MONSTER COMEBACK | Monster Real Life Mods | In Telugu | #13 | THE COSMIC BOY

The Cosmic Boy
Monster Real Life Mods
In Telugu
Episode – 13

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My PC Specs :
Monitor – Acer Predator XB-271HU 2k 144hz
Processor – AMD Ryzen 7 3800x
Graphic card – NVIDIA RTX 2080 SUPER
Motherboard – Asus Tuff X570 Plus (Wifi)
RAM – 32GB (16+16) Corsair Vengence 3200Mhz
Power Supply – Antec 750w Gold Rated
SSD – 4TB SSD (1+2+1)
HDD – Western Digital 2TB HDD
Liquid Cooler – Cooler Master ML240L RGB
Case – Antec DF-500 RGB

My Gear :
Keyboard : Red Dragon Karura
Mouse : Logitech Hero G502
Headsets : Corsair HS50
: Hyperx Cloud 7.1
Mic : Maono AU-A04
Chair : Green Soul Monster Ultimate (GS-734US)

Game Recording Software : Nvidia Geforce Experience

“Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio”

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