Nintendo Games Coming To PC?! NEW Datamine Just Hit!

Nintendo Games on PC?! Looks like it’s going to happen, at least for one game! Let’s discuss what this means for Nintendo Switch, as well as a new Ubisoft Direct, Nintendo Ninjas, and more! Big eShop Sale ends tmmrw:

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  1. I don’t think this is related to PC whatsoever, it could be just that iOS and iPadOS have now support to mouse input, same for android tablets and maybe they are preparing the games to work in those formats too.

  2. sadly i didn't get to do any fireworks cuz my dad was going to work and my mom was tired lolbut anyways love your videos switch force

  3. "Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants." – Epictetus

  4. they should put splatoon3 on other platforms bc it's mainly online more online player faster to join lobby's ect it would be cool

  5. I just want wave 2 dlc for mk8 dx to come out already a lot of us has been waiting for about 4 months

  6. Interesting thing to keep in mind about July 19th, Switch Sports was data-mined to have 14 weeks of cosmetic content this would cause it to line up for June 21st for the next update to be needed to add the next batch of cosmetics could this mean something more? They’d have to announce it somewhere

  7. To be fair the mouse references might be left in from possible testing on PCs.

  8. Nintendo has done stuff on PC (MS-DOS at the time) like Mario is Missing

  9. Highly doubt, but if it happened I'd lose my collective s***.

  10. Certain games to play on PC for Nintendo, yes. Also, most Nintendo games should be played on Nintendo portables, consoles, & hybrids.

  11. And you're other channel is down the damn toilet zach cus you dnt upload on their…. Like wtf are you doing!!! ?…. Upload on their too

  12. Still keeping my fingers crossed for Fallout 3, 4, and New Vegas on switch.

  13. as fun as nintendo on PC would be, i think these mobile nintendo games are the only thing PC will ever get..
    still, the idea of all big 3 (nintendo, xbox and PS) putting all their games, both old and new, on there, that would be incredible

  14. It does seem like Nintendo to do that because a lot of people just get a switch for just 1 game or 1 franchise or maybe a couple so they get a lot
    of money

  15. Beyond Good and Evil 2 is axed already. :p
    Michel Ancel left the company and I doubt Ubisoft will have any coherent vision for the game.

  16. wasnt bravely default a nintendo game? cause that's a game on steam already

  17. They will not lunch games in PC now and in the near future.

  18. 1:35
    You need to lower the volume and change this low-resolution audio effect. It hurts my brain. I’ll stop watching your videos until you do.

  19. I think that in the age we are in, it might boad well for Nintendo to add PC support. I don't see as many people saying, "oh I can play on PC now, I don't need a Nintendo console," because that is not the main player base of Nintendo fans. Plus it would tether the player to the PC platform and not as mobile as a system like the Nintendo Switch has offered.

  20. It's actually Just Keyboard And Mouse support for a Google Play Official PC Emulator That Yes, You CAN play Mario Kart Tour On but no Nintendo Isn't Porting Any actual Games To PC, Just Mobile Games

  21. I already wasn't planning on buying another Nintendo console but I definitely wouldn tif this happens

  22. Would be nice if Nintendo put just as much effort into sorting out JoyCon drift and all the other issues as they do with copyright infringement/emulsion hunting. But alas no. One again proving that they care about the almighty dollar or yen more than their actual consumers. Fact!

  23. Just like sony put there exclusive games on pc ruined the PlayStation brand. If put your exclusives games on computer why make console where people gonna pay $4000 Computer instead. And there no longer a exclusive Sony & Microsoft are stupid

  24. Honestly prefer Nintendo games on the switch or Nintendo consoles. Sort of ruins the feel of them on other platforms

  25. What about some of the Steam games that's coming to Nintendo

  26. I would love all of Nintendo to go PC route. Less hardware to buy

  27. Switch Force say End Of Consoles because that what you really trying to say. Why buy PlayStation 5/ Nintendo Switch/ Xbox Series x were on there exclusive games gonna on Pc this is a stupid idea. There no longer be exclusives anymore

  28. Yes, I would love to play Nintendo games on PC. Especially, multiplayer games. I'm tired of Nintendo's half-ass online network with no party chat.

  29. Na that would be a bad idea for nintendo to port over to pc the main line game for one its would literally kill there consoles also it would loose alot of player base for the console as well since the most of the players would move to pc idk to me I think its a bad rap if they do this idk

  30. I'd jump at the opportunity to play Nintendo games on PC. Playing big open worlds, like Breath of the Wild and Xenoblade, or fast paced action games, like Astral Chain or Age of Calamity, would be fantastic considering how those types of games struggle on Switch. I think we may be a few years off, at the minimum, before we see that type of implementation but I would welcome it with open arms and I think most new players would as well.

  31. Interesting idea. The only problem with it is that Nintendo would destroy there biggest selling point they have. There exclusives. There consoles would be at best struggling with sells and they would need to go full game, no console like sega. I don’t see that happening

  32. I would kill for Nintendo games on PC.

    I'm honestly tired of playing so many games affected by poor preformed or low resolutions looking muddy on my nice gaming monitor.

    Visuals aren't everything, but going from modem Game Pass games on PC back to Switch is always so jarring.

    Then again, it's becoming increasingly rare to see AAA first party Nintendo releases the last few years, so I don't feel like PC versions of anything are urgent.

  33. If switch games do come to PC they just killed there console because the steam deck has by far so much power

  34. Harmen Smith is seathing at the thought of this.

  35. Why is sparks of hope so hyped… kinda overrated TBH.

  36. There's no fireworks for me so no fireworks didn't keep me up.

    Ask me again near November and its a different question.

    Cos remember remember the 5th of November. Thats when we have lots of fireworks.

  37. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I would kill to play pikmin with a mouse to aim

  38. I have 0 interest in playing Nintendo games on PC. I don't want to see any AAA Nintendo games on the PC. It just would somehow seem wrong to me! LOL I do remember games like Mario's Touch Typing, Mario Is Missing, etc. back in the day. So, it wouldn't be the first time seeing a legitimate release of Mario on the PC, but I really don't want to see Nintendo's top-tier games on the PC.

  39. I wouldn’t personally care about playing Nintendo games on PC because I’m a console player, but I’m sure others would like it. It would be kind of strange though.

  40. Nintendo games on PC make perfect sense. And a bit factor for that is that I just bought parts for a new pc lol.

  41. Would be cool if I could play Mario Kart Tour on PC with however many FPS you want, better visuals or atleast better shading and better rendering options.

  42. I wish Nintendo games will come to PC and have a cross-save and then you can continue your game on the go with your switch

  43. I don't think we will ever see Nintendo release game on pc. Nintendo is for 2 decade the family console, the console you can enjoy on the couch with your friend (sure nowaday we've the online but it need a lot of work from nintendo). Nintendo game it's also the way you play it, the motion controle their game is mostly the gameplay first before anything else.

    At best in 5 years maybe they will launch an app like xbox&sony for cloud gaming but I don't see them releasing a new Mario, Zelda, Metroid on pc. No need to remember than japanese dev a still carefull about releasing a game on pc mostly due to piracy and Nintendo hate pirate..

  44. Nintendo game son PC? Yeah, I would love their games not to be limited by their low-tech hardware.

  45. If ANCH came to PC we could have what we always wanted

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