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  1. i better have the requirements because my laptop is so old

  2. oh wow i missed the free kit why in the world did the not made that free kit longer free?! like for a whole year or something. origin can check when you bought the basegame lol. -.-''
    (i had the sims 4 premium edition from day 1)

  3. If your on windows 7 or 8 you probably need a new pc. 7 isn't even supported anymore

  4. I DIDNT KNOW THE DESERT KIT WAS LIMITED I DIDNT GET IT 🥲 I was waiting until people stopped saying that the game was glitchy but omfg my mistake…

  5. Thank god a got a new computer because my old one wouldn’t update past windows 8 but I got a new one in June and it’s in windows 11

  6. not a huge deal to anyone actualy playing up till now but yheah

  7. commenting after watching the livestream. Theory – They only did the summit to show Project rene because of some copyright issue with paralives. Copyright laws have alot to do with who did it first. I am willing to place my bets that all this hoopla is not about the fans but about copyright! the company can lose millions if paralives issue them with copyright infringement. this is EA going on the defensive to say. No we didn't just copy paralives!

  8. I play on ps4, today I was saving and had another pop up they were updating the graphics. That's 2 of these now.

  9. I’ve literally been trying to open the game for the first time for hours I’m so glad I didn’t pay for this it’s just crashing over and over

  10. I wanted sims ONLINE let me go to my friends house, connect with people ONLINE GAMEPLAY!!!!!!!

  11. Considering Windows 10 was free for the first two years after it was released, Windows 7 reached end of life long ago, and Windows 8 is a user-hostile experience that everyone who used it was glad to be rid of once Windows 10 was released, there’s no reason for anyone to still be using it today

  12. Me and my sisters are simmers now that we r all adults we can buy expansion and share I hope they don't ever get rid of that idk what is do I only have island living and 2 packs if it weren't for all my sister had before I played. I've always been a simmer I'm the oldest that's how she became one lol 🤣

  13. I so wish they unlock the cc for us console users. I know very very slim chance but can alway wish

  14. Lol it’s been free to play if you had gamepass which included EA Play. I got the base game for free on Pc years before I moved to PC due to me paying full price for it on console. I’m glad we have new people but for my console people ONLY BUY PACKS ON SALE!!! You don’t have mod support so keep that in mind. On PC with base game I was good starting out due to mods. If you have both console & PC CHOOSE WISELY. I brought all packs on console & had to rebuy them because EA didn’t connect our console account with our origin account.

  15. im not beeing able to intall for mac

  16. Can someone send me the link to get sims 4 please?

  17. bullshit i paid for this game
    how dare they give this for free

  18. Windows 7 is having support dropped by Microsoft anyway. It was only a matter of time, as even a potato PC can run windows 10.

  19. Ok now I’m gonna go and download it on my laptop and download both the game and a ass ton of cc😂

  20. Maybe we will be able to restore purchases from a different device to a new device soon. Because I will not be spending another 300 bucks to buy the packs I bought on my xbox for my computer. 🤷‍♀️ just me?

  21. am on a chromebook so i cant play☹☹😭😭🙁

  22. i help out at my local freegeek. we have PCs at those new specs for days. they go for like $100-$150.

  23. Now make sims 3 for free all packs and online Contant

  24. Wait so if you don't have windows 10 you can't get the game anymore…

  25. I just thought of it, and I'm sure I'm not the first to do so, but I'm certain they knew it was going to go free when they started developing kits, and they were testing kits on simmers before it went free

  26. The removal of windows 8.1 is becuase Windows 8.1 will end on January 10, 2023 for support. Windows 8 ended January 12, 2016. If Microsoft no longer suppports then game developers have no risk to support it either as with doing so coudl result in issues and cause a lack of profit if "crap" when belly flop up. Hope this helps.

    Edit: End as in end of support this doesnt mean people cant still use it it just mean sThey wont haev support for updates, patches, or tech support

  27. I have a Acer Chromebook and I can't download it. I'm SO MAD!

  28. EA should pay me to try their hideous broken games

  29. With all of the updates, my niece’ computer can no longer run it. So I guess changing requirements is so people can actually play it.

  30. I do not know anything about space and like requirements and whatever, will it still work on Xbox?

  31. Microsoft doesn't even support Windows 7 anymore. So much software no longer supports Windows 7. There are no more updates or security patches for Windows 7. It's generally considered unsafe to use on the internet because it hasn't been patched in a couple years. New security exploits in Windows 7 aren't even being patched. Heck, most major antivirus software doesn't even work on Windows 7 anymore. It makes sense for the Sims to follow suit and stop supporting Windows 7. Yes, some people still have Windows 7. But those systems are being abandoned by the entire world, not just Maxis.

  32. What about those who already own the game? Will we have access to a free dlc?

  33. It may be smart but when u get insulted lied to and laughed at by e.a for playing sims 4 is it really worth it yes I have video and sent Lyndsay Pearson a message about this….

  34. Welp. I was excited until I realized my Mac didn’t qualify.

  35. how to get the sims 4? where do i download it

  36. now just make all the sims b4 ts4 free as well pls ea🧎‍♀️

  37. "Free" games can be some of the most expensive games to play. Beware…

  38. Wait does that mean I have to get a new computer for the new system requirements I mean I already have the game

  39. Why do I feel like the newest version of Sims comes out when NEW Windows comes out 🙈

  40. They basicaly made it free for more milkage but im not complaining,Im downloading the free version as we speak.

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