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Looking for a fun sight word game for students to play?! Both these variations of sight word freeze dance have students up, out of their seats and learning while having fun! Just watch the video to see how to play 🙂

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  1. Fun! Fun! Fun! 😎😁❤️Thank you for sharing! ❤️😁

  2. Wow! Thank you so much. I’ll try this game with my students today.))) I believe they’ll love it 😍

  3. I love this! I am going to try playing it tomorrow with my 2 kids and am planning on giving each of them 3 cards with 1 sight word on it for the second variation you described since I have just 2of them and not the whole class of kids. Thank you for sharing this game! I am so glad I found You and your channel! ❤️

  4. We are in full force winter clothes "mess" for the season up here in Maine, too. I love the sight words freeze dance idea. I will "join them" this week and next. I will use it as our "SPARK" activity since bundling up for a quick outside exercise break isn't so quick anymore. Thanks for the idea, Susan. Love your enthusiasm for young learners education.

  5. Good morning. Thanks for another set of great ideas.

  6. Thanks again! I will use this as a movement break. Like the idea of having the words on the cards that they hold up. I will try this also with letters and show them a picture (i.e sun begins with S so anyone with the letter "s" would hold up the letter and say the sound).

  7. Thank you for the two great sight word game ideas.

  8. Going to do this with teen numbers, too! I look forward to your Sunday spotlight

  9. I am a homeschool teacher, and I'll be using this for reviewing our sight words. Merry Christmas!

  10. This would be great for math subitizing cards as well!

  11. I do a version of freeze dance + musical chairs games. I put a High Frequency Word card on everyone's desk face down. Then I have the kids make a circle around the desks. I pay music, they dance in a circle, when the music stops, they move to a seat. If they run, they sit out.
    Then everyone reads their words, puts them back face down, and circle the desks again. Each time we play they are not allowed to go back to the same seat. We play 4 or 5 times, then move on.
    In the beginning of the year OR if you don't have enough time, you can make 3 or 4 copies of each word ( which I have done with our list of 6 to 8 words weekly). This moves the game along quicker. The kids love this game and it's a nice movement activity, as well. Enjoy!

  12. We played this last week with the question words who, what, when, where, why, and which and they had a blast! Great idea for whole class. For small group, "Splash" is my favorite!

  13. Hey, great idea! Question, when you say you write the words on the index cards, do you write 1 word per child or all the words? Thank!

  14. I appreciate these posts so much!!! Thank you Susan!!

  15. Another version would be to have students get an index card and place it face down on their students desk/table spot. Play the music, T says the word, music stops and students find a different spot ( not their normal desk area ), pick a card and read it, raise it up if it is the correct word.

  16. I do this with letter cards in my special ed class. I have also color coded the words when I have a huge range of abilities and grades in class which allows my non-readers who are learning alphabet letters can participate by cueing in to their peers answers. They gain confidence and we fade the use of colors.

  17. Do you have sight word game ideas for online classes

  18. First of all, I appreciate your Sunday posts so much! I taught first grade for about 7 years way back is the 70s (my, have things changed!) and I'm now teaching a 7 year old girl who is on the "spectrum" so time and attention are critical. I like the freeze card dance, but I don't understand if the cards have all the words on them or just one…or do you give each child 5 separate cards with 1 word on it. Does this make sense? Thanks again!

  19. I will be trying out this game with my kindergarten students. I just think this is an amazing way to learn sight words.

  20. Sounds like a great game 🙂 I'll be trying it with my kids.

  21. Really excited to try this game. Great idea! Thank you for sharing!

  22. Great ideas, I have some students learning/practicing sight words but still that group that can't make headway, these dances, and the other videos should help a lot! Thanks!!!!

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