What makes Magnus Carlsen so good at chess | GothamChess and Lex Fridman

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Levy Rozman, also known as GothamChess, is a professional chess player, streamer, and educator.

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  1. Why is he good? Because anyone who beats him must be cheating so he won't lose.

  2. I don't understand how Levy has a fucking Eastern European accent when he grew up in New York.

  3. Levy – very good explanation. You are an ambassador for the game

  4. I like this podcast but I think it's too slow sometimes, get some coffee guys 😅

  5. Magnus has an eidetic/ photographic memory combined with the analytical skills of a computer and then top that off with the finesse of a Super Grand Master.

  6. Isn't magnus gonna get like 80 million for his app. Lol Money

  7. Short answer: he doesn’t depend on vibrating anal beads. He uses a cock ring.

  8. I also play like that, after 5 moves no more database moves! 😉

  9. I like how levy deliberately speaking slow…. that must have been painful 😆

  10. he is cheating ofc, and he accuses whoever wins against him a cheater :))

  11. Neo swallowed the right pill.
    Outside the system.

  12. I would say it's his ability to be over the age of 30 and still mentally have not matured over 10 years of age. The guy is a narcissist who cant even handle a bad loss without committing a crime. He is weak, he is pathetic, he is maggy waggy

  13. Hans Nieman goat. The only player who beat Carlsen on move 1.

  14. because he doesn't just calculate, he assesses and brainstorms. Weak players think strong players are stronger because they calculate faster, which is dead wrong. Also is wrong that strong players are stronger because they memorize more opening theory.

  15. Lex there is more to chess than opening theory.


  17. Carlsen has an eidetic chess memory, as well as just being a creative genius. It's hard to beat someone with either of those things, he's the greatest at both.

  18. There is always an agreed-upon platform to measure who is the best in a sport. Regardless of monetary compensation. Great point.

  19. I like Levy more and Lex less after this video

  20. I hope someday you get Vishy Anand too!!

  21. Lex “hello hans, how are you today?”

    Hans “the chess speaks for itself”

    Podcast over

  22. It's incredibly rare to see a champion dominate his sport so much as magnus has. Especially when there's as much competition in the sport as there is.

  23. Vibrating anal bead stock has jumped 1000%

  24. Carlsen looks at the board and sees it in 3D

  25. Is Lex on opiods…ask a Levy the same question after question ignoring the previous answer

  26. Levi is really good at explaining complex parts of the game for the average person. He has the best YouTube channel to learn from.

  27. The reason why Chess's prize pool does not increase, is because you cannot cheat a player without them noticing.

    Take online esports for example. FPS games in particular. They are very sophisticated pieces of software with one purpose. And that is, to make you think you lost legitimately.

  28. I think the reason why chess is not as popular as it should be, is because it takes a lot of mental constitution to play just one game. I code 24/7 and that is like writing a math paper for 8h every day, but pales in comparison to just one chess game. One complex chess game can drain you completely. Fascinating really.

  29. Lex looks like a rendered character from a game with excellent graphics.

  30. The interviewer mention he lost interest of the Olympics. It is just aging you lose interest when you get older, on things you were crazy about. The. Chess world is too amateurish to generate big money. Also fide is corrupt

  31. Jon Jones left the light heavyweight strap to go to heavyweight.

    Love the UFC too.

  32. Magnus will make a move that improves his position by .0001% where stock fish saw no real opportunity.

  33. We love Levi! Gotham is our chess translator! Thank you for having him on the podcast!

  34. I remember one interview of Magnus (I don't remember with who) when asked how he creates a strategy and he said something to the effect of: It's not so much strategy but when a move "doesn't look right" I somehow try to make my position look right. He also said he doesn't know how he does that, he just is able to when something doesn't look right.

  35. So Magnus spots them a couple of dubious moves, just to get past theory into wide open unknown spaces. FischerRandom.

    Magnus knows something about how to play that you often see in blitz games. His opponent will go for some time with no progress whatsoever while Magnus runs circles around them. He gets these free times too often for it to be random luck.

    His offensive play isn't spectacular. It's so ordinary nobody can believe he will win with it. But give any GM some free moves and see how amazing they suddenly become. It's very Botwinnik-Petrosian chess.

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