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  1. Simon with the most jammy win in human history😂🤣

  2. Simon literally said SMART four times 😂

  3. “Lets all wear white shoes and not tell vik”

  4. Black hole is 2 words but chris brown is 1👍🏼

  5. Ik this is old but the reason why Simon was hated cause he would sometimes use different words that weren’t related to what JJ said and the others let him slide but when the others do it Simon is quick to call out like when Simon said to Ethan he compares his word to JJ and not his Ethan literally said “you are the only one complaining”. End of the day it’s a game and Simon should play fairly tho

  6. Simons just been brought up in the typical “ boarding school way “ he can’t lose and he’s never wrong

  7. I was thinking the same thing about Ethan relating to JJ instead of Simon, I’m so happy Simon noticed.😂

  8. Money isn't the way it is just a tool. Jesus Christ is the only way please stop living for this world and give your life and will to the Lord
    Stay remaining in the Lord and do all your activities as if you are doing it for the Lord

  9. Simon is the definition of cringe, holy fkn shit… clown has to sweat so hard at everything, sorest loser and an even worse winner 💀🤡

  10. When JJ got bidmas taken away they don’t realise Harry said minus and tobi goes subtraction.

  11. I feel like Vikk deserves a bit of justice because I’ve never played a game of word association where you can’t give an answer that is more than one word! Obviously if someone’s answer is an entire phrase they should lose a life and the game is called ‘WORD’ association but either I’ve played the game wrong for 20 years or they were playing by the wrong rules 😂 obviously if they clarified a set of rules before starting that’s a different matter but it’s made me question whether I’ve been lied to all my life or whether this video is the epitome of a MoreSidemen video 😂

  12. How come Jj can say Chris brown but Vik can’t say black hole or Josh, Jeremy Clarkson

  13. Surely JJ should lose a heart for saying chris brown bc thats two words

  14. Simon is so competitive he wouldn’t let his girlfriend cum first

  15. Let’s all white shoes but not tell Vikki 😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Poles—Country? IS it supposed to mean like Polish people? I think Simon should have lost a point there

  17. Ethan said fish then Josh said whale when a whale is nit a fish it is a mammal

  18. JJ gets Chris brown but all names aren't allowed after lol

  19. Simon made so many unrelated words
    He prolly would have gone out after JJ but no one called him out

  20. bullshit, simon wasnt called out multiple times, tobi was the best kkkk

  21. you guys should be ashamed for picking on jj constantly. he made your careers you guys would be working at mcdicks if it wasn’t for him. humble up

  22. Simon gets away with everything in this vid 🤣

  23. Nah there’s no way Simon should have won that that was easily tobi throughout the game he was better simons answers were all dodgy as hell

  24. They caught vik and Josh saying 2 words but forgot Simon saying Chris brown

  25. Why the fuck does everyone think Australasia is a continent! Australia is its own continent!

  26. I just wanted to point out,that whales are mammals and not fish 😅

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