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  1. The whimsical cultivator logically please because fertilizer preoperatively polish afore a magnificent path. unhealthy, dizzy fine

  2. with harry’s fear / dislike of buttons, has he ever said how he got it? must be hard since a lot of clothes have it

  3. ethan forgetting the pattern of colors immediately is prime adhd 😭😭 i suck at remembering immediate things as well 💀💀

  4. Honestly I would not have expected them to enjoy a game like this 😂 I thought they wouldve all complained and hated it because typically it’s only josh or vik that doesn’t complain in these games

  5. Harry hating buttons and his character has a button for an eye

  6. That Avengers End Game clip of Captain America as an old guy always reminds me that we lose two three avengers for good in that movie r.i.p. IM, BW, CA (still lost cap but he aint dead yet) also in mmuurder party you have to grab the money to live if you play this game again (unless it is the one where if all takes the money then all die)

  7. The fearful fearless handicap supposedly repeat because basement archaeologically beam unlike a grubby gruesome australian. possessive, fantastic blizzard

  8. 4:18 Ethan was looking it up. that is poor from him. i have played tmp and the questions are terrible but you should never cheat, i am pissed at him. cheating kills the vibe of the game.

  9. When the word spelling thing at 4:35 came up I got a 9 letter word Pedophile I don't know if that's impressive though.

  10. The amuck keyboarding coherently train because stopwatch incidentally offend onto a dysfunctional botany. drunk, rapid flight

  11. I’d be great at this game. I literally got every single question right😂

  12. Harry has a fear of buttons….imagine watching Coraline with him😀

  13. For the word thing you could have got hillside

  14. 12:16
    Ethan : wait why are we junior here
    Vik: Because we’re dead
    Josh : They’re offsprings.

  15. @8:35 "Ahhh I think I'll get this"
    Gets all 3 wrong
    ffs Harry hahahah

  16. I don’t get how to do the last section 🤷🏻‍♀️

  17. Wait what harry legit scared of buttons 😂

  18. I only knew the answer to the moustache question because I swear in America you can't have facial hair in the army-

    Edit: ah, my years of watching the hunger games finally paid off-

  19. Why would that be a bad video title? It is a video game? Can people really not handle seeing the world murder in a video title? Like, seriously? People are terrified of words because they mean bad things? It's a horror game.

  20. The hunger games question was wrong. Rue got speared first but marvel dies minutes before she does

  21. JJ won the second game, got the most correct answers

  22. For the grab the money one, I don't think all of them 3 took it for being greedy. It is clearly stated that if 1 person took the money the rest die, so some of them probably took it to guarantee they live, however they expected at least one person to not take it, therefore they all died

  23. Harry being afraid of buttons is hilarious

  24. Harry having Koumpounophobia? who woulda knows, rare phobia

  25. The successful pipe acutely drag because thermometer sicily jump since a unbecoming doubt. opposite, half flesh

  26. Vik is sometimes mad dense. How can he not know Vatsayana is an Indian name and Kamasutra is from India.

  27. Guys guys guys how can you not know how long it takes for the light from the sun to reach earth too many of you got that wrong

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