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This is our favorite game in the office. Test your knowledge. Challenge your friends. Let’s do the Trivia Challenge now!

There are 50 questions you can answer. You are given 5 seconds to answer each question before the answer is revealed. If you need more time, just pause the video.

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Have fun!

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  1. Litteraly i did not even know what questions is this but why did i get all the answer correct like i didn't study for this i just remembered something i didn't even know

  2. Me and my girlfriend only got a few wrong! Didn't expect the hottest planet to not be closest to the sun :O

  3. I rewatch it and count my correct answers. I got 31.

  4. Sorry now but all in seriousness, where’s the kid in the top left hand corner?

  5. Art is amazing, it really teased my brain xD
    Who is that boy in the corner? Did he make it? smart little chap innit bruv. 1112 represent.

  6. Mate dorothys slippers are ruby which is basically red not bloody silver!!

  7. Dorothy's slippers are red in the wizard of oz

  8. 29 but I will be honest I guessed on most of them I just had a bunch of lucky guesses!

  9. i got every single one right; this needs to be much harder

  10. aha! my wife score 4 out of 50…she is officially a clinical imbecile

  11. Started off well and then non-general questions arose. Who cares about X-Men?

  12. Dorothys slippers were definitely red not silver, you can even see the picture in the background she has red slippers on

  13. UNITED NÈGRO T. V. LET LOOSE MUSIC.ascap. says:

    Very Low Score But It Was Really Neat & Fun Filled Knowledge Fun Facts Entertainment.

  14. Bruh i cant even read it. Give us 10 exs

  15. I only got 27/50 cause im just a gr.5
    Atleast i did my best
    Also i love the math question
    Their my favorites 🙂

  16. it was a great experience I got 20/50 guess it`s atrial

  17. The game should keep track of your answers

  18. THE CITY OF LIGHTS IS LYON AND NOT PARIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. vitun persereikä ei tiietty melkee mitään, vedä käteen paska juomapevi!

  20. Thank you very much so much for this video. It was very informative.

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