Song Association Game!

Song Association Words
I hope y’all enjoy(ed) today’s video! In this video, there are 25 words and example songs after each word! #songassociation #songassociationwords

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  1. forever young – blackpink (kpop)
    deep – hyo
    perfect – ed sheeran
    want – taemin (kpop)
    talk dirty – jason derulo ft 2chainz
    no tears left to cry – ariana grande
    can't control myself – taeyeon (kpop)
    hold me closer – cornelia jakobs (eurovision 2022, sweden's song)
    never ever – got7 (kpop)
    stay tonight – chungha (kpop)
    crazy in love – beyonce ft jayz
    without – failed this one
    I need u – clc (kpop)
    wait a minute – willow
    next – failed this as well
    be my baby – wonder girls (kpop)
    what do you mean – justin bieber
    fire – bts
    someone like you – adele
    look – red velvet (kpop)
    see you again – wiz khalifa and charlie puth "it's been a long time without you my friend"
    cry for me – twice (kpop)
    mine – bazzi
    promise – failed this as well

  2. 1) Forever: Drivers License (Olivia Rodrigo)
    2) Deep: Rolling In The Deep (Adele)
    3) Perfect: Perfect (P!nk)
    4) Want: The Heart Wants What It Wants (Selena Gomez)
    5) Talk: Sorry Not Sorry (Demi Lovato)
    6) Tears: Save Your Tears (The Weeknd & Ariana Grande)
    7) Control: Me Against The Music (Britney Spears & Madonna)
    8) Hold: Keep Holding On (Avril Lavigne)
    9) Ever: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Taylor Swift)
    10) Tonight: We R Who We R (Kesha)
    11) Crazy: Crazy In Love (Beyoncé & Jay-Z)
    12) Without: Without Me (Halsey)
    13) Need: Praying (Kesha)
    14) Wait: Love Me Like You Do (Ellie Goulding)
    15) Next: Thank U, Next (Ariana Grande)
    16) My: Lover (Taylor Swift)
    17) Mean: Mean (Taylor Swift)
    18) Fire: Set Fire To The Rain (Adele)
    19) Someone: Someone Like You (Adele)
    20) Look: Look At Her Now (Selena Gomez)
    21) Long: See You Again (Charlie Puth & Wiz Khalifa)
    22) Cry: Love Story (Taylor Swift)
    23) Mine: Look What You Made Me Do (Taylor Swift)
    24) Promise: Idontwannabeyouanymore (Billie Eilish)

    I guessed all of them for the first time!!! Finally!! 😆😘

  3. 1. Forever and Always by Taylor Swift
    2. Rolling in the Deep by Adele
    3. Perfect by Ed Sheeran
    4. I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys
    5. Talk by Khalid
    6. Teardrops on my Guitar by Taylor Swift
    7. Too Precious by Em Beihold
    8. Didn't get it
    9. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift
    10. Enchanted by Taylor Swift
    11. Mad Woman by Taylor Swift
    12. Without You by Harry Nilsson
    13. Need To Know by Doja Cat
    14. Wait For It from Hamilton
    15. Didn't get it
    16. Happier Than Ever by Billie Eilish
    17. Mean by Taylor Swift
    18. Set Fire to the Rain by Adele
    19. Someone Like You by Adele
    20. Reflection from Mulan
    21. Long Live by Taylor Swift
    22. Cry Your Heart Out by Adele
    23. Mine by Taylor Swift
    24. Long Live by Taylor Swift

  4. 15!!! The most I've ever gotten!!!!🎉🎉🎉

  5. My answers woo

    1. Take my hand – 5sos
    2. Rolling in the deep – Adele
    3. Perfect – One Direction
    4. Want you back – 5sos, All I want – Olivia Rodrigo
    5. Talk Fast – 5sos
    6. Save your tears – The Weekend ft. Ariana Grande (I like this version more)
    7. No Control – One Direction proceeds to do the karaoke dance
    8. Hold On – I forgot the name 🙁
    9. Best Song Ever – One Direction
    10. Tonight We are young – idk I'm sorry, Night Changes – One Direction
    11. Blame me – Taylor Swift
    12. Without Me – Halset
    13. Amnesia – 5sos
    14. Hold Me while you wait – Lewis Capaldi
    15. Thank you, next – Ariana Grande
    16. My Universe – Bts, Coldplay
    17. X 🙁
    18. Fire – Bts, Gir On fire – Alicia Keys
    19. Someone you loved – Lewis Capaldi
    20. Look what you made me do – Taylor Swift
    21. X D:
    22. Cry for me – Twice
    23. Lover of mine – 5sos
    24. Promises – Shawn Mendes

    Thank you for having me Elle! (lmao)

  6. Forever: 0
    Deep: How Deep is Your Love by Calvin Harris and Disciples
    Perfect: Perfect by Ed Sheeran/ Little Miss Perfect by Taylor Louderman
    Want: I Want it Now from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
    Talk: Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo
    Tears: No Tears Left to Cry by Ariana Grande
    Control: 0
    Hold: I Wanna Hold Your Hand by The Beatles
    Ever: 0
    Tonight: Tonight from West Side Story/ Tonight Belongs To Us from The Prom
    Crazy: Crazy by Patsy Cline/ Let's Go Crazy by Prince
    Without: Without Me by Halsey/ With or Without you by U2
    Need: 0
    Wait: Just You Wait from My Fair Lady
    Next: Thank u Next by Ariana Grande
    My: My Girl by The Temptations
    Mean: Mean by Taylor Swift
    Fire: Just Like Fire by P!nk
    Someone: Someone Like You by Adele
    Look: 0
    Long: 0
    Cry: Cry Me a River by Michael Buble
    Mine: Mine Mine Mine from Pocahontas
    Promise: Promise from Central Park

  7. -Forever: FOREVER BY EXO
    -Deep: How deep is ur love
    -Want: I want U by tayla perx
    -Talk: Talk To Me BY REDVELVET
    -Tears: NTLTC BY ARI
    -Control: Can’t Control Myself BY TAEYEON
    -Hold: All Too Well By Taylor Swift
    -Ever: 1D BSE
    -Tonight: Tonight By Taeyang
    -Crazy: Going Crazy BY EXO
    -Without: Without Me BY HALSEY
    -Need: needed me by RIHANNA
    -Wait: WAIT BY EXO
    -Next: TUN BY ARI
    -My: Monster BY EXO
    -Mean: Mean BY TAYLOR SWIFT
    -Fire: Set Fire to the rain by ADELE
    -Look: TS Look what u made me do
    -Long: 7th sense by NCT
    -Cry: Baby Dont Cry BY EXO
    -Mine: Favorite Crime By Olivia
    -Promise: Promise By EXO

  8. last played this over a year ago. same score of 20/25. less taylor swift this time.

    forever & always – taylor swift
    rockland – gracie abrams
    perfect – ed sheeran
    i want it that way – backstreet boys
    i have no idea what song it was but all i know is that it went we don't talk anymore or had lyrics similar to that
    new romantics – taylor swift
    space oddity – david bowie

    tik tok – ke$ha
    crazy in love – beyonce
    me without you – ashe

    thank u, next – ariana grande
    death by a thousand cuts – taylor swift
    mean – taylor swift
    state of grace – taylor swift
    someone like you – adele
    look what you made me do – taylor swift
    style – taylor swift

    mine – taylor swift
    all too well – taylor swift

  9. How about Olivia Rodrigo in the word perfect

  10. And what about the word and talk stop don’t talk to me loser Laima wanna be like oh

  11. Word: my


  12. “Forever”

  13. 1. Forever (Mariah Carey)
    2. Rolling In The Deep (Adele)
    3. Perfect (Ed Sheeran)
    4. Want To Want Me (Jason Derulo)
    5. Small Talk (Katy Perry)
    6. No Time For Tears (Nathan Dawe, Little Mix)
    7. Touch (Little Mix; "Just a touch of your love is enough to take control of my whole body")
    8. Hold My Hand (Lady Gaga)
    9. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Taylor Swift)
    10. Fun Tonight (Lady Gaga)
    11. Crazy In Love (Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z)
    12. Without You (Mariah Carey)
    13. Off The Table (Ariana Grande, The Weeknd; "I need you to calm me down, babe")
    14. I Will Wait (Mumford & Sons)
    15. Thank u, next (Ariana Grande)
    16. My All (Mariah Carey)
    17. Mean (Taylor Swift)
    18. Girl On Fire (Alicia Keys)
    19. Someone Like You (Adele)
    20. Just Look Up (Ariana Grande feat. Kid Cudi)
    21. —
    22. No Tears Left To Cry (Ariana Grande)
    23. Mine (Taylor Swift)
    24. No Promises (Cheat Codes feat. Demi Lovato)

    So I got 23/24.

  14. forever – blank space – Taylor Swift

    deep – Rolling in the Deep – Adele

    perfect – Perfect – Ed Sheeran

    want – fast car – Jonas Blue, Dakota

    talk -We Don't Talk Anymore – Charlie Puth

    tears – Save your tears – Weeknd

    control – Control – Halsey

    hold – Robot boy – Linkin Park

    ever – Best song ever – 1D

    tonight – Hey soul sister – Train

    crazy – All of me – John Legend

    without – Lost without you – Freya Ridings
    need – Me and my broken heart – Rixton
    wait – I'll wait – Kygo, Sasha Sloan
    next – next – Weeknd

    my – My oh my – Camila Cabello
    mean – Mean – Taylor Swift

    fire – Girl on Fire – Alicia Keys

    someone – someone you loved – Lewis Capaldi
    look – How you like that – BLACKPINK

    long – See you again – Charlie Puth
    cry – no tears left to cry – Ariana Grande
    mine – Call you mine – Chainsmokers Bebe Rexha

    promise – wish i loved you in the 90s – Tate McRae

  15. My answers–as always, "First One That Popped Into My Head" Edition (Well, a few of these I had to look up the artist name on to make sure I had it right, or realised my first song didn't QUITE have that word in it so I had to think of another one. :P)

    Forever: "Together Forever"–Rick Astley. (Yes, I just rickrolled you all. Kinda. That was his OTHER #1 hit off the same album!)
    Deep: "Rolling in the Deep"–Adele (yay I actually picked one of the examples)
    Perfect: "Perfect Way"–Scritti Politti
    Want: "I Want You"–Savage Garden
    Talk: "Talk Talk" by…Talk Talk. Is this the first time a word has shown up four times in an answer? 🙂
    Tears: "Tears on My Pillow"–Little Anthony and the Imperials
    Control: "Control"–Janet Jackson
    Hold: "Hold Me"–Fleetwood Mac
    Ever: "Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?"–Lovin' Spoonful (I feel SO DUMB for not thinking of "Best Song Ever" because I literally had that song in my head earlier today . :P)
    Tonight: "Don't Stop Me Now"–Queen (the first word of the song is literally "tonight")
    Crazy: "Crazy for You"–Madonna
    Without: "With or Without You"–U2
    Need: "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad"–Meatloaf ("I want you, I need you, but there ain't no way I'm ever gonna love you")
    Wait: "Wait"–White Lion
    Next: "Next Door to An Angel"–Neil Sedaka (I did think of the Ariana Grande song, but the other one snuck into my head JUST before)
    My: "Once Bitten, Twice Shy"–Great White ("My, my, my/I'm once bitten twice shy, babe")
    Mean: "Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean"–Ruth Brown (I did think of the Justin Bieber song, but I wanted "mean" as in "a mean person" for some reason.)
    Fire: "Fire"–Bruce Springsteen (or the Pointer Sisters, I like both versions)
    Someone: Oh, I know! (starts singing) Wait, that's someBODY. Maybe this one? (starts singing again) That's ALSO somebody! How 'bout…no, that's also somebody…Okay FINE, "Someone Like You"–Adele. I still wish I'd been able to think of the one I thought I was thinking of. 😛
    Look: "The Look"–Roxette
    Long: "It's Been a Long, Long Time"–a lot of people, but I think the version I know best is sung by Kitty Kallen. (That version was also used in the "Captain America" movies, so you might've heard it there.)
    Cry: "Cry"–Johnny Ray
    Mine: "I Put a Spell On You"–Screamin' Jay Hawkins ("Because you're mine!")
    Promise: "The Promise"–When in Rome

  16. forever- forever young
    deep- rolling down in the deep
    perfect- perfect just the way you are
    talk- talk the walk just walf the walk
    hold- it's too cold, so let me hold your hand
    crazy- crazy in love
    without- I'm wreck without you
    need- I need you here with me
    next- thank you,next
    my- my oh my
    fire- fire by bts
    someone- used to be someone you lover
    look- look at me now
    long- it Been a long long
    cry- princess doesn't cry

  17. no one:
    me at 'talk' : *inhales* TALK LESS, SMIIILEEE MOOOREEE

  18. Nobody:
    Me: (see’s the word “next”)
    My stupid Larry mind: “Roses are red, violets are blue”
    “Where do I want to sit”
    “Next to u”

    What???????? That’s not even a song what am I doing?!?!?!!!!!

  19. Not me acting like I’m recording a video while doing this 😅😅

  20. I totally didn’t use Ed Sheeran perfect 3 times

  21. 1. Forever – driver's license, Olivia Rodrigo + We're Never Ever Getting Back Together, Taylor Swift

  22. these are mine 😭 i failed i fear

    forever: knew better/forever boy by ariana
    deep: rolling in the deep adele
    perfect: head empty
    want: head empty
    talk: oh im rly this bad….
    tears: no tears left to cry ariana
    control: controlla drake it counts because
    hold: hold on were going home drake
    ever: crickets
    tonight: why did i forget every song ever
    crazy: crazy in love bey
    without: on my own ross lynch LOOOOOL
    need: needy by ariana
    wait: guys its not looking hot for me 😭
    next: next the weeknd
    my: my everything ariana
    mean nope 😕
    fire: burning up (fire) bts the FIREEE HOT HOT i just let out…..
    someone: someone like you adele a classic
    look: my brain is cookinggg rn
    long: well
    cry: no tears left to cry ari
    mine: ive scratched the last thought out of my brain atp
    promise: promise romeo santos and user PROMETEME MAMI 😭😭😭

    14/25 not bad

  23. word: perfect

  24. 1) Forever and Always – Taylor Swift
    2) How Deep is Your Love – Calvin Harris
    3) Perfect – One Direction
    4) Call It What You Want – Taylor Swift
    5) Cake By The Ocean – DNCE
    6) Save Your Tears – The Weeknd
    7) No Control – One Direction
    8) Champagne Problems – Taylor Swift
    9) We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift
    10) Give me Everything – Pitbull
    11) Picture to Burn – Taylor Swift
    12) With or Without You – U2
    13) One Thing – One Direction
    14) Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars
    15) Thank You Next – Ariana Grande
    16) Lover – Taylor Swift
    17) Mean – Taylor Swift
    18) I Want It That away – Backstreet Boys
    19) All Star – Smash Mouth
    20) Look What You Made Me Do – Taylor Swift
    21) Long Live – Taylor Swift
    22) Cry me a River – Justin Timberlake
    23) August – Taylor Swift
    24) ME! – Taylor Swift

  25. Ok Ik it's VERY late but like I just found this video…
    Am I the only one that started singing "forever young" by blackpink when the word "forever" came by!? 🤥🤣💗

  26. Forever: I Don’t Wanna Live Forever – Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik
    Deep: Rolling in time Deep – Adele
    Perfect: Perfect – One Direction
    Want: I Want – One Direction
    Talk: Talk – Khalid
    Tears: Save You Tonight – One Direction
    Control: No Control – One Direction (Including the Carpool Karaoke dance)
    Hold: Just Hold On – Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki
    Ever: Bet On It – High School Musical
    Tonight: Save You Tonight – One Direction
    Crazy: Better Than Words – One Direction
    Without: On My Own – Ross Lynch
    Need: All You Need Is Love – The Beatles
    Wait: Wait For It – Hamilton
    Next- Thank U Next – Ariana Grande
    My: Stole My Heart- One Direction
    Mean: World Burn – Mean Girls
    Fire: Adore You – Harry Styles
    Someone: Someone You Loved – Lewis Capaldi
    Look: Schuyler Sisters – Hamilton
    Long: Long Way Down – One Direction
    Cry: Cry Me a River – Justin Timberlake
    Mine: She Used To Be Mine – Waitress
    Promise: Two Of Us – Louis Tomlinson

  27. 1. Forevermore by Picture Me Broken
    2. Rolling in the deep by Adele
    3. Perfect by Ed Sheeran
    4. I want it all by Queen
    5. Take you home by Cassadee Pope (been TALKing your ears off)
    6. Wasting all these tears by Cassadee Pope
    7. Lose control by Evanescence
    8. My last breath by Evanescence (HOLD onto me, love)
    9. We are never ever getting back together by Taylor Swift
    10. Don't stop me now by Queen (TONIGHT, gonna have myself a real good night)
    11. Crazy on you by Heart
    12. With or without you by U2
    13. Dirty work by Halestorm (I NEED someone young, willing and able)
    14. The Other Side by Evanescence (I will always be WAITing until the day that I see you on the other side)
    15. The rooster's crow by Blackbriar (I'll be here, NEXT year)
    16. Ghost love score by Nightwish (MY fall will be for you)
    17. Forgive me by Evanescence (I didn't MEAN to hurt you)
    18. I am the fire by Halestorm
    19. Dirty work by Halestorm (I need SOMEONE young, willing and able)
    20. Taking over me by Evanescence (I LOOK in the mirror and see your face)
    21. Do not disturb by Halestorm (All on my own for so LONG)
    22. Cry by Cassadee Pope
    23. Gonna get mine by Halestorm
    24. The Reckoning by Halestorm (cross my heart, broke your PROMISE, told me lies)

  28. Forever – Blank Space by Taylor Swift (so it's gonna be forever! Or it's gonna go in flames)
    Deep – Fight Song – by Rachel Platton (I'm in too deep, say I'm in too deep)
    Perfect – Perfect by One Direction
    Want – None
    Talk – Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo
    Tears – No Tears Left Cry by Ariana Grande
    Control – Self Control by DallasK
    Hold – Unsteady by X Ambassadors (Hold on, hold on, hold on to me)
    Ever – Payphone by Maroon 5 (if Happy Ever After did exist)
    Tonight – We Are Young by Fun (tonight we are young)
    Crazy – R U Crazy by Connor Maynard
    Without – Sad Song by We The Kings (without you i feel broke like i'm half of a whole)
    Need – None
    Wait – None
    Next – thank you, next by Ariana Grande
    My – Me, Myself, & I by Bebe Rexha
    Mean – Mean! by Madeline the Person
    Fire – Just Like Fire by Pink
    Someone – Mean! by Madeline the Person (someone who loves how it sound when the speak you're not telling the truth no you're just being mean)
    Look – Bad Liar by Imagine Dragons (look me in the eyes tell me what you see)
    Long – None
    Cry – Don't Say by Robinson (I didn't call you just to cry but now i can't stop)
    Mine – Make You Mine by Public
    Promise – idontwannabeyouanymore by Billie Eilish (if i love you was a promise)

  29. I swear, seeing a faouzia song on here made my day! I have never met ANYONE who knows who she is! Thank you!

  30. 9:00 the song sia wrote is big girls cry. fergie wrote big girls DON'T cry

  31. These are the songs that first popped into my head
    the spaces marked with the hyphen or dash or whatever are the ones where I couldn't think of a song in time

    Selena Gomez – Forget Forever
    Sum 41 – In Too Deep
    Selena Gomez – Perfect
    Lauren Christy – I Want What I Want
    Guy Clark – Shut Up & Talk to Me
    Kesha – Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
    TAEYEON – Can't Control Myself
    Avril Lavigne – Keep Holding On

    Hot Chelle Rae – Tonight Tonight
    Britney Spears – You Drive Me (Crazy)
    Demi Lovato – Without the Love

    Miranda Cosgrove – What Are You Waiting For?
    Ariana Grande – thank u, next
    Avril Lavigne – My Happy Ending
    Taylor Swift – Mean
    TAEYEON – Fire
    Aly Michalka – Someone To Fall Back On
    Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do
    Carly Rae Jepsen – Let's Get Lost
    Rihanna – Cry
    Taylor Swift – Mine
    Demi Lovato & Cheat Codes – No Promises

  32. i got all of them, but everyone i did i one direction song

  33. Forever-Chris Brown
    Rolling in the deep-Adele
    I want it that way-Backstreet Boys
    Everybody Talks-Neon Animals
    Tears In Heaven-Eric Clapton
    Lose Control-Missy Elliot
    Hold On-Jonas Brothers
    An Everlasting Love-Andy Gibb
    Can you feel the love tonight-Elton John
    Crazy-Gnarls Barkley
    Without Me-Halsey
    Need You Now-Lady A
    Wait for you-Elliot Yamin
    Thank you, next-Ariana Grande
    My name is-Eminem
    Mean-Taylor Swift
    Light My Fire-The Doors
    Someone like you-Adele
    Look Sharp- Joe Jackson
    how long-Ace
    Cry me a river- Justin Timberlake
    Mine-Taylor Swift
    This I promise you- *NSYNC

  34. word: Forever


  35. how deep is your love
    perfect ed Sheeran
    I have any you to want me
    we don't talk anymore Charlie Puth
    no tears left to cry Ariana grande
    control Halsey

    have you ever brandy I think

    crazy in love Beyonce

    thank you next Ariana grande
    my oh my Camilla cabello
    what do you mean Justin Bieber
    girl on fire Alicia keys
    someone to you idk the singer
    look at me now Chris brown

  36. 1. Gold forever – The Wanted
    2. Rolling in the deep – Adele
    3. Perfect – One Direction
    4. Want to want me – Jason Derulo
    5. Talk dirty – Jason Derulo (Feat. 2 Chainz)
    6. No time for tears – Nathan Dawe & Little Mix
    7. No control – One Direction
    8. Hold on – Don Broco
    9. Best song ever – One Direction
    10. Tonight – Kesha
    11. Crazy kids – Kesha
    12. Without me – Eminem
    13. I need you – N- Dubz
    14. Wait – Maroon 5
    15. Thank u, next – Ariana Grande
    16. Shout out to my ex – Little Mix
    17. What do you mean? – Justin Bieber
    18. Fire – Don Broco
    19. Someone like you – Adele
    20. How I look on you – Ariana Grande
    21. Way too long – Nathan Dawe x Anne-Marie & MoStack
    22. No tears left to cry – Ariana Grande
    23. Mine – Slayyyter
    24. Promise this – Cheryl

  37. is it songs with the word in the title or in the song

  38. Forever: Lover – Taylor Swift
    Deep: How Deep Is Your Love – Calvin Harris, Disciples
    Perfect: Perfect – One Direction
    Want: I Want – One Direction
    Talk: Talk Dirty To Me – Jason Derulo
    Tears: no tears left to cry – Ariana Grande
    Control: No Control – One Direction
    Hold: Hold On – Wilson Phillips
    Ever: Best Song Ever – One Direction
    Tonight: Don't Stop Me Now – Queen
    Crazy: Crazy – Aerosmith
    Without: Without Me – Halsey
    Need: Something I Need – OneRepublic
    Wait: Waiting – Jake Bugg, Noah Cyrus
    Next: thank u, next – Ariana Grande
    My: Goodbye My Lover – James Blunt
    Mean: Mean – Taylor Swift
    Fire: Set Fire To The Rain – Adele
    Someone: Someone Like You – Adele
    Look: Party In The USA – Miley Cyrus
    Long: Otherside – Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Cry: Cry To Me – Solomon Burke
    Mine: Mine – Taylor Swift
    Promise: Someday – The Strokes

  39. Me on crazy:
    🎶cUz I gO sTiR cRaZy WhEn iM nOt WiTh YoU bAbY🥵🎶

  40. Me on crazy:
    🎶cUz I gO sTiR cRaZy WhEn iM nOt WiTh YoU bAbY🥵🎶

  41. Today’s video is the longest video I’ve uploaded so far! Do you prefer shorter videos or longer videos? Examples or no examples? Same rules or different rules? Please let me know❤️

    Edit: We’re almost at 1,000 subscribers!!!

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