Words With Friends 2 – Word Game – English



  1. Hello, when are you going to reopen Cityville the original?

  2. Really like this game but from time to time while I'm in the middle of a game my score is blocked out at the top of the game. I've tried reinstalling but nothing. Not fun if I can't see my competitors and my scores.

  3. Love the game but have issues with the challenges. I do not understand the use the clue word challenges. Where do you get the word clues???? I like the challenges but this one needs to be explained.

  4. My wife has a new phone and wants to transfer her game records and stats to it. They are all on her old phone at the moment. How can she do this?

  5. I can't open Words with Friends2 on my desktop how do I do it.

  6. I love this game but please do something about the romance scammers.

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