The “GMod Killer” is Back

Richter Overtime
In this video we discuss the return of JBMod, its longstanding rivalry with Garry’s Mod, and its return.
JBMod Discord:
Special thanks to @DudeTheNinja for voicing Garry
@ratlobber video:

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Music is from Super Mario World, Star Fox, Mishaps in the Reactor Core, and some of my own original tracks that aren’t very good but work OK as barely present BGM


  1. (My opinion) GMod is still way better for countless reasons.

  2. wait people actually thought the jbmod trolling was real? Even when I was a teenager back on facepunch I thought it was just a joke

  3. Imagine a fusion between jbmod and garrys mod, can't wait for jarrys bod

  4. Flood is still active i mean there's one server but it has ppl on it

  5. I remember being in the Garry's mod thread on SA and how people were wondering who would win.
    After being in the Gmod beta, it was obvious that Jmod just wasn't doing anything to match what we were seeing .

    I remember when vehicles were implemented and sitting in a "tank" fighting off rocket launchers how less of a bodge it was than whatever JMod was doing. If I remember right, that was Jmods main focus but still missed the mark.

    It was good for a laugh and I still have vids of the Gmod beta too, but they are in glossy 320p 😉

  6. I still find it cool to see my name at the end of videos

  7. i remember when jbmod was hard to setup on my pc, but now i can finally play it again

  8. Oh no… Zoomers found Gmod and created a trend and boomers are sad about it instead of being happy for them boo hoo

  9. i have an unquenchable desire for the old days of gmod now, i think tomorrow night i'll log on again, and have a game 🙂

  10. I mean its cool…but I don't own half-life 2 so…it'd be like buying Garry's mod again for me and my friends…which I find no point in doing since we just have Gmod.

  11. Gmod from 2011-2015/16 was so fucking fun. Playing zombie survival, jailbreak, surf, og dark rp and others had the same vibe and feel as the nights of playing bo2 with the boys🎃

  12. I only want jbmod to come back if its a official version from jb55

  13. jeez, why is jb's real name so scarily similar to mine

  14. am so scared of jbmod oh my god oh my god gmod is dead now

  15. in an alternate universe, we would be playing trouble with props in jbmod instead of prophunt we know and love

  16. After Garry allowed the creation of Rust, the game filled with cock sucking fucks, he deserves every bit of fear for abandoning Gmod for Rust plus for not doing Gmod 2.

  17. Garry's Mod has been, and will forever be, a large piece in not only video game history but internet history of youtube. From wacky little sfms like The Idiot Box skits, tutorials of how to make submarines, new rp servers. It was a wild and fun ride and while it's changed a lot over the years, gmod will forever hold a place in our hearts that cannot be replaced due to the good memories we've built with it. Even if a game came out and was built up to a similar height and exceeded everything before, gmod will still forever be a place we all love.

    Even if the error scripts still haunt us.

  18. I understand the nostalgia that jbmod brings to the og's of gmod, but aside from that I don't see the point in it like yes it is a competitor to gmod but it's not really a competition because gmod is owned by valve. Plus I'm sure if Garry wasn't scared by them then they would not even have as many people looking at their mod. But hey what do I know I'm sure someone will reply telling me the 500 reasons why jbmod is the best thing since Gabe Newell's birth.

  19. I wonder what made Garry so worried and scared of JBMod. I would like to know about this.

  20. I mean, with Garry working on S&box in Source 2, I kinda like the idea of JBMod taking over on the Source 1 side of things, honestly.

  21. You seem to have forgot the version that was removed off of Steam Greenlight.

  22. You have to have Half-life 2 to play it

  23. god i would love to play 2009 like dark rp again, used to be way more fun

  24. Nice video! Thank god this video and this channel appeared in my home feed!

  25. My favorite thing back on Facepunch Forums was the constant JBMod posts back in the late 2000s.

  26. i think i am going to stay true to gmod

  27. jbmod is to gmod as chilloutvr is to vrchat

  28. I think JBmod shouldn't be like gmod. I think the "old version" idea could go somewhere. Give updates, fix crashes and it would be so cool, like the old times of gmod.

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