 'FLYFF' on this series. I thought it was the dog bollocks when I was starting secondary school but I don't imagine it has held up very well.

  22. Fuck. You made me look at my second monitor. Got me, guess I have to subscribe.

  23. I love me some Spanish Agumon, yo si veia Digimon en la escuela xP

    If you have time, see the digievolution of agumon in portuguese, is hilarious

  24. Most people dont know this, but this is a "sequel" the original Korean Only MMO this one is based is way better, it was very pay to win but everything else was at least trying to be something, it was turn based and you could have multiples Digimons at the same time battling. Yet it wasnt a "good mmo", it was passable and since I am a big fan I could put up with the bad, this one tho, I knew it was a train wreck from the momment it was announced and it wasnt turn based and it was based in Savers as a setting.

  25. I’d like to reccomend “Dino storm” for a candidate, it’s not the worst of the worst and I actually remember enjoying it fairly well when I last played, but I do remember there is a wonderfully fun cash shop and pvp systems. It just seems like it’d fit in in this show.

  26. Man please I'm eager to see your take on RF Online. I played a fuck ton of it back in the day and I remember it was awful!

  27. its so weird to see this video as someone who played this game religiously as a kid and being like "wait what this wasn't how i remember it" because it seems like they changed so much over the years and somehow made it worse LOL. I don't remember the game being this awful!! I actually had a fun time, as grindy as the game was, I feel even being lost in maps wasn't as common of an occurrence as it is right now. Almost feels like I'm watching a somehow downgraded version of the thing I used to play. It's kinda hilarious and also depressing, I love this franchise with all my heart so a part of me really hopes they don't give up on it and perhaps attempt to make something better in the future

  28. "Digimon, that franchise which never quite took off"

    That's an interesting way to frame the franchise. If I made a franchise with tons of tv shows, movies, games and other merch and that wasn't considered successful then I don't know what is.

  29. you only had to pass through the yokohama area, if it was years ago, you would had to do what you just did, but through… 6 areas before you reached the digital world. at least 6 areas.

  30. please do elona mobile. its a blended milkshake of functions, powercreeps, and headaches. you'll always feel confused no matter what.

  31. you should try and do a video on Shaiya, was the f2p MMO I played in elementary school when my parents wouldn't pay for wow. would love to see you pick it apart.

  32. Here's a few MMOs I hope you can review:
    Dead Frontier MMO
    Closers Online
    Granado Espada

  33. I played thuis garbage fire a loooong time ago, and it's bizarre to see that not only has it not been updated at all since like 2009, it's somehow picked up NEW problems on top of the mountain of problems it already had. I remember hearing a couple years ago that they released a new digimon- I think it was Ulforce Veedramon- and sold it to people, only to immediately pull the digimon's availability becaues they ran into rights issues with the character. Incredible.

  34. I was watching the spiffing brit play mmorpg tycoon and i had an idea that you could explain scam mmo schemes by making a scam mmo in the game you should look into it I thought it would be pretty funny hearing your banter and jokes while you making a scam mmo world yourself

  35. I played this game back in the early 2010's before in came to Steam and I can tell you we didn't have the Omegamon opening bit. We just found our digimon in a sewer and made our way out into the tutorial zone. Also there was no story/quest progression what so ever. You just ran around did every quest you could find and hope that they would open up the next story bit. And good luck finding out how to progress when the game doesn't give you any hint on what to do next or how to get a quest/boss to activate.

    If you want to enjoy Digimon games, you have to find the type of gameplay that you would enjoy first before anything else because story isn't going to mean anything if you can't even keep the game going long enough to get to the story. Here's a short list of gameplay types that digimon has used over the years.

    Slice of Life/RPG – Digimon World 1(ps1), Digimon Re:Digitize (psp, 3ds), Digimon New World Order (ps4)
    Dungeon Crawler/Rpg – Digimon World 2 (ps1) – this is the only one i know of.
    Jrpg- Digimon World 3 (ps1), Digimon World Ds, Digimon World Dusk/Dawn (ds), Digimon Adventures (psp)
    Figthting – Digimon Rumble Arena (ps1), Digimon Battle Sprits (gba)

    There are others not listed with a good many of them Japan only. Also there is a new free to play mmo coming out in November of this year in South Korea.

  36. Please review Dragonnest, god that game is so mentally exhausting

  37. I found this game back in 2015, there were three weeks left of my senior year at my military high school. One of my classmates, and my closest friend at the school was also a Digimon fan. I suggested we try the game out. We actually had a lot of fun playing it together. We'd hop into each other's room after study hours and play for 45 minutes before 10 pm (When we had to be back in our rooms and lights had to be out).

    One day we worked the command post (essentially two cadets would be at the front desk greeting visitors, calling formation and special events, that kinda thing just all day) and we played the game all day together. Overall in those last three weeks, we probably had close to a hundred hours.

    While this game may be an embarrassingly bad MMO and Digimon game, I'll always have super fond memories of playing it those last three weeks of high school with one of my best friends, who I still chat with to this day.

  38. Oh yeah, if you're looking for an MMO to check out (I have no idea where to suggest games, if you take suggestions) But seeing as you have a "Worst MMO" series, might I suggest Realm of the Mad God? Been around for a little over ten years now, and it's actually got quite the history to the game.

  39. thank you for putting everything I hate about this game in one organized video. Digimon deserves better then this and needs to shut this while game down and build something new from the ground up. I thought they'd do that when they announced not only would this game get an overhaul but also a brand new mmo. But here's the thing, it's only a visual overhaul nothing about the game and its pay to win features is being changed and the new mmo is being made BY GAMEKING! Bandai does not care enough about mmos to notice how bad this game makes digimon look and the amount of hacking is shameful. Terrible company that holds onto the brand rights so no one else can make an mmo that is even a bit better, they don't care minimum effort for maximum prices

  40. "If I were a Digimon fan, I would be insulted by this."

    I am a digimon fan since I 2000 and still offended by how booooring and tedious this MMO is. I was expecting an interesting digimon battle like in Digimon World 1 or Digimon Cyber Sleuth, and ended up as WoW number masher. You expected a team of cool digimon you can get like you saw on TV (I personally wanted a Seadramon line), and what you get is a horrible, slow, boring grind of gathering digi egg shards to get what you sometimes didn't want.

  41. Ironically, "I've been Isekai'd Into an MMO and had God Mode on When I did and now Nothing is a Challenge" actually sounds like an Isekai title. XD

  42. Lmao i used to play the game and i love it cuz i didnt find any digimon online game that have collecting digimons and yeah u have no idea about the quest lines killing 1k same digi for drop items that had 0.1% 😝
    The people that still playing it cuz there is no
    Good digimon online game yet 🤣🤣

  43. This game was tight when it released.
    GM's would enact scenarios, host dungeon runs, and pvp events.
    The areas would be super laggy from all of the digimons walking around

    Great times

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