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  1. Why is poke even playing?

    Like Bruh its a game n it's just water
    Everyone is getting wet and you can dry up right after.

  2. Whoever is on bucket duty is weak. Boring dude. If you can't have fun soaking your friends then let someone else have the fun job lmao.

  3. OTV QT makes so much sense it makes my face hurt a little bit

  4. I have to say this was probably the most boring shoot yet. Great effort, but just dull

  5. always love to see myth, and need more content with qt. absolutely hilarioussss and fits well with offlinetv humor.

  6. bro why did lily draw myth like that 💀 he is not that dark

  7. Qtcinderella… Not near hot enough for film.. not quite hot enough for television. Just below average on YouTube/twitch.

  8. California is in a drought. Fun concept, but a bit wasteful.

  9. Myth sounds like the general from monsters vs aliens 😂

  10. Good idea for content. I was thinking streamers should do more things like this for a long time now. Lot of other board games that'd be interesting to see in this format.

  11. Has Raycon gotten better? I know years ago they were basically cheaply made trash that relied on content creators to push sales. Ridge wallets as well, though that was more price gouging than an issue with product quality. Could buy the same exact wallet for a 1/10th of the price online.

  12. What's the point to drinking ice? I'm confused

  13. Fun concept, but I honestly did not get the rules, and I found it very hard to follow the flow of the video.
    No idea what was happening most of the time.

  14. Top tier editing and content 😂 loved this video sm

  15. Pro-tip. Look up an unpaid review of raycon (if you can find one…. ) and then don't waste your money on them.

  16. Making the ICE drink just a solo cup is easy, should've made it a 24oz bottle in one chug.
    Now that is what it means to be ICEd.

  17. Could Poki tough it out? She has towels for water and doesn't attend slime videos it's unfair to the others

  18. love qt in this combo! hope to see more of her

  19. This is very good.
    Pls otv make this in to series and invited other streamer to play 🙏🙏

  20. i feel like they could have def make the video better

  21. As someone who just got out of the navy, "we're gonna ruin your life!" hits the feels.

  22. What is that slime, I must know what he ate.

  23. they need more men in otv. There are only 3, 4 if brodin is included. Myth and Timmy might just fit in. i hope they join otv

  24. 6:20 that’s such a small pour I thought if u get sunk u get the entire bucket

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