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I let’s play and review this game. You can download and play this Puzzle game Word Cash / Win Earn Money Cash Rewards Paypal App Apps Scam ? Game Online 2021 by Puzzle Free Game for free on the Android Google Play Games Store here: and on the Ios / Iphone / Ipad / Apple Itunes App Store here: Coming Soon?
I also try to figure out whether this app really does give out real money or if it seems like it is just a scam. If you have been able to cash out / cashout or get paid and is real from this game make sure to let us know in the comments, also feel free to comment and mention if you think it is a scam / a fake app so others know where to try this one or move on to one that actually pays.

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Below you can find some information about this game from the games google play store description:
Word cash is a brand new word puzzle game. It can train your brain to make it more agile, enrich the volume of words, and deepen the memory of words.
Connect letters, find hidden words, pass levels, and get rewards. Easy to learn, but the difficulty will gradually increase!


* Free to play.
* Prompt the number of words.
* Additional rewards for correct words.
* Use tools to find out the right words.
* Move letters to reorder to pass levels.
* Full of challenge.
* Get achievements.
* Suitable for both children and adults.
* Collect rewards and exchange for cash.
* Well designed beautiful themes.

An excellent word spelling game with real money!

Download the game to train your brain and improve memory and thinking skills. You can also compete with friends.
It can be played anytime, anywhere, without a time limit.

(1) We do not have in-app purchases, nor do we provide any recharge entry, the game is completely free
(2) We have complete guidelines and requirements forprizes, learn more: . Please read our rules and guidelines firmly, if players violate rules and guidelines we will not provide rewards for users.
(3) We will only use your personal information when allowed by law. For more details, please refer to our privacy policy:

You also can find us on our official website:


  1. I need 1.64 to cash out and im on level 380. They give me 1 cent every 30 games

  2. We have reached the $150.00 requirement on the online game (CASH WORD) and haven't been able to cash out for over a week. It gas been stuck on this Cash Out and you mae no more money even after continuing to play!😡😡😡 And I have a Cash Card & Cash app on my cellphone 🤨🤨🤨🤔🤔

  3. I have needed a penny now for about 2 months , and can't get it. I play it everyday for hours and hours, i am on level 997

  4. I’m on a game Somali called Word Trip and been stuck on $149.99 for hours and pretty convinced I’m not getting to get the $150

  5. I have needed 3 cents it wont give it to me…is there a way i have to do something to get that…it doesn't say…i just keep playing and i cant get it???? What should i do to get it…this isnt the first game that has done this you get right there then you cant get the last few cents are these games true??

  6. I have reached the $150 weeks ago.Still playing but nothing gets added.Keeps saying I need to read it but I have.Won t let me cash in….???

  7. I reached 150 and it won't let me cash out

  8. I have 10 cents left to reach $150 I can't believe why this has to be a scam so sad 😑

  9. I can't $1.80 at this time my sent $148.20 ; what to do this time


  11. Got 150.00 on this he won't let me cash out word cash

  12. This game is full of shit I been on 197$ for months in it still not giving me anything

  13. I've been playing for about a week it want me to cash out at 150.00 I'm at 144.00 and it stalling

  14. Please tell me he w the can get money isn't that false advertisement

  15. Slot of games on the fun run your phone hot

  16. I tried a new app it let me redeem I will update if I get paid or not but I have now reach it again so I can redeem u have to reach 200 but now I am at 300 also s'mores is legit

  17. Me and my gf on level 154 and just missing 3 big cents 😂 sad 😞 story but I think this game is never ending case close 😂

  18. IT'S A SCAM!!! I spent hours just trying to get the last 2 cents, then I FINALLY GOT IT!! BUT now this POS game won't let me cash out!! I contacted the company and they want me to send them screen shots. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME LIKE I DID!! BTW, BIG SURPRISE – THEY'RE LOCATED IN CHINA….FIGURES RIGHT!!!

  19. This game obviously does not pay off the first time I hit 150 I had switched SIM cards in between so I figured because the full game was not on the same SIM card was the reason it wasn't recognizing that I had one so now I have a new phone and have hit 150 again at level 335 it is still refusing to let me pass the cash out

  20. This game is cool BUT, don't lie about paying cash …has anyone tried the one that Snoop Dogg is in the commercial?

  21. I made the $150 cashout by level 85 it only took about 10 hr but once i got to it it wouldnt let me cash out…Dont Get App

  22. I have reached the $150 on word cash no it will not cash out any advice for a disappointed player. I have a pp? what do I do. I watched way to many ads not to collect. Any way to contact the game?

  23. For the APP game word cash I'm up to $149 99 . I NEED ONE CENT TO CASH OUT FOR $150 I'VE BEEN WORKING ON THIS FOR MONTHS….Were. ROFL

  24. No one gives a shit, tell us about word cash please!

  25. The game i did i had around 12 hours in it and cashed out for 15 when i got cloes it was super hard to do 10 cent 19 cent but i got there

  26. How can I cash out to my to card word safari

  27. I made 150 and it doesn't let me cash out I think it's a total scam

  28. I made it to 150$ but when I try to cash out it just says 'tip: reach 150$ to cash out' but it doesn't cash out

  29. I am up to $150 even but I try to cash out and it still says I have to be at $150 to cash out even though I am. And it isnt giving me anymore money.

  30. Why won't cash word change my letters around so I can finish my puzzle

  31. I got to 150 but when cashout it dont work i need help.

  32. Omg i got to 150 and it keeps saying 150 to cash out!

  33. I been playing Word Cash. I got to level 73. They stop paying you when you only need 5 cents to go. I still played every couple day's. It won't pay. Period

  34. Win to ten Don't pay either. You will be told it's being Processed but Failed so they must do it again after 4 day's of waiting.

  35. I'm literally at $0.19 before I cash out. This is hilarious.

  36. At first it sId I could cash out when I reached $100. But when I got there..then they say I have to be T $150. B4 I can cash out..n the d thing doesn't want to open so I can plY..I'm T $119.

  37. I finally reached $150 and it won't let me cash out.

  38. On level 1,873 with 11 cents left for about 100 levels. Play the game occasionally for the last 2 years or so. Like solving the puzzles. The money thing is a total scam as most of these games are. Its actually kind of funny watching the cheesy commercials.

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