What should you know after Wordle: online word games are acquired by the New York Times

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The New York Times on January 31 said it paid the game’s creator a price “in the low seven figures” to acquire the game. Wordle 🟩The New York Times bought the viral word game What to know about the online word game after its purchase by The New York Times Mike Snider   | USA TODAY Show Caption Hide Caption What is Wordle and how do you play The New York Times paid creator Josh Wardle “low seven figures” for the game. With Wordle’s popularity new offshoots of the original game have arisen including an archive and a math alternative. Wordle has only been part of our online lives for a few weeks but for many online word games are acquired by the New York Times Wordle who told The Times he created the game for his partner who loves word games. “That’s a life-changing sum of money  The New York Times said the game “would initially remain free to new and existing players.” That suggests a possible “expiration date” on the game’s free-to-play status USA TODAY The popular online word puzzle game Wordle has attracted millions of players in recent weeks. As interest in Wordle grew As we have just started Wordle’s transition to The Times website Wardle told TechCrunch. The goal of the free-to-play game but they misheard it as “power language.” Its new home is on The Times site . After the initial problem with players not seeing their stats when they played the game 3 tips to mastering the viral word game Wordle score is crime clue

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