Please Change THIS Before You Play MultiVersus! OFFLINE MODE FIX

TODAY MultiVersus releases everywhere on PlayStation, Xbox and PC! Available to download without the need of a Twitch Drop code anymore. With it being completely open now there will be a massive influx of newcomers to the game. Over the last week there were many issues people kept having and in this video we aim to help new people avoid those! You guys NEED to DO THIS before playing MultiVersus! Best Settings too

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Outro Music: “Smash Em, Rip Em”

Video Music: “Final Destination v2”

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  1. Second day and it's still a mess. Literally getting Lost connection bullshit. Literally the only game that doesn't work for me. It definitely isn't my internet either as I'm wired running on a 500mb/s speed. Absolute joke

  2. The playstation part doesn't work for me :/ Oh well not that I minded anwyays but would be nice to see the corresponding buttons still xD

  3. live laugh, love Taz. He's such a good and spam character to play xD

  4. It doesn’t even give me the prompt to creat an account please help me”I’m on Xbox”

  5. Only issue I’ve encountered is this shitty audio glitch that I can’t fix no matter what, been going for 2 days. I can hear any fighting noises like punches or ability’s. I just hear voice lines and weird grunts and moans throughout my matches. It’s so stupid and I’ve only seen 2 others with this problem and they can’t fix it either

  6. How do you change or get a new wb account please help

  7. i like this game but i feel like im always getting combo and am not able to dodge out of it or do anythign cuz players like garnet can just turn around mid combo so they always hit you, and my attacks barely seem to stagger and they are always able to just hit me as if im not comboing them. Idk im probably just bad but like it makes me mad cuz i dont understand how any of it works

  8. Multiversus online is better than smashs but local play can’t beat smash

  9. Today made an acc and put my age as 14 and i havent ran into problems rn.

  10. The game won’t let me make an account it only lets me play offline

  11. I like play lebron because he’s bla-😂😂

  12. i had my age at 15 and i can play online just fine as well as turn off mature language filter

  13. when I logged in for the first time I put myself as 16, Im on pc and have no wb account and It never asked me to make one. What can I do?

  14. why this game is still region locked …. i am unable to play it on any platform says not available for ur region WTF #WB

  15. I’m on ps5 and it stuck on offline mode and I’m not sure how to fix it cause idk how to make a new account if the same one is going to show up every time I go into multiverse

  16. Get to the point and stick to actual settings.

  17. I just got the game. how do I just play against cpus ?

  18. When I tried creating an account I put my normal age as less than 22 years old and now it's not letting me create an account with a different age again on my phone and on my console. It just says I'm not eligible. This is so annoying

  19. If you guys are trying to sign up in play station or Xbox and you put the wrong age you can make a account on another console and just sign in and that's what worked for me also make sure the age is over 18 like he stayed in a video

  20. For anyone wondering its also on epic games store

    yeah "real gamer" you can call me a loser cause i use egs more than steam

  21. My WB games account is 17 years of age. I think I'll be fine.

  22. I'm in Australia but I'm still offline do you now why

  23. Hello im actually 12 years old and i put that as my age when i started the multiversus beta. I havent made a wb account yet but i dont know how to make one, could you help me with these issues please?

  24. Kind of SUS that they are focused on new characters, maps, season pass, tournaments, sponsored streams – and region lock half of the world while the other half can carry progression over into launch – which is still undefined.
    VPN can't fool your epic, xbox, steam or PS account unless someone would spoof just for this title – seems kind of more work for less gains.
    Anyway, it sure LOOKS fun!

  25. i am on asian servers and i have put lower age then 22 and still can play even when you had to go get the game from twitch drops

  26. It keeps saying select a fighter after I confirmed my character

  27. MultiVersus is from 12yo (I'm 14)on PS4 and still I can't play, they didn't even asked me to make WB account (I don't have one) and I don't want to delete data because my brother also play it so it would delete his data so I can't play 💁🏼‍♀️

  28. how do i delete the startup file thing on steam

  29. I tried playing smash yesterday…holy crap my mind is already wired to multiversus. Crazy how much slower pace smash bros is compared to multiversus. (Probably because of the air dodges)

  30. Why tf u gotta be over 22 to play a game that has batman and scooby doo in it?

  31. Shaggy because he’s got super saying which is a dragon Ball Z reference

  32. I’m Asian and I can still play I’m Arabic Saudi Arabia is a country of Asians too

  33. I can’t play at all they never answer me it won’t even let me make a new one it just says not eligible the play this game at this time

  34. The age thing never even showed up for me nor did the sign in what do I do

  35. I made my account a couple weeks ago, the age is set for 16, however I am in Canada so if that is at all a variable that may be why I have yet to run into any issues 🙂

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