Wordscapes Game Walkthrough lv1 – lv80

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Wordscapes is a classic puzzle game, today we will challenge it, here is the answer of this game, have a look and try it!

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  1. Thx bro me and my dad are gaveling a Battle

  2. Ads are invasive and play after every single level, regardless of whether or not you have flight mode enabled. Every time I've played, I've had to shut down the entire game because there are ads that don't have an x to close them and are sometimes over a minute long. There are ads unsuitable for children too, including undressing women, gambling, shooting zombies, etc. Ive also muted the sound on the game and the ads don't mute, they scream at a million decibels and force stop spotify or any other music you have playing in the background. The game used to be good 6 years ago when I first downloaded it but it has just turned into a massive money grab. If you get a new phone, it won't save your progress, you'll have to start over, like I've had to do twice now. Exceptionally frustrating because I even purchased the no ads which didn't roll over and reached past level 6000 the first time and level 3000+ the second time. The developers create bot accounts to give themselves high reviews and play the challenges online, rendering it next to impossible to win all because they want to suck money out of you. If you dare mention their ludicrous ads, they merely tell you to purchase ad free, I WARN YOU, do not do this, when you get a new phone, you'll be bombarded with disgusting ads once more. They say you can screenshot any troublesome or inappropriate ads, which I have done, numerous times but they have never once done a single thing about it, even though they say they will. It's literally been over 2 years and I'm still having to fight the ads. Each level goes for about 30 seconds – 2 minutes and there's an ad after every single one, so it's roughly 50% game, 50% ads, probably higher ad percentage due to the fact that numerous cannot be closed. Also, so many words that are literally found in the dictionary are refused as words and some words they accept that aren't. Don't get this game. Everything about it is horrible.

  3. I especially love how this video is called Lv 1 – lv 80, yet for some reason starts at level 5 lol

  4. I’m at level 502, but does anyone know what you can do with the beautiful animal pics once you complete a puzzle? They would make nice screensavers.😊😊

  5. Vine por el x3 de Dragon City y me ayudó mucho


  7. My Grandma is on like level 13K😂😂

  8. If you play this game by cheating, then you don't get the whole point of the game. Play Candy Crush instead.

  9. Consumer cellular ad stops on 1 second not letting you collect rewards or continue play. You must shutdown app and restart. Very aggravating particularly on a timed tournament this has been going on for at least a week

  10. When I was playing Wordscapes and I finished playing level 32 my iPad decided to restart the words

  11. T̴̹͗r̵̫͛o̴̹͘l̵̗͌l̷̖̈́M̵̹̊a̸͂͜s̷͇̃t̸̳̚é̶̬r̷͕̽ says:

    Thanks for the help I appreciate it!

  12. This guy let em finish my task to get gems in monster legends

  13. The thing that I find most annoying about Wordscapes is how one of the words that seems like a stumper actually should have been the easiest word to guess.

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