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Sight Words:
What are sight words?
Sight words in simple term means words that we read by sight. Sight words are words which do not follow the phonetic rules. These are words which the kids need to memorize for reading and writing. Once the child knows the sight words by heart, he/she can easily read the sentences at a glance. They will not have to decode the words.
Sight words are the words which are frequently found in all the books. So, if a child knows these words he can easily read.
The two most common list of sight words are Dolch Sight Words and Fry Sight Words.
Difference between sight words and high frequency words is sight words do not follow the phonetic pattern so they need to be memorized. High frequency words are the words which are more commonly found in the written language. Some of them follow the phonetic rule others don’t.
Both high frequency words and sight words are used in spoken and written language and so they are found in majority of the books. Once memorized the child can read them very easily.
There are a lot of activities that can be done with children to help them learn and memorize these words. You can use manipulatives like popsicle sticks, blocks, magnetic alphabets etc to help them memorize these words.
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  1. Very informative! =) Thanks for sharing…

  2. Super. Can I get rainbow sight word matching activity?

  3. I like the matching games. These words are so abstract. I have to look for fun ways to teach my toddler. It's good especially if they are more tactile learners.

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