World Championships Day 1 | 2023 Pokémon UNITE Championship Series

Pokémon UNITE
The UNITE Championship Series is live at the Pokémon World Championships in Yokohama, Japan, where the world’s best teams are competing for the $100,000 grand prize and the right to call themselves this year’s Pokémon UNITE World Champions!

Over the past several months, teams in 11 regions from around the world competed to earn their spots here at the World Championships. Today, those teams will compete in groups to determine which 8 will advance to Day 2’s 8-team double elimination bracket.

Tomorrow, the remaining teams will battle until one comes out on top as the 2023 Pokémon UNITE World Champions!

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  1. Yoo why lane with a leafeon 🤣🤣🤣

  2. The laughs while nouns gets destroys is so cruel lmao

  3. It's wild to me that RNG and miss chance play such a massive role in (ruining) the VGC competitive scene, but none of the moves in Unite use any of that garbage. But yes, totally need to have RNG and dumb luck as the main way people win or lose their VGC games. Disgusting imo. What a total buzzkill. No wonder people get fed up and leave the scene.

  4. ¿Como consigo la Medalla de Zacían en grado platino?.

  5. This game is the worst, from not even flying teams to their own competition, to the worst moba out there and now can't even show on android YouTube the full day 1 competition (where talibobo believers match???). The bracket system makes no sense. Seriously just let this game die

  6. not a single commentary match of Team YT, and YT vs UD Vessuwan nowhere to be seen..
    this stream is a shame. you can't just make teams play at the same time and not stream their matches anywhere else 💀

  7. This format is so bad. Just one team advancing from each group. There should be a single elimination bracket, instead of a double to allow 2 teams to advance from each group.

  8. Proud to see s8ul here. The boys put in a great shift against the defending champs!

  9. Um descaso com o Brasil! Fazem pouco caso dos times Brasileiros, mesmo com tanto engajamento e ótimos números nas transmissões. Não temos nem como ver todos os jogos dos nossos times!

    Agora toma aí uma eliminação de um time BR na TaliBOBOS pra ficarem espertos! 😂

  10. How come nobdoy palys like this in the actual game? Everybody I get to play with is either an idiot or an asshole.

  11. Cadê a final da Rise vs Akjil? E a 00 Nation vs Tali? E ai Pokemon company? Já não basta ignorar o Brasil, e agora vão boicotar a transmissão dos dois UNICOS times brasileiros? É isso mesmo seus palhaços?

  12. 3:56:30 spragels said the focus band was taken off of buzzswole. How can focus band be taken off a Pokémon mid game ?

  13. Every time Spragels says "MASSIVE KOs" 😮


  15. Where is the rest of this stream? Where is the Talibobo game?! I NEED ANSWERS

  16. The Father, The Son, and The Holy Smoke says:

    I hope this is eye opening to the developers on who needs buffs/nerfs. So many teams picked and banned the same characters. 😮

  17. Still wondering why we can't see score when we play. That should be displayed for players, imo.

  18. TTV (NA 🇺🇸🇨🇦) vs MJK (JPN 🇯🇵)
    1:04:06 1° Match
    1:21:46 2° Match
    1:39:33 Final Match

    TeamMYS (AS🇮🇩🇲🇾) vs
    Team Peps (EU🇫🇷🇪🇦🇩🇪🇮🇹🇵🇱(🇻🇪))
    2:18:52 1° Match
    2:37:42 2° Match
    2:57:23 Final Match

    S8UL Sports (IN🇮🇳) vs Luminosity (NA 🇨🇦🇺🇸)
    3:31:49 1° Match
    3:48:46 2° Match
    4:06:10 Final Match

  19. zZ. from OC Are a better clan than EXO in my opinion. They have 2000+ ELO and they always dominate in solo q. EXO I find have good players but not as good as zZ players. Same said for iclen and LDR clans. But I guess it’s a team esport and so individual skills or a partial team can only mean so much because team dynamics eg communicating, team strats, antistrats, timings, clutching, supporting, positioning, picking, etc are more crucial.

  20. Quien ganó ? Es que es todo en inglés y no me entero de nada. Gracias

  21. They need to fix this horrendous match making first

  22. Hey everybody i'm an avid pokemon unite gamer. I am interested in trying out for worlds next year no matter what and want to build a team. Please reach out to me if you are in the same boat and we can start scrimming together!

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