SonLife Broadcasting Network Live Stream

SonLife Broadcasting Network
SonLife Broadcasting Network is the 24 hour Christian Television network owned, operated and produced by Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. Featuring the music of Jimmy Swaggart, Joseph Larson, Brian Haney, Grace Brumley, BJ Pons, Robin Herd, Randy Knaps, Tara Montpetit, Jill Swaggart and many others, this network is sure to Bless you. As well, enjoy Gospel messages and teaching from Jimmy Swaggart, Donnie Swaggart, Gabe Swaggart, Loren Larson, Dave Smith, Paris Ragan, Dr. Don Paul Gray, John Rosenstern, Josh Rosenstern and many others focusing on The Message of the Cross.


  1. Could someone tell me why in last few Months especially when Gabriel has given message on Sunday there hasn't been alter call given?? Story telling singing songs then it's over. This Ministry wasn't started like this Jimmy Swaggart always gave an alter call for lost souls.

  2. Enjoyed watching and listening to Past Donnie preaching on "It is finished ". 1/14/2024.

  3. Jimmy Swaggart is the best. He cares because he knows that there's no way to heaven unless you accept Jesus Christ the Son of God. He goes all out Preaching and Teaching God's word so no man will Perish.

  4. If you click the name Son Life Brodcasting icon then click it again it will work !!


  5. And I'm from Oakland California originally

  6. Good thing the network is down so theses false money hungry dogs are robbing you And trying to keep you in darkness listening to there teaching on the Mark if the beast they have no idea what they affirm their understanding is darkness and false

  7. Look up pastor Arnold Murray from shepards chapel

  8. What can't I see SBN? ❤✝️🙏💖

  9. Pray for the stream to be available soon in Jesus name

  10. I'm sure it will be back technical issues. Bless You. Have a great weekend!🤗♥️

  11. I’ll send a message and see if I can get some information

  12. Praying it will back on soon!! God Bless!!

  13. How am i supposed to watch The Message of the Cross now? 🙁

  14. Still is on cable TV wear I'm at. You also might get SBN on the radio depending where y'all are. (Posted 6:40am US cst)

  15. IN THE ALMIGHTY NAME OF JESUS I pray the channel stream back the hospital admit and need this desperately😢

  16. I hope somebody contacts SBN to tell them YouTube dropped their live connection.

  17. 🙁 glad to have replay videos of singing and services. 😊

  18. Its on Dish,thank you Jesus. Hopefully it will be back on everywhere eles soon.

  19. Yes..! We need our preachin' and teachin' through SBN..!

  20. Praying SBN will be back soon. I miss watching the programs the good preaching and teaching. All the annointed singers and musicians. God Bless SBN. So missed 😢

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