Tua & The Miami Dolphins Can’t Keep Getting Away With This.. | NFL News (Tyreek Hill, Jeff Wilson)

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As we find ourselves halfway through the 2022 NFL season, the Miami Dolphins just seem to continue to improve as the weeks go on. QB Tua Tagovailoa is slowly winning over many of his doubters through his play under HC Mike McDaniel’s new offense, Tyreek Hill & Jaylen Waddle are breaking records, and the Dolphins offense seems to be in full stride. But they just keep showing us more of what we never thought would be possible.

Tua Tagovailoa in this offense seems to be the perfect match. He is looking better than he ever has in his NFL career, statistically & physically, and his ability to put up these numbers alongside weapons like Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, Raheem Mostert, Mike Gesicki, and his improved offensive line with guys like Terron Armstead is still going unnoticed to people. And after the 2022 NFL trade deadline acquisition of Jeff Wilson Jr to add to this Dolphins offense, they seem to be only improving in their flawed areas.

And in terms of the Dolphins defense, while the Bradley Chubb trade might not answer all of their questions, it sure adds to this defensive effort more than it’s seen already pairing him up with Melvin Ingram, Xavien Howard, Jevon Holland, Jaelan Phillips, & more. To sum it up, if you are still sleeping on the 2022 Miami Dolphins, you might just get a reality check soon, maybe even as the 2022 NFL Playoffs approach.

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  1. Tua a top 5 QB right now is funny how people forget everybody was tanking for Tua before he got hurt. It's his time to shine.

  2. Get by this weekend against Cleveland with a win, go into the bye week healing up the nicks and bruises, improve the run game and coach up the defense. Then make a run for the play-offs…if not the division.

  3. Stop hating chump and enjoy this super bowl run u bum ass bills or patriots fan🤣🤣✌🏾🏆

  4. They must be able to run the ball to close out a game. They couldn't do it against the bears and that was NOT GOOD. Actually – worse than not good it could mean not getting beyond playoff round 1.

  5. WHAT?! Who doubted Tua!!? He was better than everyone in college even if he lost the championship game.. twice..

  6. The Dolphins run game while not great is still a mile better than the years prior. Personally I've completely bought into this coaching staff and Team. I've always believed in Tua and after defending him for almost 3 years it's so satisfying hearing the people I argued with tell me they were wrong. Fins up 🐬

  7. Actually a dominant defense will beat a dominant offense. Ravens and bucs won despite garbage offense. Referring to brad johnson bucs.

  8. He under throws alot of his passes ty hill should have 1400yards already he is a solid QB but not elite. It could hurt them come the playoffs

  9. What can’t they keep getting away with?

  10. FINS UP! Tua is balling, tyreek setting records… just need the defense to step up (hopefully Byron Jones returns at some point)

  11. FinsUp! Feels good to just be in 'the conversations" again and part of discussions in sports commentary!

  12. Defense defense defense. Miami will not make playoffs with their defense as it is now.

  13. I think the dolphins are really dangerous now and are a super bowl caliber team

  14. Teddy and Skylar are trash let’s be real. They couldn’t QB their way out a paper bag. Thank God Tua made it back before we go 3-15 lol

  15. They will take them seriously when we go to the Super Bowl this year

  16. If anything needs to be done it’s Defensive Cordinator Boyer who needs to forget about his thoughts and ideas on defense and stick to Flores’s way.

  17. No one is speaking about the Gorilla in the living room here. It's not about the individual players in Miami, it's all about the culture that is being created in Miami that people are put off by. I'm not a very religious man, but you can clearly see that several of the leaders on this team are and are not afraid to make it known. That my friends is why the Dolphins are getting so much hate around the league and in the media, nothing more and nothing less. It's all about the culture in Miami and it makes people uncomfortable. They have brought in players that fit the culture they are trying to develop and if you aren't a good fit then you are not coming aboard. You are either all in with their culture and scheme or you end up riding the bench and sent packing at season's end. If it takes team faith to get the Dolphins back to the promised land then I'm all in. Just my two cents. Fins Up ! 🐬

  18. Great video. Fins need to heal on defense and they should step up.

  19. Only thing that really needs to improve is the defense. Get that straightened out and will definitely make a deep run. Go fins

  20. Didnt mention how injury plagued the defense is – this is the main reason for the dropoff in defensive performance… at least three corners out, and our strong safety – huge considering miami is built around being able to do cover zero well

  21. We just need to stop letting QBs have 120+ yard days on the ground and missing tackles with overpersuits. If a quarterback has a set of wheels for legs, You need to lay out a set of spike strips, Instead of playing soft zone and man coverage.

  22. Tua has the quickest release since Marino. I'm talking all teams. I've been a Dolphins fan since 1982. Yes I'm old. This FEELS like Marino, Clayton, and Duper all over again.

  23. There is holding on every single play in the NFL

  24. The O-line playing as good as they are has surprised me the most. Although bringing back Larry Tunsil would make it even better.

  25. Great vid.
    I'd actually rather keep having the talking heads ignore or downplay us. Tua seems to feed off proving doubters wrong & the team can embrace that "us against Every1 "
    Be a great time to get Miamis own song of the "Miami vs. Everybody"

    There are guys like Dan Orlanski & Kurt Warner given us consistent love. Especially, Dan, he's been on Tua & McDaniels all yr.

    I'd rather keep flying somewhat under the radar.
    I do agree the additions of Wilson, will help compliment the running game, making playaction even better.
    And Chubb will get pressure on the qb, taking pressure off our dbs.
    We've beaten 3 of the best 4 running qbs in the league already in Balt, Bears & Bills.

  26. Exciting time to be a Dolphin’s fan. Thank you for recognizing that there is potential to be something really special. In addition to your great analysis, I think QB protection should be a top priority. The oline has to be strong.

  27. Very happy to see the new RB pick up a blitzer Sunday. I didn't know that was part of his game, makes getting him for a 5th seem like a steal. He runs angry, can catch, and blocks and is the perfect size for today's game and definitely is a better short yardage option than Edmunds.

  28. We've known Tua for years he is always a WINNER. Montana Young Brady are WINNERS too… unlike LOSERS like Tarkenton Kelly Mayfield Leaf Kaepernick etc.

  29. And people say that his wide out are carrying him I don't even like the dolphins like that and I see him making good throws wait till next season everybody will be shocked how God he's gotten

  30. Don’t think he’ll stay healthy to have a long nfl career unfortunately

  31. We love healthy Tua. Hopefully he keeps up the momentum he's building on. 15 TD's. 3 ints. Making good decisions and placing the ball well for the most part.

  32. Our defense can’t keep letting this much points

  33. Thank you for shedding light on our situation, it’s time for people to open their eyes and see that Tua is legit

  34. It was a coach improvement more than a QB improvement , Tua was always good but bad coaches held Tua and the team back .

  35. The defense is this team’s Achilles. It is not because of the players but Josh Boyer.

  36. I’m gonna miss Jeff Wilson dude had that dog in him

  37. Yeah he’s getting away with getting better.

  38. If they could just run the ball everything gets better defense clock time everything

  39. Tua is proving that he's a franchise qb. I told everyone this was going to happen.

  40. Most existing team to watch in the NFL with Tua on the Helm, it feels like every game it's a high scoring nail bitter 😬

  41. The fins never get there due
    Big mike going to show all of the nfl
    And this is without 3 defensive starters we're missing our start and safety are starting nickel and are starting corner back we're playing with 4th stringers wait till we get our full strength

  42. Thank you for this awesome video, and giving our Miami Dolphins some love! I haven't been this excited since the 1984 Season! Go Dolphins!

  43. With players like Wilson and Mostert the running game is going to get better

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