Scrabble word game || how to play Scrabble go -stay home activity for kids & elders -quarantine days

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We siblings are playing our most favorite game of these quarantine days – Scrabble.
It not only increases our vocabulary but also very helpful in sharpening our minds in a very productive manner. It helps in improving our knowledge of English language.
Learn how to play Scrabble and Scrabble go by using easy and simple words for kids of young age to improve English vocabulary as well as human intelligence.

Learn techniques of playing Scrabble in a productive and easy way.



  1. I’ve never played this before and I want to try it out with my sister

  2. I play Scrabble every day. I’m a kid and I always beat my mom lol haha 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. I love scrabble I haven’t played in FOREVER though

  4. Oh this brings back so many memories❤️ back when I was younger, we had family game night daily.. We used to play uno and scrabble💕 Now that the pandemic started, I installed scrabble online game and started playing.. Its sooo nice seeing your video about scrabble.. And well played too! 😍

  5. Im still trying to understand this game lol

  6. This is fantastic… I love it very much❤

  7. What a great game for most ages to play. Thanks for bringing back some great memories.

  8. I love my kid to play and grow his brain lol 😂
    That’s amazing game

  9. I love playing this it’s an awesome way to teach kids also

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  11. The last time I played this was 7 years ago ,I love it I think i should play it again

  12. amazing.. its really good activity for brain

  13. I have French scrabble at home by play it rarely. Thanks sharing this… I will go back to it. A good game to help kids with vocabulary

  14. I use to love playing scrabble I just wasn’t good at coming up with the best word for the most points

  15. I love scrabble! Me and my fiancé have been playing this a lot more since covid. A must have board game!

  16. This is my favorite board game, I just love to play this.

  17. I love scrabble so much, I play it almost everyday on my phone. I wish I even started as early as these kids, I may have become a champion. This is so great, I'm going to teach my kids to play like this

  18. I used to love this game, now I play something similar on my phone.

  19. I play this in my phone all the time! Love it!

  20. I love scrabble. I can kick some booty at scrabble.

  21. Wow! I'll have to download scrabble on my phone and play it.

  22. I love scrabble so much,my favorite board game 🙂

  23. My husband and I play scrabble all the time even though he’s a sore cheater and refuses to lose! Lol: I hear there’s even a dictionary solely for scrabble!

  24. I love board games. This is one of my all time favorites. This is great family time

  25. I will learn this with my girl ☺ Thanks for sharing!

  26. Scrabble is the best gave, my family enjoy it.

  27. 💕💞💞💛💜💛💜💛💛💜💞💛💛💜

  28. Wow it's so interesting to watch and play this wonderful game… Learning so much from it 👍

  29. Very informative video… well done kids

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