Mobile Games Are A Scam

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Asmongold Reacts to “How mobile games are designed to SCAM you.”
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  1. Just imagine them when they start playing fgo 😀

  2. Pokemon Unite is probably the WORST example of a pay to win game he could've picked.. it's actually one of the fairest of all the "mobile" games (it originally came out on Nintendo Switch), if you actually play you'd understand. look at the community's reddit and you'll see they're all clowning that guy's video.

  3. I have only spent about 10 USD on Pokemon Go when it launched and I still play that game when I go for a run so its not even that much.

    Ive played Summors war, Genshin Impact, 7DSGC, Epic Seven and so many more. I am currently still playing tower of fantasy and I HAVE NOT SPENT A CENT on any of these games so its entirely possible to just play a game for fun.

    The problem lies with the outliers who dont have self-control or are battling gambling addictions… I can defintely see how predatory all of these games are for people like that

  4. The message is 100% true but im sorry Dude really picked the worst game to as an example since it's the most ftp moba game ever and really have the balls to compared it to diablo and call of duty. Like I checked the dudes account and he didn't play for weeks. He played a total of 20 games and he didn't notice that he was playing with bots and the moment he had to play with some of the same level (cause he's still very new and wasn't high enough for rank) as him but with better skills he started calling it ptw, lmao. I blame the game for not being having a way for new players to understand it. The outfits are a scam though but not the game. But I guess since he added some truth about how predatory a lot of these game are and showed diablo then of course he isn't lying about unite.

  5. 9:30 – I'm dying laughing. I literally worked at a huge warehouse in Malaysia that happened to redistribute international brands, like Addidas 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Battle passes are scams always. Youll never see a not paw2win battlepass alone with no other microtransactions. Theyre never alone they always add more monetization

  7. One thing I'll add about Unite is that it wasn't developed by the main Pokémon team, but rather by Tencent. So on top of trying to recoup dev costs, they probably have to recoup licensing costs as well. Not to mention that Tencent has a bad reputation for predatory microtransactions

  8. 10 years ago, mobile gaming is the future. Well I didn't know they meant the shitty future where the best player in the world is Jeff Bezos.

  9. Wait till you play a gacha that makes you spend money for something that isn't guaranteed.

  10. Sorry to point it out, extreamly dishonest representation of Pokémon Unite. I’ve been playing since day 1, barley buy the battle pass, and only spend money on skins. It’s not pay to win. I’d need to write an essay to point out every detail this yellow shirted mf misrepresents

  11. Chuck E Cheese's started this addiction in all of us with tickets.

  12. Meanwhile, many of us are playing a mobile game where we have spent more then $300 on… more than $700

  13. There are issues with Unite, but these are issues that become more prevalent the longer the game has been out. Not only did this guy buy 2 completely useless items for Charizard, but the guy obviously didn't do any free research and just wanted an "easy mobile game" experience.

    When Unite first released a lot of people thought it's straight pay to win because of the items, but its irrelevant since the items always had a ceiling and there was a lot more to the outcome of the actual game. Every item gets stats every 10 levels but caps the unique effects at level 20. Anything from 20-30 (30 is the max level) is just minor stat increases. Overall items weren't a problem for the game on release. Getting into the game at a later point might be hard, but you still need to put in the effort to understand how the game works and how the item system works. It's a very easy earn if you actually wanted to play the game for more than 1 hour. Item Enhancers can be bought for Tickets, which is another currency you get. It's one of like 2, 3 if you count your actual money, which is again unnecessary. They also added Level 30 Item Enhancer Tickets which can be used to fully upgrade an item for a 7 day period. So even if you were that desperate to get into the game fast, you'd be able to grind with a full set of level 30 items for a whole week.

    As someone who played since the beta, they have definitely made it easier to work a lot of the systems. You can easily play it free-to-play and climb the ranked ladder no issues. In the first season without level 30 items I hit the highest rank of Master Class no issues. The game is very very easy (compared to better moba) and its all pvp. The cap comes once you hit Master Class and try to play the game solo. Unite has made it very clear this is a team game that requires you to queue with more than 1-2 people. Having a full 5 stack guarantees that you climb in the Master Class, where your rank is a solid number starting at 1200. Items have 0 overall negative impact on the ranked experience as you earn as you play and you don't need every single item.

    A real predatory practice they added was the heightening of the price of characters and making characters pay to unlock only on their release, for a full week. It started at 8000 coins, then went up to 10000, and now they are settling around the 14000 mark. So not only do you have to play a lot more to get enough coins, but you also have to bear with knowing that any new character you're excited for doesn't actually unlock when they say it does. This would be the point to mention that there are 1-day and 3-day coin rate ups. When activated you just get the in game currency faster as you play. There are a lot of these earned during events an they really stock up. While I think overall Unite is a very poor game as its competitive scene is very cringe and its community is actually very sheltered and toxic, its by no means a scam that requires money to progress.

  14. I dont mind a battle pass, it gives an extra level of progression

  15. the guy keeps bringing up CODm here and there, like its all cosmetic

  16. I like this guys presentation style, never watched his stuff before.

  17. I'v been playing pokemon unite for a while. You can boost your held items to 30 sure, but once you get to Expert rank it's not going to provide an edge, everyone at that rank has maxed held items, and beyond that it's all skill and luck most of the time you can't be trash. Sometimes you get carried wins by sheer luck that your team mates play well and picked good matchups. No point in dumping hundreds of dollars to max held items if it will only coast you through beginner and great league lol. At lvl 16 you get 3 free max held item upgrade tokens anyways. With that you can dedicate to Attack stat pokemon, Special attack Pokemon, or Defender HP/Defence pokemon. You got a decent pool of pokemon to pick in those 3 brackets anyways, enough for you to keep playing, stacking tickets and boost tokens to dump into another pokemon role. Every event gives you free pokemon, so you just basically play and you'll unlock new ones.
    right now i'm in Ultra 2 league, hoping to get to master before the end of the season.

  18. $760? I maxed out THREE items without giving them a single cent, and it only took me like a month. I guess the Item Enhancement event is no longer available, haven't played that shit in a year

  19. 19:08 That's stupid Take, You know how dumb Asmongold is when he mention GTA V and Decided to Cut it.

  20. I've been playing COD mobile since it came out but I've never spent a cent. I want to give a shout-out to Mrwho'stheboss I've been following him for a while. He has a good vid about Samsung Galaxy phones batteries expanding I went to twitch when this first dropped messaged Rivewtech USA, LTT and a couple other big YouTubers about this problem.

  21. This guys losing in Pokemon unite seems a bit eh. Given its supposed to be a LoL esque battle area game and his footage shows him losing in 2v1s and over extended fights. Where hes almost at the enemy base

  22. How is it a scam? They know what they're buying, they see what they're buying and spending on. It's not a scam, it's just something people spend money on that you don't agree with. It's not your money.

  23. You should know that you can charge back the money in your credit card inside a 2 weeks period after purchasing something from an app

  24. I liked vainglory back in the day. Wild rift is decently made too. So there's a few gems in the pile of shit called mobile gaming. I think the potential for mobile gaming is huge, but not in its current form.


  26. tbh the greatest way to play a mobile game us to not link ur walletcoz its a long processs to put in ur card password and wait otp comfirmation comfirmation password and send

  27. I wish this sort of thing wasn't the norm with mobile gaming. It would be so damn nice to have a whole host of games in my pocket at any moment, but the ones that don't nickel and dime you are a rare breed of mobile games.

    Even full-fledged normal games are a ripoff on mobile. Square-Enix charge laughable prices for you to play the worst version of games they made 20+ years ago. It's so broken. It's annoying. I hate it.

  28. I am free to play o.o
    I am Veteran class 2, after playing 3 days. The game is very easy and I've played ALOT of mobile games, they always have niche ways to play extremely effectively as free to play, player. That can even sometimes outcompete whales.

  29. dudes making a big deal but i never spent $1 on Pokemon Unite and have maxed out my account basically.

  30. I play video games to escape capitalism, not embrace it!

  31. See this is what P2W game really is. Now everyone calls every game P2W xD

  32. did activision not patent lowering personal mmr on buying skins?

  33. 760 USD is 5,769.75 DKK I live for around 50 DKK (6.59 USD) a day. that means, if I played that game and spend money I would to choose whether I wanted starve or get food for the the next 115 days around 4 months, the average starvation periode before it's lethal is around 1 month.

  34. In my country we have a saying "The who ask isn't stupid the one who gives is"

  35. Has Asmon ever talked about the game “Albion online”????? I just downloaded and started playing on mobile. It’s wow in game mode, done very well.

  36. This is why pubg mobile , cod m , genshin impact have insane income . I'm on the official genshin discord and some people have accounts worth 30k+

  37. See with Unite. If you lose matches, they actually put you in bot matches

  38. This guy is trying for Quantum's level of shit takes. Just say you have no self control bro. Pokemon unite has a cheap battle pass ($8 vs some like MagicTG at $20), all the shit you get is cosmetic, and the tickets just pour in. You get 50 tickets (5 item enhance worth) for logging in, 50 more for a 5 min game. Free missions hand them out too, the missions up right now gave a couple thousand for playing a hand full of games. Ive never spent a penny, or even focused on farming them and i have 8 lv 30 items and 30k tickets just sitting there. The amount of enhancers needed to level doesnt even get very high until you're at about lv 20 and from 20-30 is just some small stat gains. Yeah, its a boost, but its hardly worth comparing to things like Diablo. As a fan of both, I'd say Pokémon Unite is as pay to win as League of Legends was with the old rune system. Good vid, bad take.

  39. 7:09 Never trust a MMO hardcore player to tell you what is problematic with game monetization. Since they are the responsible for creating the majority of the bad monetization practices we see today.

    If a game costs money to develop and support over time, than make a free trial version or demo and then sell the fucking game. If we "should not expect to play a game for free", than why it's ok for companies to pretend they are free?

    The industry is creating convoluted ways of selling you a game, for way more then they actually worth, while conditioning mostly kids to get addicted.

  40. The thing that made me laugh is that there were kids in his comment section unironically saying "Oh your just bad" or "This is a skill issue".

  41. Mobile gamers are a different degenrate breed than normal gamers.

  42. I play unite… in ranked… it wasn't this hard to level up items(Ive played maybe 25 days since it release over a year ago… and have multiple level 30 items at no cost… add on that items only need to be level 20…), nor were they needed… Like the clips he showed was him attempting to 1v2… surprise… you lost a 1v2 (like every clip is this) … maybe it is because I play control mages… … or maybe because I played league… and already knew the character type I liked to play in mobas….

    I will say… Unite does have currency fuckery and if you don't understand how those types of games work… you could easily get lost…

    I hate to say it… but get good you don't need half the shit to be competitive he is claiming… Like this can't just be because I'm experienced in the moba and f2p genre. Maybe my brain is the fucked up one.

  43. 9:10 funny how that's the perception most homeless people have about working a full time job since they can make more begging lol

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