The “GMod Killer” is Back

Richter Overtime
In this video we discuss the return of JBMod, its longstanding rivalry with Garry’s Mod, and its return.
JBMod Discord:
Special thanks to @DudeTheNinja for voicing Garry
@ratlobber video:

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Music is from Super Mario World, Star Fox, Mishaps in the Reactor Core, and some of my own original tracks that aren’t very good but work OK as barely present BGM


  1. JBMod requires HL2 to run while GMod is its own game but requires TONS of mods on servers (multiplayer) JBMod is hard to mod because it runs on half-life 2

  2. holy shit cortex command music. not what i was expecting from a jbmod video.

  3. Dude Ive been playing Source mods for a LONG time and Ive never heard of JBMod. Very Cool!

  4. As a queer I miss the "don't be a queer click here" button and am literally shaking and shitting and CRYING that its gone dude

  5. Garrys mod is over they should close servers and remove it from steam

  6. They should make a nextbot with the jb mod logo 🙂

  7. JbMod can be the greatest game if it's creators aren't Scumbags.

  8. babe wake up, pepsi and cola beef just got into video games with a different name

  9. You can't kill what is already dead….

  10. i love how people take this like its a "gmod killer" when its literally a mod uploaded for archive purposes,yall fucking braindead,but what did i expect from no lifes who play gmod 24/7 like its a religion?

  11. Actually never heard of JBMod, incredible video 😉

  12. 6:40
    Nah,i support gmod and for some reasons,
    1.why the hell would i want to get Rid of a good game?
    2.there is tons of maps that cant go to waste
    3.its noice

  13. Ok but when do the Jbmod ragdolls come to life…

  14. Damn, if JBmod actually went through at the beginning, competing with Gmod, the scene would've been a lot different.

  15. I feel like JBmod could be a good nostalgia alternative, as gmod has kind of been infested with little children running from nextbots and playing on crappy RPs.

  16. JBMod Never Beats The Great Really Great Sandbox Half Life 2 Mod Gmod (Garry's Mod)

  17. The only problem that garry mod never cares to fix is the engine error and when I join in a map to miss around with npcs literally just crashes my game with a pop that says engine error and the error textures like it's need to get fix

  18. I only use gmod to kill combine and do hl2 stuff so if jbmod has cool combine stuff and ai i would probably use it

  19. I really want to see a Gmod like vr game, no some fps with mods do not count.

  20. It will never be as good or as big as gmod but I might give it a try

  21. Imagine if the jbmod team made jbmod into like a source 2 gmod, would honestly be a better spiritual successor to gmod than s&box

  22. 1:14 Hey that's me! The dumbass from that tweet!

    So uh, I will admit I had made that tweet no major prior information to the true story of JBmod, so this tweet was mainly based off of knowledge from one single Gmod Iceberg video and that's it.

    I'm glad to say I've learned from my ways and see JBmod much more favorably

  23. I’ve been seeing some people saying “L Gmod” and “JBMod is the best!!!!” Its so miserable

  24. To be honest, I'd love being a blank Gordon Freeman model that floats around the map while committing mass murde-

  25. I knew this day would come
    A call to arms must be issued

  26. idk why, but I think valve wont give anything related to source until csgo source 2 is released

  27. This is literally the solid chris chan vs liquid chris debatacle but with half life mods.

  28. Well, it's official. I'm definitely in an alternate timline.

  29. jb mod is the same as gmod but slightly worse. Change my mind.

  30. How wold a little mod be any counter than a game where more than 10 years of work were put in?
    All the things that are frustrating about GMod are the players fauld not the devs. Pay2Win servers? If players want to make servers like that they can, just dont play it if you dont like it or make a better server yourself.

  31. About two years ago, I was just browsing servers in Gmod. I picked one that sounded fun, tried to load into it…and Comcast flat out blocked it because it thought it was a malicious website or something.

  32. i recently wanted to play the hidden on gmod but theres no one playing it anymore. perhaps jbmod could bring it back?

  33. Почему он в начале каждый раз говорит слово "гривны"?

  34. Bruh I never knew people were mad at the nextbot💀 I pretty much didn't care what the community does, all I did was play in single plaher and rarely used multiplayer, I'm kinda interested in jbmod

  35. just because he made the gmod developers work on gmod more is the reason why im checking out jbmod

  36. I remember when I was a kid, I was convinced JB Mod was a huge troll and didn’t exist. Very cool. Im kinda tired of gmod. Shitty FNAF content, Nextbots etc. literally blanket the game. I would kill to go back to gmod 9 and play darkrp or something.

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