Mobile Games Are A Scam

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Asmongold Reacts to “How mobile games are designed to SCAM you.”
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  1. Battle passes with an artificial time limit is where I draw the line.

    If I can keep the pass permanently and work on it at my own pace it's no issue….but fixing me to essentially play a single game like it's a fucking job is NOT acceptable.

  2. All points are completely invalid for pokemon unite, play the game and you will know instantly how wrong this guy is, also extremely out of date information

  3. i have not once paid for pokemon unite and i got over 60 percent win rate and got to the 2nd highest rank LUL all items to pay for a mostly cosmetics !!!

  4. FOMO helped me quit Lost Ark. After feeling like I missed so many rewards and honing materials from a break, I didn’t want to feel like I had to catch up when I came back. So I just stayed off.

  5. "Mobile Games Are A Scam"
    In other news, the sky is blue, and water is wet.

  6. i think I leveled up like 3 items max out….then didn't play much after that lol

  7. He just called Malaysia a sweatshop country wtf

  8. mobile games are a lot like hard drugs, the world would be better off if they didnt exist

  9. I played pokemon. The answer is to just get masters ranking. You will get enough coins as reward to max out multiple items. Took me 16 hours

  10. That guy is legit bad at playing pokemon go 😂 havent spent a cent and keep myself at a 60% win rate while sprinkling ranked games in, i think this guy is alittle disingenuous or just straight up bad!

  11. Here is the thing, the battlepass is like 8$ a month. If you buy the membership if you get on everyday, (which is a huge downside) you can get enough gems to buy 2 seasons of battlepass bringing down the price to 5$ a season. I do think the membership made the game better.

  12. It's sad because I unironically enjoy playing Unite.

    And no, I don't pay for anything. I haven't spent a dime on it. I unironically enjoy the gameplay. I just wish they'd fix these scaling issues.

  13. I feel like unites battle pass looks worse than it is because it's not separated into a free battle pass and a premium like other games such as Diablo immortal. However I'm still not saying that these things don't contribute to the problem of the monetization of these games.

  14. i think all the money is starting to get to asmongold's head. Before he was famous he was for the gamers, now that he's rich and famous he's for the corporations . It's sadge to have watched it all happen live over the years.

  15. this is why i stop playing genshin and i my switch or ps vita emulate

  16. 06:45 the comment about either buying it or "alternative option is signing away weeks of my life" is the part that always bugs the hell out of me. Actually playing a game to unlock premium or bonus items vs just spending for instant reward….if you aren't grinding away at a game is it even worth it to buy most battle pass items? You aren't "playing" the game so it's not like you are getting full use of that item.
    It's like this for so many mobile games and to me it's a stupid argument. You don't need 90% of the stuff they "force" you to buy, so why complain over it

  17. great to see a mainstream channel like mr.whosetheboss cover this, too bad most of his other vids are filled with bad information and suck ass.

  18. While it is easy to put HD graphics on a phone they are very limited in actual computational power. A good example is a cell phone could easily render today graphics but would be hard pressed to run a game like civ 4 which is almost 20 years old. While a pc, or even a laptop can make use of large heatsinks and fans to sluff off heat efficiently, mobile platforms have no room for these amenities. So while a mobile device may brag about having a fast processor the real limiting factor is heat. Many of them will retard that power immediately as soon as demand rises to save the chip from burning itself up. That's why most mobile games are simple stupid money sponges. Even the studio titles tend to be shallow grindfests which lend themselves well to microtransactions.

  19. Pokémon Unite is in zero pay to win.
    I started playing the game and got the highest rank within 2 weeks spending $0.00
    What a joke.
    If you suck at Pokémon. It because you are trash 100%

  20. When I played, I didn't even buy the pass nor did I play for more than 2 months, I still got more than 3 held items maxed. Thing is, games like these usually have events and when you do those events and be wise about your spending of the rewards, you don't have to pay a dime. However, if you want to get everything, that is another story.

  21. 45:35 Basically, it's subscription-based games like WoW and other games.
    You're tenting their game, as soon as you stop paying, not only will you be unable to play the game, but all of the things you've farmed will be inaccessible until you pay again.

  22. 8:008:20
    The benefit from the item is reached at level 20.
    Where you acquire maybe a 1% bonus increase max.
    From level 20 to 30. Is 95% of the total cost.
    For a 0.1% damage increase.
    If anyone played season 2,3,4 League of Legends this guy is paying money for just 1 Attack Damage Mark……
    It’s beyond irrelevant, AND EASILY OBTAINABLE WITHIN 2-3 weeks of play 1-2 hours a day.

  23. Maybe y’all are just apes, and can’t do math 🤷‍♀️ 😢

  24. I’m free to play in Pokémon, and I got the highest rank in my 1st 2 weeks of playing the game.
    It’s far from free to play, you can tell this guy really is bad, because he didn’t show any game play after he got “stronger”.
    He’s a joke.

  25. 26:1026:19
    You never actually get there because you are dog s*** at the game.
    And my free to play 7 year old nephew will be there to body you.

    I h*** this guy genuinely. He is either dumb or a bad person. There is no other possibly.

  26. Raid shadow legends like games is not a scam. You can process completely for free without paying. Sure it will take you one year maybe to get to end game, but what the point of let’s say winning the game in a month??? You Cant win the game in a month anyway, because the game is based on progressing over long time. You win the game by playing for a year anyway. So just enjoy the grind. That’s what it is. If you could win the game in a month, you will just run out of content. They have to slow down the game. So stop having excuses that you need to buy shit. That is a scam to think that. You do it to yourself. You are weak.

  27. Games that are monetized like this need to be age restricted to 18+.

  28. This video is not true specially the Pokemon Unite part . Many players have been talking about this video because its not true anymore . And i play Pokemon Unite sometimes and agree. Yes the game started as p2w it did, you could pay to get upgrades faster and other stuff. But the game recently its not like that anymore now its pay to look better , meaning you pay for cosmetics, they improved the game a lot

  29. I've genuinely been taking the last couple months to slowly take out these free to play games from my habbits

    They've detracted too much from my time, wallet, satisfaction, self development, any metric of positive life movement that I can think of gets detracted by playing these

    The awful bit is there's some that's ridiculously difficult for me to think of stopping still, just because of the years I've been on them, the amount of account development is ridiculous.

    I'll be losing so much more if I stick with them

  30. 2:03 i played pokemon united like 5-6 times and dominated every game… I felt like i played against kids… ouh wait

  31. Them haves one guys in the company just for look they don't name two currency the same name

  32. This game really makes me feel like a sweatshop worker

  33. Social Pressure – yes the new age way of ensnaring customers by psychologically showing them how pitiful they are compared to the youtubers-influencers who has multiple maxed out stuff/characters. Yet these youtubers-influencers are in a way free advertising for game devs such as hoyoverse.

  34. I play a pay 2 win game. Not even a pay to grind or a pay to fast, TOTALLY PAY TO WIN. But i am challenger and i can get a character out of 5 maxed in 3 months and you can get new meta in $200 per month or two and u have like promos to get one in 30 bucks if you are smart… and i was thinking playing this game was terrible HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH damn the systems and numbers this companies use… they are TERRIBLE.

  35. I don't support any of it.
    This game being a little less predatory than games like Diablo Immortal, doesn't make it not predatory.
    Here's to hoping legislators get involved soon!

  36. Really shows how far off this "industry standard" Genshin is. Especially with a recent interview stating they don't want to make an endgame. Literally the only reason now to spend any money on the game is if you like the characters. Cuz the game is stupid easy that you can even stick with just the 4 free characters you get at the start. No pop-ups, no incentive to spend money other than poor self control or simping, and no endgame modes where there's the possibility of becoming pay to win.

  37. You should react to Krashy's reaction to the video, this video has a lot of false information

  38. This dude is the epitome of a casual who doesnt know how to play the game and is just farming content. I mean the brit in the video btw

  39. Fun fact. A new version of Skyrim just came out for the Nintendo switch and it cost $70..

  40. Honestly the video was a failure on the creators part because he could have focused on any other game and it would have been true but not for unite, he clearly failed to understand the game and do proper research. Haven't played the game since the start of season 2 but i can tell you that he does not know what he is doing in the game. Not only do you not need to level items up to 30 to be successful but his build sucked real hard.

    Realistically, you want to get your items to lvl 20 which can be done easily just by playing, then you can get 3 items to lvl 30 for free by the free boosters for items the game gives you and as you play more, you will end up leveling the rest aswell but you do not need every item leveled up, so of them are almost useless. Also the reason he started losing is because at first you play with bots and then with real players, they are not going to ignore a 1 hp charizard trying to start a fight smh… If you actually know what you are doing and you have a good team, you don't even need items. Of course you want your items especially the higher you go but god, this video was just awful. You don't need to spend anything to succeed in this game, only skins you want to buy are worth paying for.

  41. Agree 100% about Battlepasses alone, i'll happily support games that just push them. I don't work for free either…

  42. Shit like this makes me kinda glad I was born poor. Made me much more savvy with my cash.

  43. Somehow these games make Fate Grand Order known to be the most stingy gacha game look good.
    It only has one thing to buy and that's the premium currency and you can't buy your way through the game, you actually have to play it.

  44. Makes me appreciate Legends of Runeterra even more.

  45. to be fair and im not saying pokemon unite isn't bad on its monitization of course it is. He was playing charizard..thats more of an advanced pokemon to play, it says it in the description. The pokemon items unlike most games only require you to only purchase and max out once you can use them on all your pokemon you don't have to buy them over and over again.

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