Top 10 BIGGEST Open World Games on Android & iOS | This Video will Shock You!

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hey guys, today i gonna show you Top 10 BIGGEST Open World Games on Android & iOS,
Top 10 Open World Games for Android & iOS (Offline/Online), In this video we ranked best open world games according to their map sizes,
so if you are open world games lover then please watch the video without skipping it.
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  1. the ad game mobile legend is suck i mean the game is good but the developer is suck they only care for money.not the players

  2. How to download gangster new York? Is it mobile?

  3. Can you give me link og gta san adreas plss

  4. Mobile legends bang bang is nice to play but you will see so many toxic player before you get to the high rank even you are in high rank you will see some toxic players and developer only care for money

  5. There nothing game cant just shock me it just make me more boring i tried to find a game to play duh-😐

  6. #8 is a good game but has way too many ads. The worse part is that the ads appear during gameplay which gets you killed.

  7. I tought roblox was the 1st game that has 10 or 19 billion players

  8. Hey minecraft is the biggest map its 5 sun will

  9. ML is the shortcut of mobile legends
    to us in the Philipines one of the most popular game in Philipines

  10. 7:32
    Its infinity in both Java & Bedrock.
    Btw im also a pc mc player::::I love u that u put my fav game in no.2.

  11. What is the game in intro which is like GTA v?

  12. I don't want second galaxy because you can't control the spaceship

  13. Gta vice city is my childhood,i played it in my dad's pc

  14. I watch this back and I heard you say rockstar game is making Gta definitive edition in Android 🤔 I see in other APK store gta definitive edition but is coming soon I don't know if play store is gonna available that just I don't know what to do rockstar game

  15. Geshin impact is basically a copy breath of the wild like bro you even need to get this wings/paraglider to complete a quest like bro…

  16. Yea mobile legends bang bang is good and that game is the best 5v5 moba game

  17. Amazing list, where can i get gangster new york?

  18. I want this games but i dont have this much internet.

  19. I Want To Play gta san andreas but how to. Download

  20. The biggest game on mobile is subway surfers 😐

  21. Will chimeraworld be playable on android cause I cant find it.. is it a apk

  22. Down To Top Is A Simp

  23. Mobile legends bang bang is not a open world game dude…. Duuuuuuude

  24. "MOBO" is an annoying term. MOBA makes sense as it shortens longer words, MOBO has the same syllables as MOBILE but with an extra O for no confusing reason. Is that like a stock market abbreviation?!

  25. Just for comments enrichment
    As i really like your picks

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