The Highest-Scoring Move in Scrabble

For a little more info, check out the longer version on my TIkTok (I can make videos over 1 minute there):

Dave Wood’s post:


  1. I think im the only one to see the 100 sided dice in the background

  2. At last word is definitely what they're gonna be doing when they hit you with that

  3. Out of all of the words of the enlgish language, ejaculating had to be in the highest scoring move

  4. I’m getting a fear of long words with this…

  5. I usually score 130 points per game imagine getting 1600 more in one move

  6. Is the highest scoring possible move (with currently accepted words) still unknown? Sounds like something current AI would already be capable of calculating.

  7. What about "woo", "ke" and "et" maybe also "em" idk if that's a word

  8. ironic that dan wood found the 1700 point move with ejaculating

  9. That E put there is worth like 1,000 points. Also it's 1,778 points, not 1,780.

  10. Heh eheheh ehehe he said ejaculating (read it in Beavis voice)😅

  11. When you lost to somebody in scrabble that won by ejaculating

  12. Why is N in ZONETIME and AWAKENERS invisible

  13. He finished the game with a wonderful climax to the tournament, the highest scoring move, and game, in recorded Scrabble history.

  14. If a Scrabble tournament had this exact thing happen I would crawl through my screen to make “ejaculating” cause I’d think it’s funny

  15. The ultimate play,Achieving ultimate victory by playing "Ejaculating"

  16. If im the loser of this game. Im going home and slitting avery vein in my body that i can find.. bc it was meant to be.

  17. did anyone else see that omni numeral dice 😂

  18. Gather up engineers, let’s make a code program that calculates this, using machine learning

  19. I got a 75 point turn once 🙂. Just a bit more practice and I’ll get there!

  20. I gotta comment on how dumb TEAF is.
    Like think about that for a second, does that mean you’re anti-feminist UNLESS it’s for trans people???
    I mean I for the intent, but when you stop to think it’s crazy

  21. imagine ejaculating in front of the crowd and won with 900 points.

  22. Ima just pull up and stick a s at then end of it all

  23. How did you get requalified on the board??? You would of already had re down so thats 2 letters, but you can only add 7 letters, so you could only make re qualifi during your turn

  24. Saving this for next family game night. Easy win

  25. Making the word ejaculation just had to be the suger on the cream

  26. Who makes big words like that in the start of a game anyways? My games go by 20 turns with nothing but 2-6 letter words XD

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