Today I play Roblox word bomb! A really fun and intense Roblox game about words


  1. Where he tried to said ugniukas so that person actually is from Lithuania

  2. when he got “vo” all I thought was vomit 😂

  3. Count how many times flamingo had said the word "Smarter" in this video.

  4. I’m pretty sure in the uk (since part of my country is uk and we use British-English) it’s just.. bag. not backpack, not packback, not bookbag, bag. lol

  5. “RP” i was legit yelling for this man to say roleplay LOL

  6. "sans yeah from underman understand" how do you know sans just not the game he's from albert?

  7. "I'M THE SMMARTEST MAN ON EARTH" also doesnt know that Oman is a country

  8. Bro almost said the n word trying to say a name: skull:

  9. I’m welsh and I just realised that patismh girl wrote “Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychllyndobrychlllandisiliogogogoch” (8:07)

  10. When I saw cu I thought of cum immediately I can’t be the only one

    (Yes I liked my own comment and I have no shame)

  11. At 7:26 Sans is actually a word. I looked it up and I think it means without so it might’ve worked if he put it.

  12. i like how he doesn't know a Muslim Arab country "OmanFlag" and later maybe "UAE(dubai)"

  13. UAE is country in Asia Heres the flag: 🇦🇪

  14. That wasn’t nice in the end of the vid flimflam ):

  15. Me when you don't know a word for RP:

    absorptance21 absorptances22 absorption17 absorptions18 absorptive20 absorptivities24 absorptivity24 acarpous15 actinomorphic28 actinomorphies26 actinomorphy26 adsorption15 adsorptions16 adsorptive18 afterpiece19 afterpieces20 airpark14 airparks15 airplane13 airplanes14 airplay13 airplays14 airport10 airports11 airpost10 airposts11 airpower14 airpowers15 airproof14 airproofed17 airproofing20 airproofs15 allelomorph22 allelomorphic27 allelomorphism28 allelomorphisms29 allelomorphs23 allomorph19 allomorphic24 allomorphism25 allomorphisms26 allomorphs20 altarpiece17 altarpieces18 amorphous18 amorphously23 amorphousness23 amorphousnesses25 anamorphic22 anchorpeople25 anchorperson22 anchorpersons23 anthropomorph27 anthropomorphic32 anthropomorphically40 anthropomorphism33 anthropomorphisms34 anthropomorphist30 anthropomorphists31 anthropomorphization44 anthropomorphizations45 anthropomorphize39 anthropomorphized41 anthropomorphizes40 anthropomorphizing44 anthropomorphs28 anticorporate20 antiherpes16 apocarp16 apocarpies19 apocarps17 apocarpy19 apomorphine23 apomorphines24 arpeggiate17 arpeggiated19 arpeggiates18 arpeggiating22 arpeggio15 arpeggios16 arpen9 arpens10 arpent10 arpents11 ascocarp17 ascocarpic22 ascocarps18 automorphism24 automorphisms25 becarpet17 becarpeted20 becarpeting23 becarpets18 bimorph18 bimorphemic28 bimorphs19 biomorphic24 boilerplate19 boilerplates20 burglarproof25 burp11 burped14 burping17 burps12 cardsharp18 cardsharper20 cardsharpers21 cardsharps19 carp10 carpaccio21 carpaccios22 carpal13 carpale14 carpalia15 carpals14 carped13 carpel13 carpellary20 carpellate18 carpels14 carpenter16 carpentered19 carpentering22 carpenters17 carpentries18 carpentry18 carper12 carpers13 carpet12 carpetbag20 carpetbagger25 carpetbaggeries28 carpetbaggers26 carpetbaggery28 carpetbagging29 carpetbags21 carpeted15 carpeting18 carpetings19 carpets13 carpetweed20 carpetweeds21 carpi11 carping16 carpingly21 carpings17 carpogonia19 carpogonial21 carpogonium24 carpool14 carpooled17 carpooler16 carpoolers17 carpooling20 carpools15 carpophore21 carpophores22 carport13 carports14 carpospore19 carpospores20 carps11 carpus13 caterpillar19 caterpillars20 centerpiece21 centerpieces22 chairperson20 chairpersons21 charpai15 charpais16 charpoy17 charpoys18 chemisorption25 chemisorptions26 chirp13 chirped16 chirper15 chirpers16 chirpier16 chirpiest17 chirpily19 chirping19 chirps14 chirpy16 chlorpromazine36 chlorpromazines37 chlorpropamide30 chlorpropamides31 cochairperson25 cochairpersons26 colorpoint18 colorpoints19 computerphobe31 computerphobes32 computerphobia32 computerphobias33 computerphobic35 containerport21 containerports22

  16. Despite this entire game concept, he didn't say spell ONCE this whole video.

  17. For su do supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

  18. “RY”
    “Heyy the last 2 letters of my surname!”

  19. Old generation was brutal, one time i got DW. I put woodwork. It wood worked.

  20. Imagine if some one used this word Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia fear of long words this is just cruel 💀

  21. for when albert got "RY" he could have just done "fry"

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