Super Senses (Full Episode) | Brain Games

National Geographic
We’re going to explore deep into the brain to show all the hidden senses you have working to help you navigate everyday life.

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Super Senses (Full Episode) | Brain Games

National Geographic


  1. Thank you for posting the full episode I hope you do this with all the shows you have

  2. 12:34 as soon as this lady broke out the Hitachi I was like I know this game LOL

  3. I love watching these videos, but what a load of rubbish that he forgot how to ride a normal bike in two weeks, sorry but the brain is smarter than that for just to forget something he has been doing nearly all his life. I think it’s time to stop putting untruthful science things on.


  5. I used to watch these series when i was 11. I was obsessed with None of the Above,Cosmos,Science of Stupid,90s,too

  6. am 27 i stood for 60 seconds with the video am less than 24

  7. Discovered an easy way to find seats for yourself and your friends while using transit at rush hour. While you’re riding the subway or transit bus do the experiment where you’re touching the bridge of your nose with your crossed fingers and see how long it takes for the seats around you to become empty, you’ll all have warm seats to sit down on hahaha

  8. Plss add it on Netflix again. I don't want to pay!!!!!

  9. Our brain is an awesome natural computer, bio machine! This leads me to state that Everything on this rarest planet in our solar system is what Heaven is! Thus, the “heaven” is right here right now! Everything is PURE MAGIC!

  10. According to the chart I must be 0-24 years old on the negative end of the scale, so I'm not born yet? Interesting since I did it drunk as well…

  11. where i stood on 1 foot for straight five minutes

  12. I am three years older than what it said for how long you can balance I got 68 seconds and I am 10

  13. lasted for 8 seconds, I guess I'm 50-59, even though I'm 17 lol

  14. I think I know how to bypass this (10:28) trick.

    Just hold the front fork and use that as the handlebars.

  15. lasted 7sec one that first game and i’m 22 😅 should i be concerned

  16. Thank u Americans for teaching me neuroscience

  17. It was the way he said wavey lines with the pause at the end also the cadence in which he said it… That's why most people would have picked it

  18. The wavy lines trick was amazing✨ I was going back and forward in my mind and chose the wavy line 2 second before he called it 😵 interesting

  19. what was that on the Billboard 10:15 ..??? "possible signs of alien invasion"

  20. Bmx guy like: thx for destroying my bmx 20 years skill .

  21. I got 1 second with the leg, I’ll just take that as being one years old thank you very much!

  22. My 4th grade teacher used to play this show I miss it so much 🤍

  23. He didn't even guess there age right 😂


  25. That was the most Entertaining i ever Watched.

  26. I was tryna focus on the star but my mind kept going to the squiggly lines, and now I’m questioning life

  27. 26:30 I am watching this video high smoking cannabis… I solved it right.. then he asked how much time do we think they gave us to solve it.. he said we would think it's 10 seconds but it was actually 15 seconds… and I really thought and felt like it was a full minute!
    I think this means I'm really high rn 🤣

  28. The last one with the cards, notice he said "we have the wavy lines and then the plus sign" indicating we all were thinking of the wavy lines…. TRipppy

  29. I was looking this in my language because I love Jason's voice in my language and his style but I am not finding it so I have to watch it uh but I still love the show

  30. I did the stand on one foot thing for 5 minutes before I got bored lol

  31. Fun Fact : There are actually 6 senses, do you know the 6th sense.
    Write the 6th sense in the comment👇
    Only continue if you can't answer the question.

    proprioception, allows us to keep track of where our body parts are in space

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