United States vs. Colombia Game Highlights | 2023 World Baseball Classic

Team USA takes on Team Colombia in pool play!

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  1. I don't understand how Team Canada crushed these guys but Team USA barely beat them

  2. Turner with the clutch play in the 9th. Typical dodgers. Go stros!!!!

  3. As a Colombian/American, this was a great game, I am proud of both teams, I am impressed with Colombia growth in Baseball in the last few years! when growing up, as a high school and college baseball player, I did not know Colombians playing baseball but my brothers and I.

  4. What a joke, USA struggling against Colombia. No offense to my colombianos, they played really well. USA defense played horrible 🙈

  5. Great game. Come and Get it Get it Get it!

  6. Hello, Humans
    Those who spend their time complaining, often don't understand what mental strength is.


  7. Trout putting up 50 this yr and the mvp and the playoffs.

  8. Cuantos venezolanos estaban representando en este partido a Colombia? Alguien me dice?

  9. The us national team in baseball is a lot like the us basketball team. They don’t always send the best players but the players they do send usually still do well. It’s always a flex to say that these aren’t even all the best players we have.

  10. Felicito a Colombia jugaron muy bien

  11. 1st time I see a black Mexican🤔🤫🤭😅
    Will need Real Players from Mexico ok next time

  12. No es Columbia es Colombia Nojoda. Buen Juego! They did great anyways!

  13. La neta mis respetos! Yo ya había dado por perdido el partido:
    En mi caraaaaa
    Dieron la vuelta!

  14. And they say one guy can beat a team Mike trout just proved that wrong

  15. Turner's glove was exactly like that for the Dodgers last season. Weak part of his game for sure. Thats why I was OK with him leaving honestly.

  16. I know a young shortstop from the Houston Astros that can play better.(not sure if he’s an American citizen though) 😬🇺🇸

  17. Imagine if they had gone into extra innings and Columbia still had to win by 3, would’ve been interesting decisions by them both at the plate and on the bases

  18. Surprise enough to make Turner and Arenado think it's a match-fixing error😂

  19. Turner did his best to boot the game away…twice! Luckily, Trout and strong pitching kept that from happening!!

  20. Nuestros deportistas , orgullo Colombiano ❤🇨🇴♥️🥰💪🏽

  21. Thought my man stoles second

  22. If that guy ran in the drop 3rd he would been there

  23. Nice rebound by the USA team after getting smoked by Mexico to start the tournament.

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