Quackity Plays The Worst Drawing Game

Quackity Plays Gartic Phone With Karl Jacobs, Ranboo, Sapnap, BadBoyHalo, Skeppy, Tubbo, Jack Manifold, and Fundy.
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Streamed on: February 5, 2020
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  1. this was the most chaotic stream ive watched since the first cricket crew stream

  2. ☆゚.*・。Jelly☆゚.*・。゚ says:

    i love how involved dream got even though hes not even there?? lmao-

  3. 36:36 This is why I love Quackity. He just shamelessly made a skephalo joke in front of both Skeppy and Bad. And you know what? I speak for the fandom when I say thank you. (also 2:11 i guess)

  4. why does every one think dream is a green blob when the blob part is white and the green part is like a green screen or something

  5. A͜͡v̆̈a҉ Mu̥ͦs͟h҈r̺͆o̶Om̑̈ says:

    i just love how the game says "hey, it's time to draw" and the theme is so weird always XD and how most things were about bad karl dream and george

  6. Me wearing beanie
    1: bc I love beanies
    2: my cousin/twin gave it to me
    3: bc a YouTuber I watch totally dosent wear one hmmmmmm who dose ppl think I’m talking about (not Wilbur)

  7. my question is why was Karl Jacobs being to mean to quackity in this video

  8. I can’t my stomach hurt so much from laughing

  9. im unsubscribing from Karl this is so not cool

  10. Idk why but everyone going “Sa Sa!!!” at 52:37 is the funniest shit to me lmak

  11. “What did i write?” he inquired as the most pretentious yet idiot sentence pops up next to his name, showing that he has a bad memory and no sense of humor.

  12. I have ligit never laughed more in my life 🤣

  13. you should really play this with tommy included it's going to be 1000% funnier trust me

  14. My man types “UGLY ASS MAN” then corrects it to “BADBOYHALO”

  15. This made me smile so hard and laugh literally the whole stream. I loved watching this. This makes my day

  16. i've never laughed so hard to the point where i felt sick -first time for everything i guess

  17. this is literally the funniest game and they don’t play it enough

  18. Bad proves he’s actually not that innocent, Karl gets bullied, and Tubbo has dyslexia.

  19. I was I front of my grandmother driving home from school when he started cussing-

  20. My biggest mistake was watching this while eating

  21. My absolute favorite stream. Every time I watch this I laugh so hard god I love it

  22. its ok ive been here all the time


  24. I have a good rap for the rapping game when you're against tubbo

    it's a shame no one likes you,
    Not even your precious ranboo,
    Why are you sad
    Oh its because you never got the milk from your dad.

    is that good? If it is can you use it against turbo i want to see his reaction <3

  25. My mom probably thinks I'm dieing or something 😂✋

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