Nintendo Games Coming To PC?! NEW Datamine Just Hit!

Nintendo Games on PC?! Looks like it’s going to happen, at least for one game! Let’s discuss what this means for Nintendo Switch, as well as a new Ubisoft Direct, Nintendo Ninjas, and more! Big eShop Sale ends tmmrw:

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  1. This will not happen! Every franchise expect Pokemon and 2D Mario has the best selling games on Switch! The Switch will soon be the 3rd best selling system of all time and if they continue like this soon the best selling system of all time! After Sony's betrayal in their fans (Playstation games on PC), Nintendo is the only real console/ handheld maker left on the market with exclusive games! They have won the whole era of consoles with this! This "rumor is nothing more than wishful thinking of pissed PS/ MS fanboys who just can't get over the fact that Nintendo is the only company with real exclusives left on the market! And their sales show this clearly!!

  2. There is no more need for traditional consoles, we just love them because of nostalgia. Now that PC is accessible enough for the common consumer, it just doesn't make sense to have walled gardens anymore. It hurts, but it's how the 2020s are going =/

  3. Certain games I can try playing on PC. But certain ones IDK.

  4. Nintendo games on PC would be HUGE. If Metroid Prime was on Steam, it would sell millions.

  5. I would never play Mario Kart Tour on PC, but that's not saying much as I'm not interested in that game on any platform. I would however pay for Botw and Metroid on PC. I also think Fire Emblem would be great on PC.

  6. Wouldn’t it be nice if Nintendo would release a new Flipnote Studio app for the PC?

  7. I don’t want Nintendo games to go to pc bad move nintendo

  8. That's not possible. If they come to PC Nintendo will go bankrupt because more people prefer PC over Nintendo so they will make their switch collect the dust.

  9. SEGA tried that in the 90's.
    Didn't work well

  10. Mouser IS an underrated villain and needs more love!!

  11. It would be great if they put Dr. Mario World to pc.

  12. I hope nintendo games come to pc. This will allow more people to enjoy their games

  13. I'm honestly ok if they put mario kart tour and run on PC, but if they put their switch exclusive games or older games on PC I would be upsetti spaghetti.

  14. I mean if Nintendo have official PC games there won't be need to pirate a lot of Nintendo games

  15. If they put all there games on steam we would never have to worry about old eshops closing down and losing games forever

  16. guess zack forgot the whole snes mouse and mario paint

  17. plot twist nintendo is actually making a PC not porting to PC

  18. I think it’s good idea for Nintendo to make gaming market like steam in pc

  19. …………now that Steamdeck is here and the Deckard is under development, what if Nintendo starting making gaming PCs?????? NEOCUBE??????

  20. That would be interesting if Nintendo made their games available for PC because that would mean i don't have to keep buying the same games repeatedly.

  21. I think it's a bad idea. It will devalue their brand and it would feel soulless playing games built for Nintendo consoles on another platform.

  22. no is for a google play emulator google is making a emulator to play android games on PC

  23. The King Diamond parody shirt is based as hell.

  24. I think nintendo wont port games from switch to pc but make specific games for pc similarly like they did for mobile

  25. Honestly i don't think porting nintendo games to PC is a horrible idea since our lord gaben said "the way to end piracy is to provide a service that's more complete than cracked software" the only real way to stop piracy and emulation of their games it to beat those modders and emulators at their own game. if they port games like mario odyssey and zelda breath of the wild to PC hell, even on steam that would make a ton of people happy. If it is just mobile games ported to PC i will be severely disappointed

  26. When portal released on switch it was an amazing suprise but out of place. Maybe and hopefully nintendo can bring some of their games to pc and valve brings their games like tf2/tfc, half life, and left 4 dead to switcg. The steam deck doesn't even appeal to the same audience so it's not like it's gonna hurt the switch in anyway. In return the valve games I mentioned need to be played by a new generation so them being on switch would be perfect

  27. this is sounding similar to what playstation is doing. while im excited for the potential it has on PC it does devalue their own platform and people would feel less inclined to get them on the switch.

    some positives : steam is ALWAYS gonna be there , i feel like the day steam dies , PC gaming dies. so if nintendo games get on steam and you buy them on steam , you keep the games ALWAYS and can ALWAYS redownload. this is something you'll NEVER be able to do on a nintendo console due to them killing their servers when a new system launches and then you better have those games downloaded. this is why people are so picky with the physical releases since they dont often contain the whole game.

    some negatives : the time for exclusives would really end , people would often pick the pc release over switch due to likely better performance leaving the switch to get dust.

  28. You sounded like an enemy in some sort of weird game at the beginning

  29. If Nintendo goes to pc I’m selling all my switch lol

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