“Weird Al” Yankovic – Word Crimes

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Music video by “Weird Al” Yankovic performing Word Crimes. (C) 2014 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment


  1. Al did done good😅
    I'm only joking. This was great.

  2. The only thing wrong with this song is their rejection of the Oxford comma.

  3. I am just gonna start sending this to ppl who annoy me xD

  4. i remember my teacher used this in 3rd grade to teach about grammar, its entertaining but at the same time secretly teaching you

  5. In the U.K. there was a society to prevent the abuse of the apostrophe, it hung in there for several years but wound itself up up because “the war was hopelessly lost”.

  6. This song is genius in every way EXCEPT for the lines "2 lern some grammer / now did I stammer? / work on that grammar". Unless I misunderstand, he rhymes "grammer" with "grammar", which sounds exactly the same. Dunno, irks me a bit, because the rest is so absolutely brilliant.

  7. I didn't learn a thing but man this is a jam

  8. Al is a very intelligent man. Just look at the way he’s able to spin others work and make their songs even better. I don’t ever recall him using foul language to promote any of his work. Keep it up Al and hope to hear you for many years to come.

  9. I guess I could put all the references together since I'm bored.

    0:26 "Mrs. Krabappel" Possibly a character from The Simpsons
    0:30 The Reddit website at that time
    0:52 Doge profile picture
    0:53 "wut"
    1:13 "Get a Brain Morans!" Misspelled protest sign at Boeing Plant in Missouri
    1:38 Composition Notebook, a common notebook
    1:59 Clippy, the Microsoft Office assistant
    1:59 Google Docs wait I don't actually know its just some thing similar
    2:07 "Prince" logo, I don't know if this is a band or something.
    2:53 Weird AI Yankovic himself
    2:55 Minesweeper
    2:55 That homepage I forgot about
    3:06 Facebook Like icon
    3:19 "Lost" TV series

    Tell me if I missed any.

  10. Is it just me or has like every English teacher from 6th grade ever played this song at the beginning of the year?

  11. Learnt more in this song than i ever will in my lifetime

  12. Funny story sometimes, idiots who should not contribute to the gen pool. Create genius progeny. because genetics are WEIRD,

  13. Br0 1 th1nk th1s s0ng was literally the b3st

  14. I never realized how bad at English I was until I heard this song.

  15. "go back to preschool, get out of the gene pool" 🤣

  16. Love the cover. Webster's Dictionary. In case Google meanings are BS

  17. these word crimes… like… " anyone got an accordion "

  18. Can anyone else find the word crime in this video?

  19. "You should only write in emoji" is my new favorite insult

  20. Well, it's the shortening of a word or group of words by omission of a sound or letter.

    The World Book Encyclopedia (1994 Edition) Agrees.

  21. I commit word crimes because people need to stop being so anal about a language that has too many illogical rules.

  22. Just realised a subtle Alanis Morissette reference at 2:41.

  23. 1:20 as a possessive it's a contraction
    ummmm…no that's wrong

    the baby was holding ITS toy
    IT'S time to go

  24. Can't believe Al predicted the Safdie Brothers' debut at 0:50

  25. The fact that there is good animation in this video wants me to just LITERALLY like this video

  26. I started saying "I could not possibly care less" which seems to get the idea across

    Also my phone loves to autocorrect its to it's and were to we're.

  27. I think every video advertising board in the UK should show this, especially when school kicks out. It should also be the advert in Candy Crush when some Chav wants more coinage.

  28. It's true that there is no x in espresso. However, there is also no h in issue, yet we Americans pronounce it as "ish-u", not "iss-u" like the British.

    Also I like the way the British keep the punctuation out of quotation marks.

  29. "Al wierd" Yankovic has a big dictionary.

  30. There are so many Weird Al songs that I enjoy more than the originals. This is one of them!

  31. Until today I was vaguely aware someone went by the name of Weird Al Yankovic, but I just started to discover his work.
    Instantly became a fan.
    Imagine: right now, I'm going through his YouTube channel and EVERY song is new to me.
    I'm having such a great day! <3

  32. I listened to this like 6 years ago in Germany! 😀

  33. Blurred Lines LMFAO

    Nice vocabulary LMAO

  34. use the right pronoun? that's very 2022 of you.

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