New Typing Game: Keyboard Jump
The best typing game to improve your accuracy! Play with your own Avatar and reach new and exciting levels!


  1. Some teachers in my country use this game for their computer examinations.

  2. Me being a 60 WPM typist I kinda just feel like hopping on there and destroying the game, lol, I love Nitro Type been playing for almost 4 years.

  3. What is this game?? I mean what's the tittle of the game

  4. Insane and hard modes are where it’s at.

  5. if you type to fast w/ number mode the game breaks

  6. I’m glad that this video wasn’t marked for kids

  7. this typing game I cannot log in my account it make me very stress full

  8. Hi ////Breathe oxygen////God made all things//// His son died to pardon us// His son is named Jesus

  9. What game engine was used to make this kind of game?

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