NFL Week 8 Game Picks

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  1. So y’all jus don’t predict every game now

  2. The Jets have this magical winning streak that will continue. These men are only giving them a three-point loss. So what one big play can turn that into a four-point win or an overtime win or a Mac gets trucked.

  3. I feel it'd be pretty new york for the jets fans to just chant Zappe hour no matter which quarterback is on the field

  4. “Mac jones did things last year”
    Not this bullshit again. YAC jones is incredibly overrated

  5. 29-19 is literally the worst guess ever lol when do you ever see a 19 on the score bored 😂

  6. Why are there females talking about the outcomes of these games?

  7. I would not trade Zach for Mac. I’m keeping Zach

  8. The people are insufferable. Obviously we've had thousands of NFL games end in scores of 22-20, 39-34,19-11 ect.
    Grow a pair and actually throw out a real guess.
    NYG 22.1632 – SEA 5.2313

    You're welcome

  9. I think packers r gonna win cause Rodgers wants to prove something if his wrs can catch then I think they gonna win

  10. Patrick and Greg are so stupid they have picked against the Giants pretty much all season and lost all season “analysts” but all they do is pretend that they are the same giants from last year

  11. Week 8

    Broncos vs jags
    Jags win 13-27 (lock of the week)

    Panthers vs falcons
    Panthers win 22-25

    Bears vs cowboys
    Cowboys win 23-31

    Dolphins vs lions
    Dolphins win 20-30

    Cardinals vs Vikings
    Cardinals win 28-34

    Raiders vs saints
    Raiders win 21-33

    Pats vs jets
    Jets win 20-27

    Steelers vs eagles
    Steelers win 27-28 upset of the week)

    Titans vs Texans
    Titans win 12-20

    Commanders vs colts
    Colts win 24-26

    49ers vs rams
    49ers win 21-24

    Seahawks vs giants
    Seahawks win 35-38 (GOTW)

    Packers vs bills
    Bills win 24-31

    Browns vs bengals
    Bengals win 16-31

  12. Tbh this has been one of the most craziest beginnings of the season and these games are pretty interesting but the meme ones🤙🏾😂

  13. Ravens fan

  14. Stop making weird sounds every 2 seconds wtf it’s not quirky

  15. Where do u get 29-19 lol how do these 9s happen bunch field goals?? 🤔

  16. NO JETS wouldn’t TRADE for MAC Jones he’s one hit away from injury again!!! R u dumb

  17. 29-19.. what kind of score is that?

  18. Don't understand why they're just predicting 6 games. What happened to the rest?

  19. * geno smith * im about to end cynthia whole career

  20. when do you guys fix your video feature on your actual website?!

  21. Love how the seahawks aren't on the cover photo 😂

  22. Cynthia, I bet you care Russ is back now, we beat the Jaguars. Let Russ cook

  23. Well yeah the Browns you definitely messed up on LOL

  24. Haha. Cmc ended up getting both rush and rec td and more lmao.

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