Olivia Rodrigo Answers The Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Superstar singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo visits WIRED to answer her most searched questions from Google. Who is the song ‘vampire’ about? Is Olivia Rodrigo friends with Jenna Ortega? When did she first rise to fame? How does she write her songs? Does Olivia say I love you in ‘deja vu?’ Answers to all these questions and more await on this episode of WIRED Autocomplete Interview.

Olivia’s sophomore album, GUTS, is out now.

Director: Justin Wolfson
Director of Photography: Francis Bernal
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Post Production Supervisor: Alexa Deutsch
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Supervising Editor: Doug Larsen
Assistant Editor: Billy Ward

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  1. I got so happy and thought she actually talked to me

  2. Everyone: wow I love Olivia!
    Me: what happened to her hand? There’s a band aid

  3. I wanted to get some tickets for cuts but they were all sold out! (Then on ebay i wanted to get some but they were 5000$ CAD)

  4. How many generations later and Mariah Carey remains the standard for quality singing!!! As it should be


  6. I always knew that there was something after “I bet you even tell her how you love her in between the chorus in the verse” part of the song déjà vu I just never knew what she was saying💜💜😂

  7. It would've been funny if she'd said "So, I got my driver's license last week, just like we alwayss talked about, actually." Lol

  8. What if She has kids and then after they watch this….

  9. Olivia Rodrigo is my favorite singer Put drivers license is my favorite

  10. The fact that her aesthetic is PJ Harvey…yesssss!

  11. I recognize less and less of the people on these ever year. Like who even is this lol


  13. She's so cute!! Also based that she loves the White Stripes.

  14. I’m a hairdresser and I was dying to know😊

  15. the real most searched questions are about her and joshua basset

  16. she's so cute and humble and seems so down to earth i absolutely love her

  17. i am a pop rock olivia truther but her folk country era will end me once it happens (i know it will)

  18. My dude you’re way too punk rock to answer the genre-question with pop lmao.
    Olivia is a rockstar who sprinkles some pop in once and again 🤟🏼

  19. “I got my driver’s license a little late at 17”
    Meanwhile I don’t have mine at 21 and know someone who doesn’t have hers at 28

  20. I love olivia rodrigo im a pisces too and i love all her songs. I also love how kind she is 🙂

  21. “Your mom.” mic drop

  22. Olivia writes songs about my mom I’m amazed they know each other 😂

  23. Wait her bestie is Iris??????? IM CALLED IRISSS

  24. Maybe i like her cause she is a pisces ♓️ and i really i mean really like the fact that she is obsessed with water

  25. I fall more in love with her the more I see of her. She sings beautifully, writes fantastic songs, and has a wonderful personality. I'm curious about her future plans.

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