[MGZone, LeatherIceCream] Zak’s Wordgames – Part 1

It’s like a game.

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  1. Hello everyone, after being asked to upload this game from my disc, here's what I managed to recover:https://archive.org/details/zaks-wordgamesDue to this game relying on Macromedia Director files and .MOV files for things like the cutscenes and levels, and being a game that reads files directly from the disc at runtime, I haven't actually been able to even run it anymore. It might be possible to install the game on a Windows XP virtual machine from the RAR download and then mount the ISO as a Z drive, which for some reason the game requires it to be labelled as, but even then I cannot guarantee that it will work. Good luck.

  2. Please, could you make an ISO from that disc? I can't find it anywhere 🙁

  3. 18:43 someone needs to make a screaming cowboy meme video but with Čeda screaming in agony with an edited version of leather's yell.

  4. Bro could you please upload the CD somewhere and send me the link? I have lost the CD many years ago and I would love to play it again for the sake of nostalgia

  5. can i join the polish and serbian word experience

  6. I've been looking to get my hands on this for a long time, ever since I played it as a kid in courses

  7. I found it, i found this game after many years, it was stuck in my head, so i tried to found it, i have only remembered the name "Zak" and that its an alien, but i have found it

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