What makes Magnus Carlsen so good at chess | GothamChess and Lex Fridman

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Levy Rozman, also known as GothamChess, is a professional chess player, streamer, and educator.

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  1. I’ve just realized all chess players have the same accent. Regardless of where they are from. So Hans ain’t the only bozo.

  2. Levy blew up so quickly for good reason. I can see these two being friends.

  3. You should invite Peter Svidler after the current ECCC. Most eloquent commentator in chess.

  4. How people can say and actually believe we are all equal is crazy!!! Magnus can literally tell you tye exact game the two chess players and when the game took place just by seeing one picture of how the board was set during match. Crazy

  5. @10:45
    I mean Magnus just sold his website for 80 some thing Mil

    Sorry Magnus, if you do not want to grind to the top again you need to stop calling yourself World champion. The Grind IS part of the title of champion. If you have already said you're out then you cannot be signing off with WC

  6. My family has produced the world's greatest chess champion ever Emanuel lasker he held the title of world champion for 27 years consecutively no one has ever held it that long since let's see if all these modern chess players can do that

  7. Unexpected but welcomed collaboration!

  8. Levy that shirt who told you that was okay?

  9. What makes Levy such a brilliant chess recapper and entertaining dude in general should be the next video

  10. Still loses to an indian kid

  11. Chess is a draw, said someone well before me.

  12. Signing as the world champion: “World Champion,” assumes anonymity. Could be taken as humble. Romantic even.

  13. The major factor Magnus dominated his generation is that he excelled at the most difficult part of the game of chess i. e. the endgame. Historically few players were endgame specialists, like Capablanca, Rubenstein, perhaps Karpov. Because of this he manages to save lost games and win seemingly dead draw games. Added to all that being talented, determined, and has something to prove and wants to leave his stamp on the game.

  14. What levy meant was that in a complex endgame , the players wont play accurately all the time.

  15. Magnus, Levy, Travis Stevens, Jimmy Pedro, Duncan Trussell
    Ty Lex! From a fellow Judoka ameuter chess enthusiast and forever student of life

  16. For the memory, a lot of people are assuming he's born with it. This is more from my experience, but I think what we remember shifts based on what we care about, and the way our memory recalls events is very practical in chess. I always joked about having bad memory because I need to write down peoples names and go through them so many times, because unless its someone I actively interact with the memory just escapes me. On the flip side, I can find myself randomly remembering algorithms and solutions I covered half a decade ago when solving certain coding problems. Our brains are incredibly powerful, and I think the best recollection happens through series of linked events. We link a memory to a specific idea, when we encounter a situation that reminds us of that one thing, it'll lead to another until we have the full image in our head. More like a recreation of what actually happened through key events.

    With that, I think for the super GMs who started playing chess as children and developed to truly understand the sport (usually GMs by 15), those games are what's essential in their heads. They don't need to remember the actual boards, just the specific series of moves. The ability to remember thousands of these and be able to recall ones based on similarity seems insane to us, but I think it's all the same idea.

  17. He would never beat the undefeated champion Komugi at Gungi.

  18. The host is very good at calming down the vibes of Levi, Levi is usually a pretty hype dude so probs for the chill vibes. Makes the listening to the episode so much better❤

  19. Awesome feature! Love both your guys work 👏🏽

  20. Can't stand Levy, he's such a disgusting individual.

  21. yikes….what a fake interview. cheating is known with him. Chess does not NWWS 5'5 proponent of TRT and HGH

  22. He is so good, that he can feel if you are a 2.6k or 2.8k player. Or if you play like an engine.

  23. Regaining the world championship takes like six months every two years for Magnus. It makes sense to me that after four times, it's just not worth it. Just play tournaments you want to play. His rating will still be the highest for a long time.

  24. World championship should be the candidates plus reigning world champion. A tournament, not a match.

  25. Magnis have unfair advantage due to his memory. Normal human doesn’t possess such memories

  26. Magnus Cleary said, if Alireza win candidate, I play him. The interviewer and levy totally ignore this elephant in the room.

  27. a draw is exciting when the comentators make it excititng

  28. chess is the only sport/game where some commentators and chess influencers earn more than many top 50ers .this happens because you don't need to watch players but need to look at the chess position live which is free on websites so players can't monetize that viewership to the best extent. ridiculous lol

  29. top chess players earn more than 80% of olympic sports . why you gotta compare chess players to some of these big sports which has tv deal money .chess has free viewership via these websites . we don't have to see their faces but their chess positions

  30. Can we all agree that Lex is not really all that smart and faked his credentials? It is so obvious when he speaks that he is nothing special.

  31. We've damaged nationalism enough that I don't really care about the olympics. Maybe just an american thing atm, American identity is kinda disfigured.

  32. Game 6 was absolutely amazing. I had the day off and I watched the whole thing live.

  33. Great talk Levy, amazing to listen to!

  34. You can tell they're avoiding talking about the anal beads cheating scandal and controversy because it makes chess look bad so he had arguably the best chess YouTuber on to praise the golden boy of the game and try to damper some of the repercussions of Magnus making himself look bad

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