Roblox CAN’T SAY THE LETTER… (tricking people)

im playing the hard mode of can’t say the word- can’t say the LETTER. different vids will come soon i been playin a lot of these kinda games LOL but this is a roblox game where it shows a letter and you try to socialize without saying it


  1. The girl want u to say you you is the opposite of me

  2. Guys he has a old channel when he swears and its albertstuff

  3. Want robux ? (DONT SAY THE LETTER "E")

    -probably I want robux why not

  4. Rodoxs plz flemeingo ai will die to rodox

  5. Ben of the week in flamingo should totally be friends LOL

  6. Someone could just say Yass 😂😂😂😂

  7. When the girl said back it reminded me as ( I ALWAYS COME BACK!) LOvE your videos

  8. Omg U read my mind when that girl said what is the opposite of her 😂❤

  9. Don't forget to buy flamingo merch or i will be under your bed (: NOW

  10. You can say lemon and lie causeits in the first letter

  11. “Nobody is falling for it”
    literally said her word

  12. 6:57 <3 to the person whith the hellfire club shirt on

  13. huge respect to norman trying to warn albert

  14. The z one is really really good! It just blocks people saying some bad stuff

  15. If you can’t say e when playing this game called you can’t say the letter and someone says to you want free robux no yes but you can say yas

  16. omg your IiteraIIy a quirky prankster

  17. sorry messed up thumbnail for a sec it says WANT ROBUX

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