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  1. They basicaly made it free for more milkage but im not complaining,Im downloading the free version as we speak.

  2. Are you guys having problem on your sims insulting each other with no reason? My couple sims are so in love with each other their love and relationship meter is full not until this new update. They insult each other when they talk now my couple sims are enemies.

  3. Unfortunately my computer is old enough that it doesn't meet the requirements to be able to have Windows 11 so it just has Windows 10

  4. Cant wait for 2023 going to be a good year for simmers

  5. this bitch better not put me in legacy edition

  6. hey… this annoucment was so great. one thing i should know is can we claim the sims 4 for free on steam without downloading it?

  7. The fact that I payed 40 dollars for it πŸ’€

  8. Fuck EA I paid 30 bucks for the game only to have them give it out free!?

  9. Guys I just downloaded it and I have no seasons

  10. It makes sense that they would rewrite the minimum requirements because when they first wrote those The Sims 4 was very lacking in a lot of things. 8 years later and they've added so much to the base game that I think it has to be updated. The question you posed is will a Windows 7 computer still be able to play The Sims 4? The truth is that they are discontinuing the old systems. They are not going to be around forever. Compatibility for those systems has to be rewritten as no longer available.

  11. I just installed the game Sim4 earlier so new to the game i dont know how to play

  12. I'm playing the Sims on my old computer and it's a windows 8 and it works

  13. There adding for you can buy money probily

  14. I’m so happy😭 bro now my friends can know how good the game iss 😍

  15. I literally just bought it a few days before it became free 😭


  17. honestly I think the og players understand how much this game really requires to run, by upping system requirements they are setting expectations for those that aren't die hard fans in a place that's more reasonable for the game to actually run smoothly. that way if someone downloads it with lesser specs they aren't expecting everything to go smoothly. that's my thoughts anyways. we don't want a bunch of new players complaining how unplayable it is once they start downloading packs.

  18. I just want to know where are the packs and expansions I bought on origin. They are gone along with my history of buying them and now I have to start all over

  19. It keeps crashing on xbox one now. I do have alot of dlc though.

  20. Wait! Are you telling me it won't work for Windows 7 anymore?

  21. Base game does not work on my Mac, I can only get legacy, and I bought the werewolves and university pack and they don’t even work πŸ™ what do I do?

  22. Lol base game shoulda been free from the start with how dry it is

  23. If you play for free, hold on before you buy DLC you're uncertain about. Mods are becoming streamlined soon, very soon.

  24. 𝐊 𝐄 𝐍 𝐘 𝐀 𝐕𝐔 says:

    But i don't have PC help me please 😭😭

  25. of course they updated the requirements
    before, when ppl paid they would put more effort into making the game more accessable
    from now on, they will make it more simple for them, cuz its free so ppl will just try to download and run it
    if they dont have to spend nothing, there is no real problem there (before if the person had the requirements but somehow the game didnt work, it would be a problem to EA to solve, now its not)

  26. I bough the sims a couple of days before it was free…

    Is there anyway I could get a refund?
    I’m going to die πŸ₯²

  27. i cant play my sims 4 coz it says it needed a gpu but i dont have gpu :<<

  28. Will the players that bought the game before it was free get there money back onto there steam wallet?

  29. Heavenly Gifted Art Studio And Sims 4 Game says:

    I use windows 11 now, but paid the base game when it first came out it was the most expensive base game then, (Premium Box Set)

  30. I hate when people call a game that costs $60 becoming free, β€œa smart marketing strategy”. Its not smart, it should actually be illegal. I want my money back.

  31. All this bcz , plateforme Origin will be retained from version EA Origin. EA change this , another once Time. XD

  32. So ' like this. At this rate, they can do give us the version of sims2, and sims3 free. Since there are more old . but still better gameplay πŸ˜‰ And interactions and open world

  33. Makes me wish I had a new laptop. I ended up getting it for the PS4 for $22 (bundled with the cats and dogs expansion)

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