No Man’s Sky 4.0 my final word

wulfy the noob

this save here is a 7 HR BEFORE WAYPOINTS UPDATE so last night’s video was also on this save as well

I had a little explore on the custom settings and this is all my OPINION

share yours below about combat ๐Ÿ’œ

can’t wait to sink some true hrs into a new save PROPERLY and not look for an hr

thankyou all for the likes,subs and comments ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿ’œ

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  1. I think your thoughts on this gave voice to mine. I just felt sort of sad when I logged in, saw all my tech packaged and cluttering up my inventory, the scrolling cargo window, and accessed the freighter inventory and realized I could only tab to the right on my xbox controller. (left is quantity) Then seeing a lot of content creators sort trashing people that disliked it one after another in their videos,. I've just felt sort of meh about it after all of that to be honest. I mean I have also thought about it like others have said, it isn't a huge change, it shouldn't affect me that others are using an easy version of the game, but there just out of your peripheral vision you know it's sitting there. They are trying to rectify this by giving you a permanent opt out toggle I am hearing now. Maybe I'll get motivated to try it again at some point. I was still on the way to galaxy center for the first time on my main save, I'm a fairly new player and haven't finished the storyline completely yet, but for now I've been playing Valheim again since it dropped.

  2. still gonna play on PD settings ….. the infant crybaby children can play with the no damage settings if that is what they want (no offence, miss wulfy, i know you don't play this way and was only checking it out)

  3. it seems odd to me given that players since the launch of the game always seemed to be calling for more challenges and higher risk (more combat etc)and given that creative mode has always been available. I don't see where the improvements are with this update. I just hope I get some time to jump into a session soon to check out all the stuff thats new since I last played.

  4. This is just a game. There are real life scenarios where, PD is really, โ€œPD.โ€ If you ever find your self there you may just cry like a baby. Sorry about this comment out of place for a game. But hey this is just my opinion. Well a bit more than that, the real thrill of survival but the devastation of see a friends body being loaded on a. Never mind this is just a game. ๐Ÿ˜

  5. I'll leave the settings on normal and dial them down only if I'm sick of the grind. For instance if I get a new starship and I don't want to grind grind grind to upgrade it. I've already been through all that, several times. I think I'll still enjoy being skittish of the green monstrosities during guild missions, etc. The settings dials don't bother me, but I'm still a bit miffed at having half my upgrades shattered and everything disorganized. I'm still reorganizing and re-upgrading which is boring. I'd rather get back to exploring. But I'll get there. The update wasn't entirely a deal breaker, though it very nearly was.

  6. Big time appreciate your opinion on 4.0!!!
    I'm a long time video gamer who's new to No Man's sky.
    After giving it a glance at its initial launch years ago, about 2 weeks ago I finally got properly into the game / hooked.
    Been grinding solo (and with an odd friend here or there) to get materials and learn the nuances of the systems / mechanics.
    Absolutely enamored by nms and was playing basically every evening.
    The elast 2 weeks up until 4.0 was somewhat magical and I really appreciated the explorative elements.
    I felt like every time I logged in I was learning something new / complex and progressing my character in ways that were unique and fulfilling.
    Although I had just started my experience with this game, I kind of had the sense that I would be playing this for years to come.
    When 4.0 dropped there were lots of issues addressed that seemed like major steps forward. Tons of upgrades that I enjoyed visually and I had no real problem with the inventory system changes.
    I didn't have anything min-maxed and therefore I didn't really lose much when they rearranged upgrade capabilities and mods.
    It wasn't till I found the difficulty setting changes that my heart just sank.
    I think what really struck a chord with me, and the reason I'm writing this long comment on your video, is that I absolutely share your sad/gutted feeling.
    I'm a gamer who likes to grind and enjoys long-term challenges. Enjoys learning about difficult aspects of a game or Pinnacle rewards that are hard to find and then going after them.
    That's what gives games longevity and depth.
    It's with this appreciation for the overall experience of progression / accomplishment that I'm so appalled by their choice to allow gamers to bypass everything important.
    Toggles which allowed the player to ignore 100% of the game systems has trivialized every aspect of this game's design.
    The players ability to buypass basically everything worthwhile eliminates any of my drive to accomplish complex time consuming endeavors.
    I spent 3 days finding ways to earn enough money to upgrade my ship… And then I just toggled it over to free and who the fuck cares.
    It feels like nothing is an accomplishment and, in some sense, the developers should be ashamed (I don't know if that's the right word) that they created all of these wonderful complex systems, dynamics, element that work in cohesion and then gave us permanent cheat codes.
    I know we can always just turn the cheats off, but just knowing that anything I want has no value destroys the ecosystem for me personally.
    It's really shameful that the developers have allowed this into their game on purpose.
    Made it so accessible / fundamental.
    Maybe it's because I missed 6 years of this game's development that I don't understand a lot of the elements involved.
    I don't know, thanks for making videos to speak to this.
    I got to tell you, I've had zero urge to log in since the entire game became free and redundant.
    Sorry to rant.
    Much love.

  7. I love to explore and build, before we had to grind, grind, grind and never feel enough freedom in-game.
    Relaxed mode is already good enough;
    The most delicate flowers don't grow in sun, some forms of fun, creativity and contemplation cannot grow inside anxiety created by intense battle for stay alive.
    Anxiety and grind, struggle to be alive have another taste, is bitter and intense. Necessary to survive in war times.

  8. Well I don't know what is happening but this will be the third time I'm sending you a message to thank you and it does not send ….. well I thank you again for your videos and I love the way you do your videos….. I love you accent ,,, you are AWESOME …. I can understand where you are coming from…. the way I deal with this is I look a those switches as handicap switches… so if you need a handicap then use them… if you do, then do use them …. that's my opinion …. Just keep going … I did subscribe and I do hope you get this message ….. I pray that God will keep you and your family and beat friend SAFE ….. THANKS AGAIN … FROM CANADA …. YOU ARE AWESOME …. ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€

  9. This just feels like a non-problem to me. We've always had a mode where everything was given and you couldn't die or lose anything and could get everything if you wanted it, right? This is just an extension of that, and only one of the many ways you can now adjust the game. You can also adjust the game to be harder than it ever was. You can now play at beyond permadeath difficulty!

    If the game feels empty and hollow without challenge and peril then… don't remove them? It's a choice. More challenge and more peril – more than has been available before – is also a choice. Players are now free to choose the experience they want in a way you cant with many other games. How is that a problem?

  10. I love that it is all optional so anyone can play how they want to. Day 1 player as well and as long as I can choose how I want to play, somewhere between normal and survival, it is all good. Someone playing on easy is not going to affect my game.

  11. To me it's no different than creative mode having been there the whole time. Or the existence of save editing, duping, mods, etc. Play in whatever mode preset you prefer, or a mixture of them. Flexibility is always good, imo.

  12. I know people have been throwing all types of opinions about the latest update and the old "change is good" stuff etc, Yet for me I find many of these changes a complete kick in the teeth to those of us who have worked hard to build up characters and ships just because HG wanted to release this on a platform (Switch) that kids play on. They should have released this as a stand alone on Switch and not screw the rest of us over. If they add multiplayer to the Switch later on, then fine it could be cross platform. As an example while I can fix many of the issues on my Character and ships, I spent quite a bit of time tracking down nice looking Living Ships, upgrading them to max and adding them to my Squadron. But now with this change that means those ships must have tech that is now 'Core Node Overwhelmed' and I have no way to fix that on those ships. That now makes them useless and I have to start over!!!, Give me a break, or at least give me the ability to fix that tech. I won't even get into the option to just now have everything handed to you for free…. I have been holding off doing anything just to see if HG fixes any of this.

  13. Try no starter ship permadeath with all the settings on hard, nasty animals and expensive! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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