Wordle Notes: Kamala Harris Describes Love For Online Word Games

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VP Says She Plays ‘Brain Cleaner’ and Never Guessed Five Letters of the Day
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Kamala Harris played Wordle as a “brain cleaner” between duties and never guessed the five-letter word wrong for the day, but since her duty phone wouldn’t let her text, she couldn’t Share achievements with friends.

The vice president spoke to The Ringer about her love for online games developed by Welsh-born Josh Wardle.

“I’m 100 percent,” she said, “and I’m going to keep it that way.”

She also said that her winning streak was only 48 years because “when it was transferred to the New York Times, it became a mess.”

Wardle designed Wordle for his partner. The Times bought it in January for a “low seven-figure” price.

Wordle players have 6 chances per day to guess a five-letter word, with colored squares representing letters elsewhere in the word.

Harris said she typed an average of four times and started each day with the same word: “Notes. Comments.”

She added, “I think you have to have a healthy mix of consonants and vowels, and a lot of words have an S. For example, I think today there’s an S and an E.”

When Harris spoke Friday, the word of the day was “shame.”

The vice-president said she sometimes played it while traveling, “I must have played it when I was in Poland”.

Harris visited Poland in March to support the U.S. ally when Russia invaded Ukraine.

“But we don’t talk about that, do we?” she said.

Wordle, Harris said, “is like a brain cleanser. So it’s been a long day, back-to-back meetings with lots of heated topics. When I’m taking breaks, let’s say people are late, or my little 25-minute eater. For lunch, I sometimes find Wordle while eating.

She also said she was trying to turn her staff — an agency facing constant reported drama and dissatisfaction — into a game.

“Some of them know,” she said. “Some of them laughed at it because they didn’t know I knew it and I played it. So it was really fun. And some of them in times of stress said, ‘Maybe you should learn how to play Wordle.’ ”

Harris also said her staff is very competitive during games, but “one of the things I like about my team is that they don’t tell each other.”

However, the VP competes with her husband, Doug Emhoff, because she can’t share her findings like a regular user.

“My phone doesn’t allow me to text anyone,” Harris said. “It’s sad.”

Harris praised the “smart

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