Super Senses (Full Episode) | Brain Games

National Geographic
We’re going to explore deep into the brain to show all the hidden senses you have working to help you navigate everyday life.

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Super Senses (Full Episode) | Brain Games

National Geographic


  1. 2 min and 1 seconds, what am i? unborn baby?

  2. please upload more full eps, I love this series

  3. Good thing our ears have evolved to sense danger. Imagine how many millions of years all of humanity was wiped out over and over by dangerous things before we finally got our acts straight.

  4. I miss this format of the series. I hate the current format. As soon as it turned "game show" I stopped watching. I liked the educational, non-competitive, fun and silly style the series had when Jason was still hosting. I wish they'd bring it back to that original format. I miss series that were styled like this. They were very stimulating and entertaining at the same time.

  5. God, I remember them days when watching this show at 10 PM when I was in middle school then discuss the episode with my friends the day after, good old days

  6. While I was fellowshipping with Jesus Christ when I was in 2nd grade is prophetic for not able to distinguish the the finger tips on the forearm. This prophetic for Jesus Christ extended his forearms out to mines as we went into intercessory prayer for America. At the end of our fellowshipping is prophetic for not able to distinguish both fingers from one touch as we concluded with the Holyspirit capturing a picture of Jesus Christ holding some light in both of his hands to be touched! 1982-2021 Terrill TC!

  7. The BMX Charles look so disappointed,lol

  8. अहं ब्रह्मास्मि । says:

    We need these kinda shows not that SOS

  9. OMG I think something’s wrong with my senses and brain …. I passed almost all the games 😂

  10. This was stupid. Wife and I easily did this over a minute and were both in our 40s

  11. Can anyone help me?🙁
    Please, tell me..
    Where I can watch this series, all episodes in Hindi?..

  12. Well I stopped when he said at 30 sec while holding the phone watching video age 50

  13. I remember 7_8 years I used to watch this show very good time

  14. Next time I see my gf, I would tell her we will use the "massager" simultaneously to trick her brain to think certain things are bigger…

  15. Looking at the comments, everyone talking about how they miss this series. Just seeing this now and Im halfway through and its just a message on going deep into Spirituality. Nikola Tesla said "if you want to study secrets of the universe, know in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration."

  16. i balnced for 22 seconds but im 13 😔

  17. I miss this show so much. Whyd they take it off Netflix

  18. Who the heck struggles to name the five basic senses? Four of them are on your head. 🤣

  19. 16:40 ofc the smaller plate cuz it has 18 fries 🙄 while the bigger only has 14 😒

  20. My gues on the first one is that he's not basing it on balance; he's just making conversation to listen to the possible age.

  21. I used to love watching this with my family

  22. Love from India ❤️❤️ I 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  23. Absolutely loved this series..drove my brain crazy with lots of games& neuroscience information!🥰🥰…

  24. i used to be obsessed with this show when i was in 5th grade

  25. I got 120 seconds and got tired of standing on one foot so i stopped. Am i a fetus then?

  26. 23:17 ngl I watch so many yoda memes I got "The sourest fruit, lemon is"

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