SwiftUI Live: Building a drag and drop word game

Paul Hudson
Join me as I walk you through building a game SwiftUI game from scratch.


  1. For the benefit of newbies, how does one send money during the live stream?

  2. Paul, I can't get to see your Swift On Sundays show live given the time difference but I can alway watch later on in the morning shortly after I wake up. I would like to sling you some cash (as others doing so live on YouTube) just because all the stuff you teach for free is way more valuable to me than being free…. if that makes sense. Can I send money to you via PayPal to your email address? I have bought a bunch of your books but I'm of the old school where work of value ought to gain reward. Let me know.

  3. It is an awesome video! Where may we find the asset files?

  4. Hi Paul.
    I would like to know how to do this.
    On four letters word. Can you translate into others language. Etc
    In vietnamese or French…
    How you do this.

  5. very cool! I do think you can use anchorPreference to keep tabs of the letters’ positions. Perhaps a follow up video with some refactoring? 😉 Would love to see how it can be used.

  6. Could you share the github link for this? Thank you

  7. I wanted to do this, but I live in a different time zone and have to do it from the recorded video. But I can't find the resources, the images that you use. Paul, can you please post a link to the resources?

  8. Is this still running? Looks great!! Super useful!!

  9. Having difficulty finding assets for this wordgame

  10. great. where are the project files dear fellow?

  11. i successfully made an app that has the same concept of drag and drop using swiftui. Thanks to Paul for this tutorial.

    One question though, since my app is on iOS. How to update the geometry readings when changing orientation (portrait / landscape)? The "drop" is a not working properly when view orientation is changed in the middle of a game

  12. I think I ran into a bug doing this project. I was following along everything working at about the 45 min. point. Then all of my letter tiles only showed the "Blank" tile. I went back and forth trying to find my issue… and couldn't find the problem. THEN I loaded the finished project code from GitHub… YOUR FINISHED CODE…. and have the same issue. All of the letter tiles are blank. Very strange, don't really know what to make of this.

  13. A full game in such a ridiculously low number of code lines, deserves full respect.
    Thanks Paul

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