The Sword Art Online VR Beta Test is Finally HERE!

Sword Art Online VR is finally here. I became a beta tester for the real sword art online vr game and so can you. You can now full dive into the world of SAO like Kirito and Asuna without needing a Nervegear headset. In this video I show how you can play sword art online in real life inside virtual reality. From subspace hunter on side quest to Project Aincrad and official sword art online vr games. Did you always want to play sword art online in vr then this dream is finally coming true.


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►Quest 2:
►PSVR 2:
►Valve Index:

►Elite Strap:
►Carrying Case:
►Active Pack:

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  1. I would love to fulldive into sao!!

  2. Honestly I'm super tempted to get a VR set just to try the demo
    If a full game come out I'm defenetly gonna get one

  3. Why spend 40 for a specific use then just use your contacts which can be used for a lot more

  4. Who would like a more Anime-like character design? (Think Genshin)

  5. To call those "VR" is not the maximum, VR can be a full dive, our technology can be called mixed reality. It's not to obfend companies but virtual reality makes me think about a virtual world, our technology itself look like a beta test. I would love if somebody pulls with an actual VR or AR like nerve gear or augma.

  6. "I am a sao beta tester" PTSD kicks in*

  7. I think it'll be awesome to make a hybrid of this with modded Balder's Gate 3. You'll truly have unlimited possibilities.

  8. Why are there never links for this stuff 😢

  9. Bro gonna get stuck there in future 😂😂

  10. If a full bata comes out officially for PlayStation….I'm 💯 buying a PlayStation VR headset.😎

  11. So, beta test should still have the log out feature … hehe

  12. The question is.. does it have multiplayer?

  13. That's cool and all but why no .hack 😂

  14. Great, cant wait to spend 2 years of my life there
    But this time without the threat of death

  15. it's so sad that in every sword combat vr game, the enemies barely react to your hits.

  16. The real question will be whether or not they'll balance the game around the series. Instead of giving every player class the ability to obtain the item or skill they want. Rather, that people people earn certain skills like in the series or that there is only one of one's on any given server.

  17. You should get a title "Beater" when the game officially releases

  18. a great hope to what is possible …
    … until some bigger player steps in and claims all the rights and pushes down all the others.

  19. A link in the description or any sort of mention of this projects name would be great. I would love to try this as well.

  20. The first REAL SAO game will be played on neuralink, nothing before that day will be a real or even good Sao imitation

  21. I dont want it. Send it back. If it doesnt have nerve gear that locks everybody in, it is a failure of a game. Full launch better come out on nerve gear. Then we can find out who the main character is.

  22. There's no way to make a proper MMO with just a small team though…

  23. On the beta test you can log out so… not 100% accurate 😒
    I'm joking but I still love it

  24. This is so awesome! Please keep up with the SAO videos, they encourage so much hope!

  25. this is just one of all the games out there.. what's different about this?

  26. whats the game called? I need to bookmark it so i dont forget it

  27. Looks like a good start to a game but why TF do you keep calling this full dive? That was the name of a type of tech from the anime world that DOESNT EXIST! Its so dumb to call this full dive when it is VERY far away from the concept of "Fulldive VR". The game isnt magically trash for not using non-existant tech, that would be almost impossible to get approved to use esp since its based on a story where it was used to kill ~4,000 people, but its too annoying to see you use the term as if this game is actually like how sao was in the story.

    It would be great if somebody pulls off a solid VR MMORPG but its a very tough thing to do.

  28. No matter how cool this is, if there is no content to explore or rpg game mechanics then its just an average imitation. But still this is cool as heck.

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