The Making of EVE Online | Escapist Documentary

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The Escapist is proud to present our next documentary on the making of EVE Online, detailing the early development and philosophy behind the game, along with highlighting the unique player stories that make up EVE Online’s on-going legacy.

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  1. One of the best, if not The best game I've ever played! I love it, and always will! Keep up the good work and fly safe! o7

  2. I still have the original box and cd. Turns out it is one of the 30,000. Good thing i kept it.
    Thank you for the video.
    And thanks for the game CCP.

  3. Eve is the friends you made playing. The folks you faced down Snuffed with, the folks you kicked out of Deklein or Piekura, the folks you met in Mara or Tama's top belt.

  4. Thank you, so much, for the captions! I like not having to rely on YouTube's auto closed captioning.

  5. 11:22 oh dude i've always thought Eve looks peerless. I still keep getting happier over the graphical improvements. You guys show me theirs no limit to how many times you could polish a corvette and still make it sexier. Actually seeing the photage of the beta really threw me off. I thought their was a super retro era i missed. I missed too much anyway only half paying attention. "Mining can get lonely" Man i'm older, peace quiet and menial hobbies are all i look forward to after work. XD

  6. for get about the making of eve far more interesting to hear the story of the bat shit playerbase and what they do its crazy

  7. Can't wait to see the saga of Goonswarm

  8. Always thought EVE was a Pokémon, great documentary guys

  9. I hope someday in the future Star Citizen could be something like this… go to a E3 and just say… okay here it is… I just hope to be able to have a pc to run that by when it's finished

  10. Ten years in and looking forward to the next ten years. Enjoyed your work! Thank You!

  11. This coming out while I am on vacation on Iceland is a gift. Thanks! 🙂

  12. This is delightful. Well done Nick and crew!

  13. alot of people are half lit on mining fleets. yep 100% still the same and the rorq pilot fell asleep to

  14. I played EVE for a few years at the beginning. I joined one of the earliest mega corps, Taggart Transdimensional (TTI). I became CEO but lasted a month because I quickly learned I didn’t have the mindset for leadership and didn’t have the time to commit to the role. But I did clean up the membership rolls for my successor before I left
    the game entirely due to real life obligations. But I never forgot the experience.

  15. I remember playing Earth & Beyond when I first was told about EVE online. I've not played it for at least 7 years. But the ride I had was amazing.

  16. Down the Rabbit Hole took so god damn long the Escapist, of all places, decided to beat him to the punch.

  17. I will always play Eve and follow it's story. In Iceland now! It's amazing.

  18. A documentary about Eve and Excel isn't mentioned once : Fake

  19. Great doc! I played the game for about 7 years, I always have an itch to return.

  20. This should be a good prepper for Fredrik Knudsens Down the Rabbit Hole on EVE Online.

  21. I grew up playing EVE. I still listen to the soundtrack to relax or get to sleep on rough nights. I miss it often but have never been able to get back into it.

  22. I can see why EVE approached Escapist to produce this documentary. Both place such an emphasis and importance on the value of a genuine and supportive community. I was not expecting to see my patreon name in the credits. It’s small, but seeing my name go by and knowing I helped a part of this story be told after such a long week bout damn made me cry. Great job.

  23. This was a damn great documentary, I don't even play EVE but I've always been interested in its mystique and all that, very well made, super super interesting to know about how this game was made and still running to this day.Amazing job

  24. The Lead Narrative Designer sounds exactly how I'd expect him to sound.

  25. The earliest pictures of Eve's prototype 2d client look a lot inspired by the Escape Velocity series. I see that bribe button too 😀

  26. I remember when my cousin was obsessed with this game like 15 years ago. I can't believe this game is still going strong.

  27. I clearly remember at 11:55, playing on a CRT monitor and seeing those thin lines in the screen, a filter or whatever but it is so nostalgic to see! They did away with that filter very quickly, but it looked unique and charming on the CRTs back then.

  28. Eve is a fun game. I played it for about 4 years. But it turns into more like a job and It was impossible to play "casually" at a higher level. I was not satisfied with what I could accomplish in a short gaming session and playing the game more and more hours was affecting my real life negatively and I had to quite. It would be great if EVE had more things to do casually. It would also be great if Eve had like a gladiator mode where you could do smaller skirmish battles in high security space against other players.

  29. I miss the game…. real life took the time away from me to plex and play…. then later my account got stolen and robbed of everything that was the final nail in the coffin for me after more then decate of gameplay

  30. How has no one pointed out just how big of a sociopath Hilmar must be to build a game with the end goal of causing more social drama and "death"

  31. A understated great game that i literally grew up on and had kids playing, thankyou.

  32. I was going to say it’s hardly a ‘making of’ because a very small portion of footage is about ‘how was it done’. But now I think the title is more about ‘how is it being made, before and right now’.

    Despite sort of not liking Hilmar’s performance at the Fanfest, I’m really having enjoyed his part in this documentary. Both ‘tales of ye olde’ in the beginning (very interesting and informative), and the cute personal story at 42:28. Thank you!

  33. Oh its already online, i thought it was exclusive to fanfest attendants.
    Brb briging the booze and snacks i need to watch this lessssgoooooo

  34. Some people here in the comments are old, retired EVE players. As a rare zoomer player, I highly encourage everyone watching to give the game a try. If you can get past the learning curve at the beginning the game really is amazing.

  35. Well done guys! I loved it! I've never played it but always been curious as to its history.

  36. Great stuff! Thank you The Escapist for doing EVE online justice with a top tier video documentary.

  37. For me it was poking my nose into a wormhole with absolutely no idea what I was doing. Spent 3 days in J-space and had 20x more money in my cargo than I had ever made in the game. Lost my way home and got trapped in J-space. Finally find a way out and the door is being camped. So I panic, and it all comes down to this one moment weather I get the good ending or bad ending.

  38. This is making we want to jump back in. Started playing in the Gemini beta and played for 15 years with some short breaks here and there. Haven’t played in 5 years now but been kinda getting that itch again.

  39. I used to make my ingame money by.. basically writing for and editing an EVE Online fansite. Eve is a reality people choose to partake in, which extend beyond the client, but which can also exist in a microscopic scale of a single entirely gameplay focused event.

    And it being a world that not even the developers fully understand anymore, is fascinating. Random people become experts in systems and mechanics of making things happen. I still find it fascinating.

  40. This is pretty nostalgic, I started playing EVE in 2003 during the last open beta, and I "won" EVE in 2021. This does make me consider coming back but… I just don't have the time anymore to really play the game, which is kind of sad but at the same time… dang. Funny too, Hilmar's story around 42:30 – back in the early days, even getting a cruiser was a massive undertaking because ISK didn't come easily. I remember the first corp I joined after release, we spent a week mining Omber just to get the ISK for one of us to buy an Exequror. We promptly lost it too – I think it lived for half a day. Ah, nostalgia…

    Some more fun facts from the early days: jumping didn't land you at the opposing stargate, it landed you at what I guess was 0,0,0 – the center of the system. There were a few systems where it meant you were right next to a station so you could dock immediately, was kind of sad that got changed (for obvious reasons).

    Then there was the hilarity of being able to strap multiple propulsion mods to a ship, and get it up to ludicrous speed.

    One feature I hope they'll bring back at some point was taking damage to your equipped modules when your shields were gone (one reason modules still have a hitpoints property); having a module damaged reduced it's effectiveness, and when it got "destroyed" (0 hp) it would stop working, only way to make it work again was to repair it in station or buy a new one (I think they both cost about the same at the time). Been many a time I took my poor Incursus back to the station with 2 out of 3 weapons not working, afterburner only half alive, and so on.

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