Online slots – Bumper Bank Holiday bonus hunt! ELEVEN games!

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Hi All,


A small, if slightly disappointing profit on Saturday. I really did think I was in a solid position to finish with a reasonable profit, but alas it was a succession of unspectacular results. Still, I won’t grumble with anything better than break even, plus I also made further progress towards the current wagering requirements of the bonus I am playing through. Not long to go now on that.

I have a huge 11 game list today, having once again picked up a lot of the bonuses very cheaply. As a result, I am hopeful of a profit, and possibly even more so this time than last. With a full 7 games landing for under £10 each, surely there is potential here!

There were of course a few failures along the way, but nothing that hit too hard. The total cost was a very, very reasonable £319 for these 11:

Eternal Phoenix MW
Durian Dynamite
Buffalo Rising MW
Centurion MW
Misery Mining
Legion X
King of Cats (Lion)
Beast Mode
8 Tigers Gold
Razor Shark

There are some decent games on this list, hence the optimism! I hope you enjoy this one.

I will be including safer gambling information in all my videos from now on, alongside links back to my own website. This is an important aspect of gambling, and I urge anyone affected to use all the available resources, no matter how big or small you feel the issue might be.


Please also remember that my videos are highlights of longer sessions. A more complete picture is given with the statistics given and the profit / loss videos I post on my channel and website. Put simply, playing these slots is a losing proposition over time, and is simply a means of paying for entertainment.

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  1. Omg that Razor Shark did u had there so freaking much potential after getting up 5 times …..

  2. Hi my friend hope ya doing OK? Can you do a play off with gold mw VS king of cats please ty 👍

  3. A Sovereign is not one pound . As you well know .

  4. Quick Monocle 🧐 Man vid before the final session of the Osullivan v Trump snooker World final!

  5. Not a bad outlay for the amount of bonuses, nice one

  6. Thr great white shark is a Wild. So depends what simbles are with it

  7. Cracking gg. First decent bonus I’ve ever seen on razor shark

  8. Super wins here. Much better turn out than has been recently. Think the middle bonus on beast mode is the one to play, but I think it is the highest volitility bonus. Best of luck for the next one

  9. Just to let you know nobody has ever had the 1000 or 2500 during the bonus so am not sure if you can even get it especially at x10 etc. Great hunt though

  10. The Casinos or the providers definitely nerf some of the games. When they first come out they bonus freely then all of a sudden it all dries up and bonuses are few and far between

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