Super Senses (Full Episode) | Brain Games

National Geographic
We’re going to explore deep into the brain to show all the hidden senses you have working to help you navigate everyday life.

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Super Senses (Full Episode) | Brain Games

National Geographic


  1. I can do the foot trick drawing a six no problem?

  2. Dam I wish I was part of your experience…we built a car with backwards steering…then once we got it figured out we took the trucks body and spun it backwards on the now look over the bed of truck going forward..front steer wheels are now the (rear)..backwards truck with backwards steering…we now drive truck on 2 wheels..your brain can learn some great stuff

  3. so enriching to learn about I will watch again and again and again. I especially liked that part when I got to see all the feet. and also that one lady

  4. I was so upset when this series disappeared from Netflix

  5. So interesting. So fun. I live for stuff like that. Love it! 😍👏 Bring a whole new series back National Geo !

  6. So if many sounds trigger your amygdala… 8:36 part of the brain that control flight or fight response suggesting that our brains evolved to associate sounds of a certain frequency with danger or distress… soooo speaking of the dentist drill sound … does that mean that lots of dentists are numbed to the sound of a dentist drill bc they're a little sadistic and their sadistic traits came from having a terrible childhood, where they went through a stressful situations, where they had to suppress emotions which let the dentist to be numbed out to the drill sound ??? Like their amygdala doesn't respond with fear when hearing the drill??? Something along those lines… x+y=z , did I solve for the y. Am I into something here? 🤔

    Pick your dentist wisely… unless you too love the sounds of the dentist drill then like attracts like???

  7. The people in the background just looking is so funny

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  9. I remember watching hours worth of this series~ loved it!

  10. I’m 62. I stood on my right foot for Idk a minute?
    Hopped straight to the left. Did the same.
    I’m like. An Embryo old. Maybe Zygote?

  11. i watched this show so much as a kid my family got mad at me

  12. I'm 30 years old and I had 01:05 seconds so my time did not match

  13. He would never be able to figure out my age, because i have almost perfect balance.

  14. I know the secret is that in the last what is said. publically he said, one card is this… but on the wavy card, he said we have meant he was secretly sending a message to everyone's brain that this card is the one which we have to choose as well after that he said that choose deepest reaches card means he was again saying deepest secretly so the mind becomes a fool and thinks that deepest is the ocean and on those cards, wavy was connected to ocen.

  15. 1st foot/6 one was easy. 2nd bounce/cross illusion looks like crossing because they do actually overlap ( pause it n see) so therefore they couldn't have bounced.

  16. When you in bed and you have to get up to try the balance game

  17. We want this type of brian games not 2022 series its like family show almost tv channel r run it but ur different channel please don't loss hope of me

  18. They should bring this back as a Public Service and show it in all schools. Maybe then people would not be so sure that they are always right. Besides being educational and fun, it proved to me that I should not be too quick to be sure that the way I see things is the only way; made me think twice – or more! 😇

  19. Last one on mass judgment of waves.. it was due to emphasizing on it. For other signs you called it as a sign.. vs for weavy lines you said we have a wave lines.. it stuck cuz it was more clear yo our brain

  20. The watch thing is bs. It’s done with magnets

  21. I stood on one leg for over 150 seconds and I'm 46

  22. Wait what about if this is green screen and thery are actually killing people

  23. Was this channel created by a sociopath that studies animals

  24. They sold this to Disney and im kinda upse

  25. That’s so weird! Time does pass much faster when you’re doing a challenging task. I hiked up a huge mountain twice today and both times it felt like it took 20 minutes but it took like an hour or longer??

  26. I can stand on one leg for more then 1min and my age is 38 u are wrong now

  27. i used to love these LOL stay up with a big bowl a cereal talking to the tv with my socks and boxers on

  28. She just pushed him in the head, forgot how to empty your sac again?

  29. How much pollution up there? We not going up there.

  30. I know she don’t know any better what is your excuse

  31. I wasn’t given the opportunity or … I didn’t have this this …

  32. I successfully turned my foot in a clockwise direction, while drawing a six.

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