New York Times Buys Viral Word Game ‘Wordle’

CBS New York
A word game developed by a New Yorker went viral after just a few months online. It’s so successful, The New York Times just bought it; CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock reports.


  1. Might as well buy it……….its not like people are coming to The New York Times for news anymore.They could be changing their business model and getting out of pretending to deliver news……………or………..They might be dropping "Breaking News" headlines during gameplay in an attempt to trick people into reading their political propaganda, disguised as news.That might keep NYT alive a bit longer.

  2. The girl who said “especially when I do good… when I do bad… NO” really captured how we all feel

  3. “Addictive”, not addicting. New Yorkers have become….

  4. Did nobody heard of Lingo on game show network?

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